"WHEN GOD DOESN’T MAKE SENSE" and Random Thoughts

Here is Sunday’s sermon for those who follow along on the sermon page.

“When God Doesn’t Make Sense”

For more on “When God doesn’t Make Sense” see this article
“Click Here”

PS – You won’t find the word “snarky” in this sermon either :)

FUNERAL: I did my friend Lorraine’s funeral yesterday and I wore my NASCAR tie. I’m not sure that a NASCAR tie would ever be appropriate at a funeral, but it was at Lorraine’s. She was a cool 85 year old woman. Best of all she was a Christian, but she was also a NASCAR fan and my friend. I never went to visit her that she didn’t make me feel better. She had a gentle spirit and a kind outlook towards everybody. I’ll miss her.

A LONG WEEK: It was a tough week. Two funerals, 5 lessons, a trip to the prison, visits, a trip to Lubbock to visit the hospital, a couple of meetings, a couple of counseling appointments and a bunch of odds and ends. Good thing preachers only work one day a week :)

CHANGE IS HARD: My old laptop finally died. It was about 8 years old and I’d done CPR on it more than once to keep it going. Now I’ve got a new laptop and the work has begun. Moving all my old files over to my new laptop is not an easy task. This new laptop has the new Windows Vista and I’ve had a few bugs to work through.

MY SCOTTISH ACCENT: My friend Rickey hit me up a couple of weeks ago for some sermons to listen to while he’s on his tractor. He said he’d be spending a lot of time plowing and needed to be challenged while he worked. Had he said he needed sleep I’d have given him some of mine, but since he wanted his toes stepped on I hooked him up with some Billy Wilson sermons. He’s listened to about 9 sermons so far. I think he’s loved them. I think I may have to slip one of mine in, do it in a West Texas Scottish accent and see if he notices the difference. ha

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Brian Nicklaus says:

    whoah! new duds and a new foto.

    does “irregular blogger” mean you don’t blog on a regular basis? or that you are a wierd blogger” or…nevermind…

    the place looks nice, I like what you have done with it. Sorry, I can’t say the same for certain pink blogs I have seen lately

  2. Trey Morgan says:

    Lisa changes her blog colors everyday. And you WON’T see any pink around my place. I went with a manly blue. (grunt)

    As for irregular … yea, I’d say that’s wierd blogger! ha

  3. lisa leichner says:

    Okay, first of all, how many times do I have to tell you that it’s spelled “W-E-I-R-D”?

    I before E except after C or when sounding like A as in Neighbor or Weigh or in BP’s middle name, WEIRD.

    Quit complaining, the pink’s gone. But pink is my favorite color, and y’all are hurting my feelings by complaining about my favorite color — not to mention (I said this on my blog, and I’ll say it again) that you visit Paula’s & Monica’s blogs & they … are … PINK!!

    Trey, I was thinking the other day that you needed to update your photo (I had checked out some of your family pictures, so I knew that one must have been a little old). You’re not an irregular blogger at all — why do you use that phrase? You are the most regular blog I read — every day in the morning I expect a new one from you. Or, like Brain was asking, does “irregular” not refer to the blog?

    I’ll be back after I listen to your sermon. 😉 Thanks for the fun, you two.

  4. Trey Morgan says:

    Okay … It’s “Weird.” I’ll do better from now on :(

    As for the irregular? I’ve never thought about it… but mayby I am regular. I’d always rather be “regular” and “irregular.”

    Wouldn’t you?

  5. Bobby Cohoon says:

    You can add WIERD to your spell check and it wil be the correct spelling. I do that with a ton of words that microsoft got wrong. :-)
    I thought I worked hard but you squezed all of that in one day..AWESOME!
    I picked up a wrong tie once and went to the funeral wearing Scooby DOO…Luckily my coat hid scooby.
    As for the irregularity…i think I saw an ad for something that will help that…amybe on your next trip tothe duece you should eat more fiber, or use the word fiber at least once in each post. :-)


  6. Mommysmart says:

    I like the new page! It is really great for those of us who are hard of seeing. I look forward to seeing you and the big city next weekend!

  7. Trey Morgan says:

    Bobby … I’m good with spell check most of the time. Usually my spell check is called “the wife,” but she’s not always able to proof my comments (although Lisa’s good at it).

    As for fiber and regularity. Sometimes during the announcements at church the person making announcements will say, “Today will be our ‘regular’ preacher, Trey.” I always wonder, “how do they know?”

    Monica … we’ll roll out the red carpet for you.

  8. Bobby Cohoon says:

    trey, slip your friend the sermon on this page http://www.sharperiron.org/2006/09/22/on-biblical-hairology

    I promise you will love it! :-)


  9. lisa leichner says:

    When did you add the rest of that to your post? It wasn’t there earlier, was it?

    I’m sorry you lost your friend Lorraine. Will you introduce all your blogger friends to her some day? :)

    For the record, I try to not correct spelling mistakes very often (unless I’m asked), because I don’t want to be annoying. But I’ve told Brian about “weird” before, so I was giving him a hard time — not so much you. You were just led astray by Brian’s mistake, so he’s held responsible for that. That’s Biblical, isn’t it?

    Are you sticking with this layout, or will you be experimenting with the change like I do? Are you a big change person, just for the sake of change, or was there a specific purpose for this change?

    “See” you all tomorrow!!

  10. Trey Morgan says:


    I added the rest of the post right after you left. Lorraine was a neat lady. Thanks for the love.

    I think I’ll stick to this for a while. I like change. BUT I don’t like many of the Blogger templates. Wish they had more….

    Hope everyone had a great Sunday service.

  11. lisa leichner says:

    You could always try wordpress, there’s more over there. Just kidding!!!

  12. Neva says:

    I am so sorry about your friend–what a tribute that she always made you feel better—those kind of people are just too few and far between. What good blessings our Father gives His children. I am praying this is a calmer week for you,
    Peace and prayers

  13. lisa leichner says:

    I finally listened to your sermon (as ignorant as it may seem, I wasn’t sure I could listen to them since I don’t have an iPod, but I guess I was wrong). My first impression: wow, I wasn’t expecting such a southern accent!! Though I should have from the good ol’ Texas boy, right? Second impression: not bad. 😉 Just kidding!! Should I let you know when Blacksburg has an opening for pulpit minister?

  14. TREY MORGAN says:

    Southern Accent? Me? I’ve never noticed. I just talk like everyone else :)

    Do you think the Blacksburg people could understand me?

  15. lisa leichner says:

    Yep. We have slight southern accents, but we can still understand the more pronounced ones. Besides, we just hired a campus minister from the deep, deep south: Alabama. So you’ll fit right in.

  16. The Preacher's Household: says:


    I was feeling a little out of my depth until I read the comments on this post. I looked at your new post/template and all I saw was the mention of your sermon. I look today and my thought was did I miss something. At least I’m not alone, Lisa missed out too. I also notice I am in good company on the sermon part. I tried, I thought to open a sermon. Maybe my connection was not fast enough or maybe there was some other problem. I did not see a play button I don’t think that day. I listened to part of this sermon but will have to take more time to buffer.

    Sunday was good, Monday has been a slow wind up. I am getting some things done.

    God Bless,

  17. TREY MORGAN says:

    Can’t believe you think I have an accent.

    As for listening. I just checked it out. There are two ways.

    1) you can right click your mouse on the title of the lesson and left click on “save target as” and it will down load it to your computer. After listening you can delete of use it for insomnia.

    2) Just click the play button and it should open a little box and start playing.

  18. TREY MORGAN says:

    Hey Lisa, Wait just a minute. I just went to the “Sermon Link” and listened to it. I do have an accent. wow. :)

  19. lisa leichner says:

    You know, once I was able to get past the initial surprise, I managed to forget you had an accent. So don’t get so worried about it. I’m sure only us Yanks would notice it anyway. (o; You’re not going to be thinking about it when you get up to preach next week, are you? The contents of the sermon were much more important, and I thought it was cool that I could listen to a sermon outside of worship services (it’s my first time).

  20. TREY MORGAN says:

    If you’ll listen to the sermon this coming Sunday … I won’t use an accent. Or better yet … I’ll use my Scottish accent. ha

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