I read through a lot of blogs each week. Last night while catching up on some of my blog reading, I noticed I was picking out my favorite blogs to read. There have always been blogs I like and then there are blogs I really like. I don’t know about you, but there are a few specific things that draw me into a good blog.

Here are four things I really like in a blog:

  1. Present a relevant thought.
  2. Challenge my thinking.
  3. Make me laugh.
  4. Definitely, keep it short.
So what about you:

  1. What do you think makes a good blog?
  2. Why do you read the blogs that you do?

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Relevant topics are a must, but variety and the occasional story about some poor sap who lets little girls paint their fingernails!! :)

    Steve in AZ

  2. Brandon says:

    Though I obviously need a topic I can relate to, being length-conscious is an absolute must. Combine a long post with no paragraphs and that baby gets closed right away – I don’t care who wrote it.

    But alas, I often write longer posts myself.

  3. Alan Gable says:

    I like blogs written by preachers from Texas.

  4. blogprophet says:

    as Sir Edmund Hillary replied when asked why he wanted to climb Mt Everest, I say, “Because they are there”

  5. Matthew says:

    I just hope my blog was one of the good ones, maybe not one of the best but hopefully good. I like the shorter blogs, I am looking for quick thoughts, not long books. I tried to model my blogs after Tim’s blog.

  6. TREY MORGAN says:

    Matthew … your is an excellent blog and if you model it after Tim’s boog you can’t go wrong.

  7. Amy says:

    Well, I have to admit that you are the only “non-mommy blog” I read! I’m sure that will make you feel so honored!:)

    Have a great day!

  8. Greg says:

    The number one thing that draws me to a blog is community. Through some process I don’t understand, I have been drawn into a certain blog community of people that I feel are a part of my life due to what they contribute through this medium. Reading a blog is my morning cinnamon roll with a friend since I don’t drink coffee. It’s like sitting down and having a short conversation with people very close to me before going on with the day.

    Consistency also draws me back. Not everyone blogs every day but those who blog about every 6 – 8 weeks just don’t grab my attention. I love the funny stories, the sad life stories, the challenging thought, the informative blog into realms about which I know nothing, and just keeping up with friends and family, though few in my family actually blog.

    I prefer short which is why this response is rambling on so long!

    Of the dozens of blogs I read in a day, yours is one of the first 3-4 I check out first thing in the morning.

  9. Jeanne M. says:

    Yep, you are one of my first to read, also – along with Lisa’s 😉

    I loved the story about painted nails – showed how manly you really are – Does it still glow?

    I like blogs that have a spiritual side to them, but don’t have to have biblical content to do that.

    Keep up the good work in Childress and online

  10. James says:

    having moved to the every few weeks status on posts I am not sure about my views completly.

    I guess my hope for a blog is to foster community. I found myself blogging more in a more rural area. I know this was true with Kathy. It isn’t to say we had nothing to do then but more that we have more people to talk with in person now.

    It can be a distraction or addiction. It is like watching t.v. it fills time and can be entertaining or educational.

    It also allows for contact with people you might not have opportunity with such as missionaries and other higher profile people in ministry you might not interact with otherwise brecause of the busyness of life.

    mostly, I cherish keeping up with folks we don’t see often but value all the same.


  11. Liss and MOMMY says:

    I started blogging to keep a record of kid stories and it has become an outlet for me as well. I have been amazed at people I have met and reconnected with.

  12. jel says:

    what about Blog that don’t say anything, just post pictures?

  13. cdj says:

    1. Pictures are a definite draw for me.

    2. I agree with anything that makes me laugh…especially funny videos or “kids say the darndest things” kind of posts (see Krajca family on my blog roll).

    3. The short thing I agree with, but I have had MANY the long posts before, so I’m kind of hypocritical when I say that!

    4. Challenge my thinking…ditto, Trey!

    And, I read your blog for all of these reasons…well, maybe not the pictures, so much, but you always have a relevant pic to capture my attention.

  14. Dcmba says:

    My blog reading generally falls into three categories.

    1. Makes me giggle
    2. Enrichment
    3. Topic specific

    I have blogs I read everyday that provide humor or individuals perspectives on news stories. I also enjoy those (such as yours) that provide some kind of enrichment in my life. Then there are those blogs I read when looking for a specific topic such as researching my upcoming cell phone purchase.

    I started my blog to post stuff I find on the web so family and friends could read it without me having to spam their inbox with 10 messages at a time with links to stuff or annoying attachments.

    I made a website for my mother to do this, yet it sits untouched and I just got 4 mass emails from her this morning.

  15. Lin says:

    As a brand new subscriber, there are a variety of things about blogs that draw my attention.

    Relevant and interesting posts, with titles that catch my attention in my RSS feed. It was your What is Marriage? post that drew me in.

    Post length really depends on the subject matter, and if there are good separation with paragraphs, eye-catching images etc to keep me intrigued.

  16. Wade says:

    I used to make fun of people who blog, including my wife – now look at me! I’m a bloggin’ mess!

    But blogs give us a chance to see that if we’d just take a moment to stop and listen to what others have to say, we might make the startling revelation that there’s actually quite a bit that many of us have in common despite, in some cases, living in complete opposites sides of the world!

    By the way, has your fingernail polish worn off yet?

    Be good,


  17. David Kirk says:

    Trey: I like all kinds. I like preacher blogs and mommy blogs, I like blogs with pictures only, I like political blogs of all persuasions, I would read atheist blogs if they would leave out the profanity. I like blogs by persons wiser than me — and there are so many of them!

  18. Donna says:

    I am with Greg….I seem to come back to the ones with whom I form a “community” of sorts. I start with a lot of new ones and read them a couple of times, but something has to make me “connect” with the writer to keep me coming back….and it MUST be short….

    I love our little racing league and the opportunity to learn more about some of you all through that!

  19. johndobbs says:

    I like the personal nature of blogs. Sometimes I post sermon notes or class notes … but mostly just my thoughts of the day. They’re seldom deep … just more of what I’d talk about if we were sitting at a table around some coffee.

    But I think the #1 value of the blogs I read consistently is that they have something new daily (with rare exceptions). Sometimes people say, “I don’t have anything to blog about” – sounds like a good topic to me.

    I feel like I have a whole world of friends out there that I’ve never met … and I love that.

    good sermon this week on the podcast!

  20. Jeff Slater says:

    I’m late in commenting on this post, but I wanted to say that your blog is one of my favorites. You have fun stuff, serious stuff, personal stuff, and stuff that makes us think.

    I always look forward to what you have to say.

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