• According to the American Consumer Credit Council, the average American will spend a whopping $791 on Christmas this year.
  • Most of what will be purchased for this year’s Christmas will go on a credit card.
  • The average American will carry credit card debt of $8562 by the end of the year.


STOP feeling like you need to compete with friends and family to get the biggest, best or most thoughtful present! QUIT blowing more than you can afford because you feel guilty if you don’t! And NEVER hide your spending from your spouse.

Tony Campolo, one of my favorite speakers, said this recently… “The typical size of an American house has increased 40 percent in the last 25 years. It’s not because we’re having more children; we’re having fewer children! We need bigger and bigger houses simply to hold all the stuff we don’t need. What’s even worse is that we’re renting out space in storage bins because we can’t contain all the stuff we have in the huge houses we have at our disposal. It has become an insane society as far as surplus is concerned.”

Better yet, my most favorite speaker of all time said this, “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” (Matthew 6:19-20).

Just a quick reminder, in case you forgot … LIFE (and Christmas too) isn’t about stuff, and it isn’t about what you buy or what you get. Life IS about God, family, relationships, love, helping others, compassion and faith.

Don’t forget this month what the really important things are!

(Comment of the Day: Larry Bob Lane said…
This is the time of year that we celebrate our Lord’s birthday. I have some great gift ideas that won’t require a credit card. Go say Merry Christmas to all the shut-ins, homeless, orphans,and all you single parents out there. Not to forget those that are stuck in a nursing home. Merry Christmas to all and may God bless you. I care about you.See, that did not cost me a dime.)

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. jel says:

    and not just this month but though the whole year! :)

    great post!

  2. Gallagher says:


    Great thoughts! The sad part is many people are going to spend money on stuff we really do not need and even on stuff that has no use in our lives but to complicate it more.

    Thanks for the reminder

  3. bb1983 says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Trey! I'm learning that the best gift is often just taking time to get together w/friends & family. I have WAY too much 'stuff' for a single, 25 y.o. w/no kids so I think I'll give myself the gifts of downsizing and creativity this year. I want my treasures to be stored up in the right place. Blessings & if you get a chance, can you send me some of those rocks? We're blowing away up here too!

  4. Katherine says:

    Amen, brother! :) Great thoughts, and thank you for helping us keep it all in perspective!

    I, too, have way too much stuff-and there is not much material wise I really need-and I don’t need anyone to spend lots of money on me to feel loved. Their friendship, relationship, love, and God’s gifts of grace and mercy are the greatest presents ever!! :)

    Thanks again for another great post. Blessings~

  5. Julie says:


    Hope you dont mind me posting this, and feel free to delete, but this is what we do as a church at this time of year to recognise what we have been given and what Christmas is really all about. Now being rolled out nationally which is amazing.


  6. TREY MORGAN says:

    Julie … thanks for dropping by and sharing. Please feel free to do so anytime :)

  7. penitentman says:

    Great post, Trey.
    I’m feeling pretty convicted about the “stuff” factor this year.

    People should check out http://www.adventconspiracy.com if they haven’t already.

    Very well done promotion video and some great resources.


  8. blogprophet says:

    i plan to blog on Maxed Out, a documentary and book by Scurlock, that is frightening.

    very critical of credit card cos, and govt.

    lots of personal stories of lives ruined by debt (including two college age suicides),

    everyone should check it out

  9. Peter P says:

    Great post.

    We moved not just house but to a new country and having to pack as little as possible (because we had to pay for every ounce of stuff we brought with us) helped us see how much ‘stuff’ we had.

    I’ve tried to cut down on accumulating more but it’s so hard when people buy you ‘stuff’ for Christmas and birthdays even when you tell them you don’t want it!

    I would so much prefer that if people want to give me something they give me a little cash to help pay the bills rather than a cute novelty item which will either go in the box until next Christmas or is of no use whatsoever!

    Great post Trey.

  10. L.C.T. says:

    How true. And Tony Campolo is speaking at our church next year :)

  11. Ryan B says:

    Good post. Love the statistics. Check out today’s post over at Stuff Christians Like. It’s kind of along the same lines.
    Stuff Christians Like: http://stufffchristianslike.blogspot.com/
    My blog: http://www.krazydelicious.blogspot.com

  12. cwinwc says:

    Now that’s a point – bigger homes but not bigger families. I stand convicted. We are making an effort this year to go lighter on Christmas in the gift department and heavy in the relational / do kind things for others department like letting good friends take us fishing.

  13. Marci says:

    Loved your post. It also reminds me to continue teaching my kids to give to those who don’t have everything that we do. Ryan and I are trying to teach them how important it is to give and how much better it will feel to give to those who have so very little. To remind our children that we are very fortunate to have everything we do, including love and family.

  14. Terry says:

    I had a great present picked out for you, but now…

    Just kidding. Good post!

  15. Stoogelover says:

    I do put a lot of my expenditures on credit cards for the holidays, but we always pay off the card at the end of the month and have not carried credit debt for many years. As for “stuff” you are so right! We told our children not to give us anything this year, just spend time with us … and that our gifts to them will be far less than years past. Basically we all have what we need are far more of what we want than we really need.

    Disclaimer: As always, the purchase of and / or ownership of guitars is strictly prohibited from this, and similar, discussions.

  16. Les says:

    Good post, mate. Great reflection on the pressure to dump everything on a credit card.

    Enjoy now; stress later.

    Merry Christmas.


  17. A Frugal Friend says:

    Great post

  18. Amanda KP says:

    great post!!! need to hear this…especially this time of year!!!

  19. Toni says:

    Great post! Totally agree….

    The last three major posts on my own blog are along the same lines, especially the last two. Check it out!

    Great post, again…these are what keep me coming back here!

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