If you’ve been avoiding church because you think the church is full of hypocrites, you are 100% right. A hypocrite is someone that doesn’t consistently live out what he believes, and yes, every church is full of them. I’m going to have to admit that I’m a hypocrite too, because I don’t always live out what I believe.
What you are going to find in any church is that they are very full of imperfect people. There was only one perfect man (Jesus). I’m not him, and you’re not either. So if you’re saying you don’t go to church because there are too many hypocrites there, I say don’t let that stop you … we certainly have room for one more. :)

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. e3 says:

    I'm one. Come sit next to me.

  2. Adam Gonnerman says:

    I used to think that was clever. Now I see things from the other perspective.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good point. Thanks.

  4. nick gill says:

    I'm curious — what's the other perspective?

    Christians are hypocrites and everyone else is just trying their best?

  5. westcoastwitness says:


  6. KJ's Blog Spot says:

    Imperfect Christians never kept me out of church. Imperfect Christians who judged all others for their imperfection kept me out of church for a very long time. Sunday school classes where everyone looked like you were headed to hell if you ever admitted to being imperfect kept me out of churches. Churches full of people on Sunday mornings giving money to others to go do what they should be doing every day in their own towns, workplaces, and lives kept me out of churches.
    Thankfully, God led us to an imperfect church with imperfect Christians who admit to being imperfect and allow other imperfect people into their family.

  7. LauraLee Shaw says:

    Amen, brother!

  8. fraizerbaz says:

    Hmmm… I know that people use this as an excuse NOT to go to church and/or fellowship with other Christians… but on the other hand, I am aware that some Christians use the "I'm not perfect, just forgiven" as a cop-out for ignoring what is commanded of us – John 14:15. I am not a legalist, of course we are all sick patients here on earth until Jesus comes and takes us away and makes us all perfect, but on the same token, I believe that we should TRY to live as Christ would have us live. Paul tell us to teach and (lovingly) admonish one another (Colossians 3:16), so I guess it's up to each of us to make sure we are not doing this in a Pharisaical manner, but in a manner of humility and love for one another.

  9. Sir Richard The LionHeart says:

    Trey – I am disappointed in this post.

    Another tired cliche may be enough of a frustration to those actually concerned about following Christ purposefully and passionately, but you go beyond.

    You are misinformed and misleading, and then teaching!
    1Timtohy 4:2, James 3:1

    Hypocrisy is biblically defined as pertaining to the Greek and Roman stage actors of the time, and condescendingly used by Jesus as children 'play acting' (look up in your Vines', Trey – every good teacher should have one).

    Meaning: You are pretending to be something you are *not*. Who you are in secret is not who you *pretend* to be in public, or in church. You have a mash up of ideas trying to apply Romans 7 with a completely inaccurate interpretation of hypocrisy.

    Why – if the church is so right in being filled with, and you claiming to be one – in the world would Jesus use this as a call of judgement 15 times in the N.T. over Matt, Mark, and Luke?!

    Trey – THINK – before you teach. Be led by the Spirit, not tired man-made cliches. I am disgusted.


  10. Rev. Mike says:

    Part of the reason non-believers get so fed up with the church is because we never want to admit when we make mistakes. If we know that we are wrong the non-believer knows that we are wrong and no one says or admits anything; then we never have the opportunity to build any trust or a relationship. And who would want to be in fellowship with someone that they do not trust?

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