• “It’s by far the funnest thing we’ve done since our honeymoon.” ~ Steve (Ada, OK).
  • “My husband and I attended your Stronger Marriage Workshop in Ada, Oklahoma a few weeks ago. I just have to share with you what this conference did for us!  We showed up on Friday night knowing we were in a rut. We have been married for 18 years and have 5 kids, ranging from 3-17. We left Saturday ready to take on the 7-day challenge…I mean, what did we have to lose!? That seven day challenge brought us from what seemed to be a hole that was impossible to dig out of, to an amazing intimacy that we forgot we had! I’m not kidding when I say that we, in 7 days, recreated the love and intimacy that we had thought was long gone! It got us right back to making each other’s needs important and being very intentional on meeting them. We have continued to start our day off with prayer and how much more peaceful our days go! Plus…you can’t get a much better feeling than knowing your husband has prayed specifically over you everyday!  Thank you for doing God’s work and sharing! You guys are Amazing!” ~ KIM 
  • My wife and I enjoyed the seminar immensely! We have enjoyed the 7 day challenge, but you were correct…..us praying together has been our favorite part. We have always felt that we had a solid marriage, but this just helped up kick it up a notch and we have never been happier! Thank you for an amazing weekend. ~ Mitch
  • My husband and I attended the workshop in Sanger this weekend. We have been married 32 years and enjoyed the workshop so much. Two of our sons and their wives came with us… what a blessing to experience this workshop with them! Thank you for a fun, light-hearted, not “weird at all” weekend! ~ Debi ? ~~
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