WARNING: This will make you Hungry

You can call me a little weird if you want, but I have a ton of food pictures on my phone. When I try something new, or see sometime that looks really good, I get a picture of it. It’s not unusual for me to be sitting in a restaurant and say, “Don’t start eating yet, I need to take a picture of my food.” I’m really NOT in to how food is presented, but more into how it tastes… and how much is on my plate. :)

When it comes to food, I’ll try anything once. A while back I ate some baby octopus just because I’d never tried them… not bad.

Here are a few pictures of things I’ve eaten recently and loved.

Lea and I have been taking a Spanish class, and after it was over we had a fiesta with some authentic Mexican food. SO authentic that you couldn’t even drink the water.  :)  The food was incredible and our teachers, Billy Moore and Amanda Henderson, did an excellent job teaching us.

Recently my friends Eddie & Kim Cook invited me over for my first crawfish boil. It was outstanding. Even better was the creole (soup) that they made from the leftovers.

The most AMAZING place to eat in Honduras is Carnitas. Carnitas is located in the bull-pen area of a local baseball stadium. There food  at Carnitas is SO good you feel guilty eating it. This plate is called the “Triple Play” and comes with pork, sausage and beef. If you make the trip to Honduras with me, DON’T leave the country without eating at Carnitas.

I usually eat very healthy and french fries are something I don’t eat a lot, but I celebrated on my birthday with this 3 pound platter of chili-cheese fries & a famous “burger from hell.”  Wow, they both were outstanding.

I learned two things recently when Parker and I ate at Abuelo’s. First, the stacked enchiladas were crazy good. And second, if you’re going to eat at Abuelos without Lea, don’t tell her about it. :)

I absolutely adore apple pie. This one was amazing.

I just had to include this picture. Yes, believe it or not, that folks is a beet.  NO I did NOT eat that, but recently when Lea and I were eating out, she actually put a beet on her plate. THEN to make it worse … SHE ATE IT.  Later in the day she actually expected me to kiss her. Of course I obliged … just because it was my marital duty. :)

Hungry yet?

What’s something you love to eat?

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Greg England says:

    You’re right … that Dr. Pepper in the second picture looks absolutely delicious!!!

  2. Duane Scott says:

    And now I’m ravenous hungry.

    And not because of the food you have posted.

    Because I kept imagining how it doesn’t even compare to a Bacon Cheeseburger with Fries and a Pepsi. :)

  3. Sylvia says:

    A pastor long ago introduced us to crawfish boil and we were hooked! We like to put the heads on our fingers and make them dance lol. Thanks for posting the warning, I still looked and now I’m hungry!

  4. John Dobbs says:

    I’m glad Jesus didn’t say if we lust after food we should pluck our tongue out! Wowza! The beet story-bahaha.

  5. John Dobbs says:

    Oh, an being in Louisiana everyone here is crazy for crawfish. To me, they stink, take a lot of work for a little return, are only mildly tasty, and they stink. I can think of a hundred things I’d rather eat.

    • Joe says:

      Y’all just don’t know how to eat a crawfish. It’s no work at all if they’re cooked right (not an easy task) and you know how to eat it (here’s a test: if you know what it means when the cook says “Don’t eat the dead ones” – then you know what you’re doing).

      DISCLAIMER: Even though I live in South Louisiana and I know how to eat a crawfish, I’d eat at a Taqueria any day over a crawfish boil.

  6. Todd Steele says:

    With the title of this post, I didn’t even bother reading this in my reader. I immediately opened it because I knew it would be good.

    You had me at Pork taco. That looks like Al Pastor which is fantastic no matter where you are.

    Going to have to replace my keyboard now. Just drooled all over the thing.

    Thanks for sharing Trey.

  7. What? No deviled eggs??? I’m officially shocked and disappointed! :-)

  8. Trey Morgan says:

    I’ve never taken a picture of a deviled egg, but maybe I should. :)

  9. Man oh man, can ya hear the rumble? I LOVE Mexican food. Hands down it is my all time favorite. All the pictures are worthy of a fine food magazine too.

    I love mexican food so much that I have mastered quite a few authentic mexican recipes and Carnitas is one of them. I serve ours on corn tortillas with homemade HOT salsa, cilantro, diced onion and a good squeeze of lime.

  10. I took your warning and waited until I’d had lunch before looking at this post. I had delicious Indian take-out.

    Hmmm…come to think of it, maybe I should have taken a picture….

    • Trey Morgan says:

      You noticed I had lots of Mexican food on there. I’m a big fan. Come eat a plate with me sometime.

      • Mexican food is good. Oddly enough I haven’t found any good Mexican restaurants around here yet. I know there have to be some…it’s NYC after all!

        The best Mexican food I’ve ever had was in Kirksville, Missouri. Mexican immigrants make it best.

        • Joe says:

          Look for a sign that says “Taqueria” – that’ll be the joint with the immigrants. My favorite one around here (El Sol de Guerrero) is so packed with construction workers at noon that you can’t get a table.

  11. cwinwc says:

    I started to write a long comment but your post blew out my Weight Watcher Calculator. I guess this means my comment is now “pointless.” :)

  12. Anna Renee says:

    As an authentic California girl, born and raised in the SF bay area, I’m a big lover of Mexican food! The cheesier, the better!!
    And yes, I’m hungry, looking at all of those yummies! The best thing is I have quick access to any of the dishes you presented, except the crawfish boil, and it’s OK because even though the world loves shrimp and crawfish and crab and all of that, those fishy things don’t move me.
    Now that pie…well that’s another story. YUMM!!!

  13. JamesBrett says:

    you gave me a warning, but i did not heed it. those are some great photos, trey. however, i’m not sure it was wise for me to foster in me such a hankering for crawfish and carnitas when i’m so many thousand miles away from being able to eat them.

  14. Steve Gauntt says:

    I stayed in Billy Moore’s apartment in Mexico City when I was on a Let’s Start Talking campaign in 1992. So, before I had even seen the first picture I was taken back to the tacos al pastor. Might need to work on getting back there some day…

  15. vanilla says:

    You’re right– it made me hungry! But I just can’t imagine someone who won’t eat beets. Yumm!

  16. ~Brenda says:

    Ok, honesty is the best policy, right?

    They all look like gut bombs to me. Except for the apple pie. But then, I don’t have a very functional digestive system.

    And P.S. I like beets. 😀

  17. Nicole says:

    I get Carnitas next week!!!

  18. Michael says:

    birthday cake

    but the first pic looks good. I love some green sauce!

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