SUMMER TIME: It been a crazy week around here this week. The last week of school always is. The boys are pumped about being out for the summer. School doesn’t start back this year until the end of August, so they’ll get 3 months off for summer and we’ll need them. Here’s why …

  • Summer activities will include a week of Encounter camp the first week of June at Lubbock Christian University.
  • Then the following week we hit VBS head on. VBS is a HUGE deal here in Childress. We go all out for the 250-350 people that will be showing up for VBS each night.
  • Following a week of VBS we’ll head to the mountains of New Mexico for the Red River Family Encampment. It will be a week of relaxing, listening to other speakers and fellowshipping with friends. It’s a wonderful encampment that tries to make its speakers and program something for everyone. But the main thing I like is that its located in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico.
  • The first part of July, a group of 50 from Childress will leave for Mexico City on a mission trip. We’ll be spending about 30 hours on a bus just to get to Mexico City. There we will work in a children’s hospital, hand out tracts, clean up trash, attend small groups and other wonderful activities. Just for fun, I’m really hoping we get to make a soccer match, bull fight or Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling match). All three of those are huge cultural activities. It’d be like taking someone from another country to a Major League Baseball game or NFL game.
  • Ending our July, we’ll have a week of summer camp at QMCC in Oklahoma. I co-direct a session for kids 4th grade through high school.
  • Somewhere in all the madness I’ll work in a couple of weeks vacation. YEA.

GROWING UP: Taylor, my 17 year-old, had a GREAT week, in his eyes. He got sent home the last week of school … get this … because he needed to shave. He was PUMPED. He’s been working on his “whiskers” on his chin for months. He came in giving “high-fives” and said, “I’ve reached man-hood.” Then he quickly shaved and went back to school. That was a cause for celebration … lunch at the Deuce (Chinese Buffet) that day.

NATE: I’d like to give a shout out to my partner in crime here in Childress, Nate Bundy. Nate is our youth minister and does a great job with our kids. He has blessed my life as a friend, co-worker and as a spiritual figure to my teenage boys. He has tons of energy, tons of commitment and tons of love for kids. John Maxwell once said, “Those closest to you will determine your level of success.” I’m continually discovering the truth of that particular statement by working with Nate. Thanks Nate for all you do. Oh, and he has a pretty cool wife, Kristin, too.

SERMON LINK: Got a call from a credit card place a while back that wanted to offer me a “True Grace” credit card. I asked the nice lady on the phone what “True Grace” meant. She said, “It means if you can’t pay your bill that month on the due date, you can pay it anytime two weeks after the due date without occurring a penalty.” I kind of made her mad when I told her that’s not “True Grace” at all. “True grace means I shouldn’t have to pay it at all,” I told her. I tried to explain to her what “True Grace” really was, but she said that’s not what true grace meant on this card. I told her she could call me back when she had a REAL “True Grace” card. That got me thinking about God’s true grace and what real grace really was. Here is a sermon on “True Grace” if you want to listen: CLICK HERE. If you are still living in the past and have dial up :) here is instructions on how to download a sermon: Click Here.

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Matt says:

    Tell Taylor I am so proud. so trey I remember in T town yall going to Red River but I never knew quite what it was could you email me and tell me more about it. Thanks. Hey what is the theme for VBS. Sorry, lots of questions today.


  2. Neva says:

    Kristen used to hang out some with my son, Nathan. Jeff Smith was youth minister for my kids. He came to Sunset just a few days before my husband died and he and Stacy were very helpful. Jeff is still one of the people my son really trusts. Pretty cool to see that connection here.

  3. Frank Bellizzi says:

    Ah, the scandal of true “true grace.” That will preach, my friend. But I don’t have to tell you that.

    Commenting on the diatribe in Romans 6 “Shall we sin all the more so that grace may abound?” Richard Oster once told us that if we preachers never got or anticipated a question like that, maybe we weren’t preaching biblical grace. That obviously stuck with me.

  4. Monalea says:

    I’m glad to know you are going to be very busy. It will keep you out of ‘prison’. Ha ha!

    You forgot to add you are going to be ‘directing a wedding’.

    Love you 2-3-6

    Monalea aka www

  5. TREY MORGAN says:

    Hey Fat Matt the Water Rat – Just click in the link in the post and it will pull up the RRFE link. Also, the theme this year for VBS is “The Unstoppable Church” a study of the church from the book of Acts. I think Lea and I have the Ascension of Jesus learning center. We’re going to send someone through the roof just to make it look cool.

    Neva – Small world isn’t it? Glad you and Mr. Neva are going to come see us during VBS.

    Frank – I love your blog.

    Monalea (Wicked Witch of the West) – I’m looking forward to the wedding. And, you better watch out for falling houses!

  6. Di says:

    I want to go… all of it. Can I come out and spend the summer? Oops I might need to ask my hubby first. :-)

    I am truly grateful for True Grace and have a new view of how much I am living in today.

    As far as “dial” up. Have you noticed we all still dial a number but we aren’t really dialing anything. We are punching buttons. The school my sister in law used to work at had an old black dial phone and the kids would come and try to poke a the numbers to make it work and then ask how to use it.

    Alas. I am old.


  7. The Preacher's Household: says:

    Trey, know the busy thing but it is all good stuff so it will be worth it.

    Neva, glad you said something about Kristin as I don’t look at the pix much. It takes too much time and I just don’t. Wanna have a contest as to who has known her longer? I’m glad to make that connection.

    Trey, you mentioned the associate/ youth guy before but it didn’t register. I guess we all get in too big a hurry at times. It is a small world.


  8. The Preacher's Household: says:

    I appreciate the family update.
    Congrats to Taylor!

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