This morning was Taylor’s last Sunday at church before leaving for Miami. We had a special prayer for him and the other AIMers leaving for their mission fields.

I knew Lea was going to be sad, so I did my best all morning to shield her from all the well meaning people who I thought might give her that, “Oh, you poor momma, you must be so sad?” line.

I did well protecting her, even jumping in the middle of a couple of conversations just to change the subject. Everything had gone well until the end of the service when just about everyone had left. I had just let my guard down when somehow one sneaky sister snuck past me. When I caught sight of her, she’d already mumbled those dreaded words to Lea, “Oh, you’ve got to be so sad and just want to cry.” I knew she meant well, but I really had to fight the urge to keep myself from taking my finger and poking her in her right eye. You probably never thought a preacher could think of such violence, especially right after preaching on loving others, but to protect my sweet wife sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

We made it home from church, and both Lea and I survived a Sunday that was a little on the blue side. Although we were a little sad that our oldest was leaving home today, we know he’s going off to do God’s work and that excites us. And as I write this, I’m reminding myself that if God can send a Son off, then so can we.

Oh, and by the way, no, I did not poke anyone in the eye :)

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Stoogelover says:

    Myself being a former preacher and a Three Stooges lover, I'm quite disappointed in you! :)

  2. wjcsydney says:

    Sometimes it's better to just cry instead of fighting not to.

  3. Peter P says:

    This is the first time it has really dawned on me that my kids will leave home one day…

    Now I'M sad and want to cry!

  4. Searching says:

    I feel your pain. Our oldest is getting deployed next week. 18 months overseas and as we are finding out, in the military there are a lot of temptations. Kind of wish you could sent him off in a spiritual bubble.

  5. Crowell Girl says:

    As a military family, we were privileged to live in Germany AND to have a glimpse into the lives of missionary families. Several had parents who were not Christians and even those who were continually unaccepting of their leaving them, going far away and most strongly how could they take/have their grandchildren far away. That experience bubbled up for me when, upon graduation from college, my daughter chose to go to Miami as a part of a team and work at a minimum wage job. She married a man with a dream to be a missionary to Brazil where they lived for over 10 years – birthplace of my first 3 grandchildren. This was before the days of email AND the days when long distance calls of even a few minutes were a minimum of $50
    LESSON: These experiences are bittersweet. Over and over people at church would say I don't see how you stand it…how terrible your grandchildren live so far away, …all the while I'm observing them interact with their own children and grandchildren – PAINFUL. My cryptic response was "It comes with the package". I prayed/pray now at age of 76 w/7 grandchildren to be an encourager, for the Lord's help to step back and over and over give them to the Lord. Blessings to you both.

  6. rtxcherokee says:

    Let Lea cry because she will sooner or later because that is what moms do when a child leaves home for the first time.

  7. Deb ;) says:

    Your post made me laugh! I just picture you scooting back and forth between one conversation and another! How proud you must be of your son!

  8. L.C.T. says:

    Aww! I like that you have a desire to protect your wife! That matches up with the rest of what you write and say about marriage.

    He couldn't be leaving to do anything better than this. I can completely see how it's blue though.

  9. Karlene Jacobsen says:

    I commend you for wanting to protect your wife. That's admirable. It's got to be tough seeing that first one leave the nest, althoug that's what we raise them to do, right? Mine is coming close to that day. I know no matter how much preparing I do, I'll never be ready. I hope my husband is as protective then.

  10. Kim says:

    Trey, you are such a good guy. I know Lea felt your protection, strength and tenderness throughout the day yesterday.

    The day Todd left for Scotland was one of the hardest days of my life. It was such a day of conflicting emotions. You are sad and scared to let them go but so excited for them because you know God is going to open up so many opportunities for them.

    Pat and I have been and will continue to be praying for you and Lea. We have and will continue to pray for Taylor and his team. I know God has gone before them and prepared them to do great things for His glory!

    love, Pat and Kim

  11. Anonymous says:

    Trey, I love your HEART! Your blogs, always, brighten my day and are an encouragement. That's good that you did not poke anyone. I would hate it if your blogs came from behind bars. HA!
    How awesome that your son has chosen to serve others, being the hands and feet of Jesus. How proud and humbled you must be. As a Mom with our son and his wife serving others in a third world country, I, pretty much, know your feelings. What better work could there be!
    Praying for your safety. Sue T.

  12. Trey Morgan says:

    Greg- thanks for the belly laugh.

    Wendy – I agree :)

    Searching- it's never easy letting your kids go, but as parents I guess it's our goal to work ourselves out of a job.

  13. Trey Morgan says:

    Crowell Girl – you are obviously full of wisdom and good advice. Thanks for your encouraging comment.

    Rtxcherokee- I really wasn't trying to keep her from crying, just crying at church in front of everyone.

    Deb – I'm glad you know me well enough to know that much of what I write is tongue and cheek :)

    LTC – thanks for your sweet words :)

    Karlene – I bet your hubby will be just as understanding :)

    Kim – I know you and Pat know exactly where we're coming from. Thank you for your words of encouragement and you love for the Morgan family.

    Sue – thanks for you note and encouragement. Blessing to you and your kids in their mission work :)

  14. Haley says:

    Sounds like your travels are going well; I'm keeping you all in my prayers as you adjust to having Taylor in Miami doing good thing! (p.s. I'm also praying that everyone around you keeps both eyes 😉

  15. NB says:

    I know you are very proud of Taylor. However, sending children out into the world has to be one of the toughest things we have to do…I'm right there with you, Lea!

  16. Anonymous says:

    If I said "I'm glad he's gone", that would be the truth because he is such a good grandson and he will do good work for the Lord wherever he is, but if I say "I am sad because he is going a little farther away from all of us" that would be true also. Humans are made of many emotions. Some are not easy to explain. Especially if you are a woman. It is hard on you also, I know because I know you. Were you a little afraid if Lea teared up you would, too? I remember when you left for Lubbock and Sunset, you dad shed some tears, and I said "honey, he's coming back this weekend." I knew you would be back to Amarillo lots because Lea lived here, also. Thank God for Lea. Mom

  17. Charla (SHar-la) says:

    I'm so proud of Taylor and all he is doing! You have an award waiting for you on my blog, so come check it out!

  18. Patrick Mead says:

    I feel your pain! As a new granddad whose daughter and grandson are moving away to Nashville in a few months, we have experienced dozens of people who cannot WAIT to say things such as "How are you going to handle that? Doesn't it make you sad? Did you cry when you heard? Isn't it just awful?" and etc. ad nauseum.

    It makes my trigger finger twitch.

  19. Odgie says:


    As rough as it is to let a kid go, it sounds like you and Lea have a lot to be proud of.

    And for what it's worth, the urge to poke someone in the eye (or do something worse) hit me a few times when I was in full-time ministry.

  20. Jeanne M. says:

    Couldn't anyone rather say how proud you must be of Taylor for his willingness to serve the Lord away from home? I know you are, and will be praying for Taylor and all the AIM teams "going out into the world."

  21. Tracy says:

    As Crowell Girl's daughter, the one who spent the 10 years in the mission field, I can tell you one of the greatest gifts my parents gave me during that time was complete support of our work emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually – despite their personal longings to have us (and their grandkids) closer. When it is appropriate, go see Taylor and the team. It's a powerful dynamic to see the work first-hand. Blessings to aaaaaalllll of you!

  22. Ken says:

    When our oldest son left for the mission field, folks in the church where I preached asked how we could stand to see him go. I replied that a lot of people beam with pride when their soldier boy goes overseas to defend freedom and fight the enemy. I can take seeing my son leave to try to save souls from the real enemy.

    I pray God's blessings on your Son's work.

  23. M. Steven Smith says:

    We are getting ready to send our son off to school. I am the dad and think that I will feel the empty nest thing more than mom! The Lord willing, he will be going to school at Southeastern Bible College to major in Pre-med and minor in missions. We know he is going off to do God's work too. Makes a parent proud for sure!

  24. Su says:

    Oh, my goodness, so many people said that to my mum when I left for AIM! And then to complete the cycle, on my first really depressing Sunday back the same people (most of them, anyhow), said to me, "Bet you're really glad to be back, huh?" My mum all but dragged my out the door to keep me from putting out eyes. :)

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