This reminded me of my dad. He loves talking about things when he was a kid. He’d say things like, “When I was a kid, I used to walk 5 miles uphill in the snow.” I think my favorite was when me and my brother were talking about where we were born, and he chimed in with, “You know the kitchen table in Grandma’s house, I was born right there on that table.” I remember thinking, “That’s really gross dad, I’ve eaten on that table.”

Can you think of any more “When I was a kid” sayings?

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. The Preacher's Household: says:

    We get to be your first weekend commenters, we feel honored.
    Unfortunately, I can’t think of any more sayings because I can’t get past the birthing on the table thing. God bless you as you preach the Word tomorrow.

    On the up hill in the snow you left out some of the details. “I had to walk to school in the snow uphills both ways” is the way I always heard it.

    There are other ‘when I was a kid’ stories like 2 pieces of gum were a pennie. Or, bottled cokes were a dime. Both of these were true when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I am old enough for the saying, here’s a dime call someone who cares. How much is a payphone call? A dollar? I know it was at least 75 cents last time I looked at one. Of course there don’t seem to be many payphones around any more.

    My wife ask me the other day what is a record? Just kiddin. But, she does want to know if you know what a vinyl or a 45 is. I told her no it is not a Colt.


  2. Bob Bliss says:

    When I was a kid children were to be seen and not heard.

    When I was a kid we only had black and white TV. (really, I’m that old!)

    When I was a kid we only had leftovers for dinner. In fact when my mom came back from the commissary we always asked, “What did you buy?” And she always answered “Leftovers!”

    When I was a kid our radio contained vacuum tubes not solid state transistors.

    When I was a kid we had vinyl LPs (bigger than Frisbees) that contained grooves for a needle.

    When I was a kid we only had two brands of sneakers – PF Flyers, Converse.

    When I was a kid we were poor and we knew it!

    When I was a kid the TV stations turned off at midnight.

    When I was a kid computers were as big as an airplane.

    Does this help?

  3. Brian Nicklaus says:

    when I was a kid I laughed at Dana Carvy on SNL portraying the “Grumpy Old Man” who would talk about when he was a kid and say silly stuff like “When I was a kid all we had to eat was dirt…AND WE LIKED IT!”

  4. Neva says:

    When I was a kid, I thought only really really really old people talked about when they were kids.


  5. Ancient Wanderer says:

    When I was a kid we acted the same way kids act today only they didn’t medicate us for it… and we loved it.

    When I was a kid we brought guns to school but we left them in gun racks in pickup trucks in the parking lot… and we liked it.

    When I was a kid we did the same things kids do today only the world wasn’t so bored and boring that it made the evening news….. and we really really liked that.

    When I was a kid grownups talked about the great possibilities of the future….. and we longed for it.

  6. nb says:

    When I was a kid:

    …we dialed the telephone and talked into a receiver that was attached to the wall! Some people still had party lines.

    …we never had bicycle helmets, knee or shoulder pads. We built cool ramps and skinned our knees.

    …we didn’t have carseats or use seatbelts. We often rode in the back of the truck.

    …we watched cartoons, (in B&W), on Saturday mornings only, because that’s the only time cartoons were on TV. And you had to get up off the couch to turn the dial on the TV when you wanted to change channnels. We had three channels – and one TV. The national anthem played at midnight when all the stations went off the air. If you weren’t home to watch your favorite TV show you missed out, because you didn’t have any way to record it.

    …you had to rent a VCR when you rented a movie -VHS or Beta.

    …it took an hour to bake a potato -in the oven.

    …we cut wood to put in the stove to heat the house. You didn’t turn up the thermostat when you got cold, you added more wood.

    …we had to write letters, on paper, to our long distance friends.

    …we walked to our friends houses and didn’t worry about being kidnapped along the way.

    …we played in the timber with or friends. We built tree houses and stilts, and made up our own games. We had fun!

    …we got hurt and skipped the stitches. We have the scars and stories to share. We didn’t sue our friends’ parents when we got hurt at someone else’s house.

    …if we dialed a wrong number in our town, we usually talked anyway because we knew the person who answered.

    …we didn’t have many battery operated toys. You either wound them up or used your imagination.

    …Thursday night was “Dollar Night” at the theater. You could watch a movie for one dollar. Every kid in the county showed up – without parents.

    …we knew our neighbors, spoke to them and helped them out. And our neighbors knew us.

  7. Bob Bliss says:

    When I as a kid we the only way we could see movies was at the theater.

    When I as a kid we could get into the movie for $.25 and another $.25 bought us popcorn and coke.

    When I as a kid our neighbors would turn us in when we did bad things our parents didn’t know about.

  8. Monalea says:

    My parents used to say:

    1. We ate oatmeal every morning for breakfast. I didn’t know we were poor, I thought we liked it.

    2. I only had one pair of shoes that were worn in winter to school and church. I walked barefoot the rest of the time.

    3. I hope you have kids just like you.

    I can only imagine what my children will say about me one day.

  9. The Preacher's Household: says:

    I think I heard the I hope you have kids like you as well. However, it is the similar one of “you will pay for your raising” that I have a problem with because it is James’ raising that I am paying for… I was an angel.

    This isn’t a saying, but did anyone else get to enjoy a sandwich and coke float at a drug store soda fountain? I have lots of memories turning around on those stools.

  10. The Preacher's Household: says:

    Who’s raising is Kathy paying for? Notice the tongue and cheek ‘angel’.


  11. Messianic Gentile says:

    My oldest cousin (when we were children) once described the difference in poverty between my grandpa’s family and my grandma’s during the Great Depression. He said that at grandpa’s house they were so poor that when they sat down to dinner they gave all the kids one bean each to eat for supper. But at grandma’s house they were so poor that the kids got one bean and had to split it eight ways!

    That is quite imaginitive for a kid to tell to his little cousin, but he was a crazy drug addict for many years and told me wilder stories that that. Crazy thing is I believed them all until one day when I was about 13 and suddenly realized that one of his stories just could not be true. I began doing an inventory of the wild tales and realized he had been pumping me full of rediclusous tales for years.

    Many blessings…

  12. Stachia says:

    When I was growing up we used to take off on our bike on Saturday morning with a sandiwich and a coke in our baskets and ride around in the country or in town all day long and not come home until dark. Momma never worried that I knew of and she sure didn’t have a cell phone to call and check on me. We had some really fund times.

  13. Trey Morgan says:

    Wow, I’m just catching up on these. I love these. This may be my favorite comment’s post. I love hearing people talk about, “When I was a kid.” You guys made me laugh.

    Much like NB I remember getting up on Saturday morning early to watch Looney Toons. Ever week I thought “this is the week the Coyote will catch the Roadrunner.” Some how it took me months to figure out the Roadrunner would never get caught.

    Funny stuff here folks.

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