We currently do two workshops: (1) the Stronger Marriage Workshop and (2) the Stronger Families Workshop. These are one or two day workshops, depending on the preference of the hosting church.  At both workshops you’ll receive a workbook full of material to help you strengthen your marriage and family. The workbook is full of outlines to follow along as the sessions are presented. Our workshops are very unintimidating. You won’t ever find that you’re called on to talk, put in a small group, or have attention drawn to you in any way.  You will learn practical and simple ways to improve your marriage, shared in a fun and fast paced atmosphere.

STRONGER MARRIAGE WORKSHOP: At the Stronger MARRIAGE Workshop you’ll learn practical ways to improve your marriage.  This workshop is for everyone whether your marriage is good, great or struggling. Topics include …

▪ Marriage Myths

▪ 10 Things Every Wife Needs From Her Husband

▪ 10 Things Every Husband Needs From His Wife

▪ How To Keep Your Marriage From Going “Bankrupt”

▪ 6 Marriage Killers

▪ Making Your Love Life Sizzle

▪ 7 Day Marriage Challenge (homework)

▪ Lots of vital and contemporary topics are covered in the MARRIAGE workshop.

STRONGER FAMILIES WORKSHOP: At the Stronger FAMILIES Workshop we’ll cover lots of topics that deal with marriage, families, parenting, blended families and more. Topics include …

▪ How To Build a Healthy Family In Our Current Time

▪ 10 Traits Of A Healthy Family

▪ The One Thing Every Marriage Must Have

▪ 7 Ways To Pray For Your Family

▪ Making Blended Families Work

▪ 9 Family Killers

▪ 7 Day Family Challenge (homework)

▪ Lots of important and contemporary topics are covered in the FAMILY workshop.


1) It’s only for struggling marriages. Not true … our workshops are for every marriage, no matter where you are (bad, fair, good or great).

2) They’ll make us do embarrassing stuff. Not true … unless you call sitting there taking a few notes, laughing and learning a LOT of cool stuff embarrassing.

3) It will cause more problems in my marriage. Not true … it may make you communicate about some problems, but it won’t cause them. I promise, if you’ll attend a workshop, you’ll leave with a better marriage, not a worse one.

4) Marriage workshops are for women, not men. That’s a BIG NO WAY! The men who attend a workshop with their wives are the most manly men we know, because they’re willing to step up to the plate and work to improve their marriage instead of wimping out and not going.

5) It will take up one of my valuable weekends. Okay, maybe that is not a myth, but it will SO be worth it. Anything you value takes time to maintain it. The same is true with your marriage. So why not give up one weekend to greatly bless your marriage?


Whether your marriage is great, good, fair, or poor … a marriage seminar or retreat will bless your marriage. Do you feel your marriage is stuck in neutral?  Or for every step forward, you take 2-3 backwards?  You are not alone. We have been there many times.

One thing that always helps is a weekend away to attend a marriage retreat or marriage workshop. Throughout our marriage one of the best things we’ve done to grow is to regularly attend workshops/seminars/retreats. We are convinced that attending those have really blessed our relationship.

I am 100% convinced every married couple needs to attend a marriage workshop or seminar … and maybe one every year or so. If you don’t, your marriage may never be all that it can be.  Too many couples wait to work on their marriage during the “bad times.” We’re convinced that if you’ll work on your marriage in the good times, there will be less “bad times.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should attend a Stronger Marriage Workshop:
1. You need time away from “regular” life.  Every marriage needs time alone and
time away from all that goes on in our lives, and when you add focusing on
marriage to “time away” … it’s a win/win combination.
2. A marriage workshop is incredibly healthy for your marriage no matter what stage you are in.  No
matter where your marriage is, it can bless you.
3. Your marriage needs a workshop more than you think.  You might admit your
marriage isn’t perfect, but you think it’s okay.  Your car, your house or any
other thing you have, all need maintenance … just like your marriage.
4. The ultimate reason to attend a workshop is because you love your spouse and
are willing to do anything to show your love, grow closer, and have a better
5. Attend a workshop because your marriage is either getting better or getting worse. It is either growing or getting stagnant … but it never stands still. Strive for a growing marriage.

Whether it’s our Stronger Marriage workshop or any other … we strongly suggest you find a workshop, seminar or retreat in your area and attend one.

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