1. Your favorite new church song?

2. Your favorite new song on the radio?

3. Your favorite 3 sports to watch on television?

4. Your favorite 3 television shows?

5. Who wins Idol next week? David Cook or David Archuleta?

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. TREY MORGAN says:

    1. Church Song: Days of Elijah

    2. New Song: It’s Not My Time (3 Doors Down.

    3. NFL, Baseball, NASCAR

    4. Survivor, Idol, Man vs Wild

    5. (Oh please let it be) David Cook

  2. Brie says:

    1. Church Song: Prince of Peace. Love it!

    2. New Song: I don’t know that it is actually new, but it’s new to me: “All That I Need is Love” by Melody Gardot. Actually, her whole CD “Worrisome Heart” could go on constant loop play in my head. If you like old school sounding Jazz with a slightly bluesy feel…go listen. :)

    3. The ONLY sport I watch voluntarily on TV is college football. I love it. I yell. So does Noah.

    4. Pushing Daisies, NCIS, and House Hunters.

    5. I don’t do the Idol thing. So I’m going with whichever one has sung less Pop.

  3. jamie riley says:

    1. Church Song: This is How We Overcome.

    2. New Song – how about most anticipated cd release?
    TobyMac – Alive and Transported – release date…May 27

    3. Baseball, Football, Golf

    4. Phineas and Ferb, SportsCenter, Man vs Wild

    5. My vote is for David Cook as well

    I know I bent the rules a little on question 2…work with me a little, OK?!

  4. Super Andre says:

    1. Blessed be thou Vision (we heard a new version with instruments and it gave me some tears)

    2. I will wait for your there ( Phil Whickam)

    3. Soccer, Football, Basketball

    4. The Office, Friends(its no longer on NBC but I bought all the seasons, and still watch this) and Man vs Wild

    5. I think it will be David Archuleta

  5. Anonymous says:

    1) Greatest Command (not that new but still my favorite)

    2) Hero/Heroine by Boys and Girls

    3) College football, college football, and….college football :)

    4) Grey’s Anatomy, CSI (the original), and Law and Order: SVU

    5) Best guess?? David Archuletta

    Hope you are well!!

    M of the S

  6. Stoogelover says:

    In responding to this I will be proving I really don’t have a life and what little I have is very boring to most in this culture.

    1. Our worship leader writes many of the songs we use, so I could give titles but unless you worship with us it would make no sense.

    2. Seldom ever listen to radio other than “talk” radio.

    3. Don’t watch TV sports at all.

    4. AI, House, Bones

    5. Cook SHOULD win, but I’m afraid David (“Golly Gee Whiz”) Archuleta will get enough pre-teen votes to win.

  7. Shane Coffman says:

    1. New church song: Finally Free

    2. New Radio Song: hmmm…I listen to cd’s, not the radio…can’t answer that one.

    3. 3 sports on TV: College football, college basketball, college baseball

    4. See #3

    5. Cook wins. I predict Archuleta suddenly and unfortunately (timing-wise, anyway…) experiences puberty this week and his voice drops an octave…

  8. Justin says:

    1) Get right church – I have a new understanding/ appreciation for it.

    2) Daughtry’s Breakdown

    3) Football, Football, and Baseball

    4) Numbers, Cold Case, CSI

    5) Not an Idol fan – So I will cast lots here… They predict David will win. Please let me know if I am right.

  9. Helen Keller says:

    1. Holy, holy(always)
    2. leona lewis, bleeding love
    3. sports? humm… world cup soccer, baseball, any x game sports
    4. grey’s, idol, ?
    5. DAVID COOK… oh, I hope!

  10. blogprophet says:

    1.. i like new ones but my favs are mostly oldies

    2. don’t know artist or title of any songs i hear that are now

    3. football, basketball, baseball

    4. Lost, House, Office

    5.. who? what? don’t care

  11. Kim says:

    1. I Belong to Jesus and How Great is Our God. (Sorry, I can’t just pick one)

    2. Amazing Grace (Chris Tomlin)

    3. Baseball (are there other sports?)

    4. Life Today, Jon&Kate Plus 8, and Ace of Cakes

    5. Not an Idol watcher

  12. nick says:

    1) You Are The God Of This City

    2) Stay – Sugarland

    3) MLB, NFL, NCAA Basketball

    4) Criminal Minds; CSI – NY; Extreme Makeover – Home Edition (it makes me cry all the time!)

    5) I’m not an Idol Worshipper after the auditions are over.

  13. Terry says:

    1. “I Stand in Awe.” I know that it’s not new, but it is the song that I have sung to my son every evening since we picked him up at the hospital over 5 years ago.

    2. “When the Saints” by Sara Groves

    3. NFL football, college football, high school football. (For those outside Oklahoma or Texas: yes, high school football is on TV here)

    4. “Lost”, “Stargate SG-1″, “King of the Hill”

    5. David Cook

  14. Brandon and Katie says:

    1. “Нет Никого Как Ты”

    2. Radio? Who listens to the radio? Oh right, you guys drive everywhere.

    3. Television? We don’t have a television.

    4. Lost (Thanks iTunes!), The Cosby Show (Thanks DVD Creator Man), Lois and Clark: The “New” Adventures Of Superman (Hey, we’re hard up for entertainment over here.)

    5. David Cook or David Archuleta? Who?! Goodness, what kind of survey is this?

  15. Liss and MOMMY says:

    1. Any song my children are belting out in church is a favorite of mine
    2. The Way I am
    3. College Bball, NFL football, maybe ice skating?
    4. Grey’s, Brothers and sisters,
    only 2 I ever have time to watch on Tivo
    5. Brooke White

  16. Stephanie says:

    Church song – I can ONLY imagine…
    New song on the radio – The new one by Trace Adkins…( I forgot the name of it…)
    Sports – College football, NFL football, cheerleading
    Fav shows – Biggest Loser, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters
    Idol winner – I am going with DAVID..haha

    that was fun…have a great weekend…steph

  17. Stephanie says:

    Church song – I can ONLY imagine…
    New song on the radio – The new one by Trace Adkins…( I forgot the name of it…)
    Sports – College football, NFL football, cheerleading
    Fav shows – Biggest Loser, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters
    Idol winner – I am going with DAVID..haha

    that was fun…have a great weekend…steph

  18. Kyle Parker says:

    1. I really like “How Great is Our God” – especially with a bunch of people who sing like they believe it!

    2. They don’t have too many new songs on Sports Talk Radio, but I do love my new Foo Fighters album.

    3. College football (Gig ‘Em!), Baseball and soccer

    4. Sportscenter, NCIS, Dr. Who and Stargate:Atlantis (I know that’s four, but I can’t choose. Hooray for DVR!!!!)

    5. I can honestly say I’ve never watched an episode of Lost, Survivor or American Idol. I’ve walked by the room while it was on, but I had no real interest.

    Futhermore…Kim only knows one sport (baseball), because her husband Pat has all of his channels programmed for baseball games. I think he mad it hard-wired just for that. :)

  19. TREY MORGAN says:

    Stephanie … #3 Favorite Sports to Watch… Cheerleading??? What? That’s not a sport!


  20. dmjenkins says:

    1. Church Song – but it’s not new and I am not sure of the song title- “You are Awesome in this place mighty God…You are Awesome in this place Abba Father…”
    2. Radio song – “Give Me Jesus”
    3. Aggie Football, Aggie Basketball, Aggie Baseball
    4. Biggest Loser, Cold Case, American Idol
    5. David Cook

  21. Zach Detwiler says:

    1. Your favorite new church song?
    In Christ Alone

    2. Your favorite new song on the radio?
    Amazing Grace (the new one by Chris Tomlin)

    3. Your favorite 3 sports to watch on television?
    I do like to watch some tennis, Heavy weight championships where they move those huge weights and columns and stuff… Thats pretty cool.. #3 probably would be on ocassion I will watch football the day I watch it is… (The Super Bowl)

    4. Your favorite 3 television shows? Wheel of Fortune, NCIS, American Idol

    5. Who wins Idol next week? David Cook or David Archuleta?
    – Cook (I was going for Jason Castro)

  22. Anonymous says:

    1. “Sweetly Broken” by Jeremy Riddle

    2. “Undo” by Rush of Fools (both one and two can be found on youtube.)

    3. Don’t watch sports.

    4. Medium, House, ER

    5. David of course! LOL They are both really good but I would vote for Archuleta.

  23. Wendy says:

    1. Your favorite new church song? Saviour King

    2. Your favorite new song on the radio? Love is Still a Worthy Cause by Sara Groves

  24. willow says:

    #1. this song is new to me… Here I am, Lord.

    #2. Love is a beautiful thing by Phil Vassar.

    #3. Nascar(Jeff is my man), any other sports i just listen to while my husband watches.

    #4. Grey’s Anatomy, ER, Ghost Whisperer

    #5. don’t know

  25. Zack says:

    1. Shout to the Lord!
    2. Cinderella
    3. Basketball, Baseball, Football.
    4.Sportscenter, Pardon the Interruption, Seinfeld.
    5. David A.

  26. Soren says:

    1. Everlasting God
    2. I’m Still a Guy
    3. NFL, College Basketball, MLB
    4. 24, Sportscenter, Glenn Beck
    5. David A.

  27. makegodsmile says:

    1. I Then Shall Live
    2. Rush Limbaugh’s new bumper music
    3. College Football, Pro Football, Golf
    4. NCIS, CSI-New York, Law & Order (Do you see a trend)
    5. David Cook

  28. mmlace says:

    1. “In Christ Alone”
    2. “Somewhere in the Middle”–Casting Crowns
    3. College Football (that’s the only sport I can get into)
    4. Although i don’t watch much TV, when I do, I enjoy “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, “What Not To Wear”, and “Family Guy” (can I say that one on here?)
    5. I haven’t watched AI on a regular basis since the Clay/Ruben season.

  29. Lindsay says:

    1. How Great is Our God!

    2. You can let go now Daddy, by Crystal Shawanda

    3. Hmm…me and sports aren’t the best of friends but I like watching hockey and baseball sometimes.

    4. Lost, So You think you can dance, and Without a Trace

    5. David Cook

  30. Anonymous says:

    1. not sure…I still “Here i am to Worship.”

    2. Music on the radio? Sorry, Listen to sports talk radio…myabe Jim Rome opening music…

    3. sports…easy 2. soccer 3. soccer.. #4-#50 all other sprts in any order..

    4. The Office, Lost, and soccer

    5. mmmmm, neither…Simon

    I love surveys…

    -Steve in AZ

  31. Fillmycup says:

    1. Unfair — too many to choose from. Days of Elijiah, Greatest Commandments, As the Deer, There’s a stirring…

    2. Brad Paisley’s I’m Just a Guy

    3. Packers Football! Packers Football! Packers Football!

    4. Re-runs of Friends, House and Bones

    5. Cook all the way!

  32. Keith Brenton says:

    1. “In Christ Alone”

    2. There’s a little message-in-the-music in “Face Down” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

    3. Cowboys football. Tiger Woods golf. NASCAR. (Sorry, no favorite driver. I just keep praying on the edge of my seat they’ll all come out of it alive and whole.)

    4. House Hunters, Divine Design, Designed to Sell. (Angi and I are incorrigible HGTV fans.)

    5. David. (Sorry. Don’t care. Don’t matter. Don’t watch.)

  33. Haley says:

    #1) Tough one, there are so many, but I do love Feel the Nails

    #2) If I Had Eyes by Jack Johnson

    #3) I only watch pro football by choice, though golf is good for taking naps to!

    #4) I watch a lot of my show’s online these days but I’ll go ER, The Office and Grey’s

    #5) I haven’t got a chance to watch it too much this season but I’m a Cook fan from what I have seen

  34. Van says:

    1. “Come Thou Fount” (new rendition of an old song)

    2. Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Chris Tomlin (or anything else by Chris Tomlin for that matter)

    3. NCAA Football, NFL, NCAA Basketball and MLB (couldn’t narrow it to three)

    4. Sports Center, Without A Trace, CSI

    5. Haven’t got to see much of it this year, but I’m going with David Cook

    6. I’m adding one more to your list. Favorite new book – “The Shack”. If you haven’t read it yet, get a copy soon. Fantastic! Amazing! I don’t have words to adequately describe it.

  35. Emma says:

    1. Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) by Chris Tomlin

    2. Pocketful of Sunshine By Natasha Bedingfield

    3. Sports: Golf, Girls Softball, and any thing TEXAS TECH! Go RAIDERS!

    4. TV: GREY’S, Dirty Jobs, and anything on the Discovery Channel!

    5. Idol? What’s that! lol….I don’t watch it!

  36. TREY MORGAN says:

    One thing I’ve learned from this survey thus far …

    Find out who Chris Tomlin is!

    Van – I’ve heard of the book, but have not read it yet. And the YouTube video was excellent.

  37. Linda says:

    1. I Can Only Imagine
    2. Can I say #1 again?
    3. 3 sports???? Are there that many? Iron Chef? It is a sport..they compete! Animal Planet Dog Championships-agility courses NASCAR
    4. What Not To Wear, Take Home Chef, Good Morning America
    5. I don’t watch it…but since I know someone who does I will vote for David A (hehe)

  38. Brooke says:

    1. Wow, that’s a good one, gonna have to go with I Can Only Imagine, although I am a fan of Days of Elijah as well.

    2. Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis

    3. College Basketball, College Football, College Baseball…it happens when you work for a college 😉

    4. Brothers & Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives.

    5. I can only watch so many DVRed shows at a time, haven’t watched Idol since the auditions, although if the “birdman” who sang “You Are My Brother” would have made it, I have friends that would vote for him, they sing it daily in the training room.

  39. a cowgirl at heart says:

    1.) Not necessarily new, but I love “In Christ Alone.”

    2.) “Bring the Rain” by Mercy Me…because it is my life at this moment.

    3.) Aggie football, golf (esp. Ernie Ells), NFR

    4.) Lost, American Idol, and because Biggest Loser isn’t on anymore I will say it’s a tie between Little People Big World and Jon and Kate Plus 8

    5.) ARCHULETA, baby…

  40. Anonymous says:

    Submitted for your listening pleasure (or not) is a song by The Almost entitled “Amazing Because It Is.” Many may not like this song not only because it is not traditional, but due to the fact that it is accompanied by instruments, or because it’s a bit hardcore!

    My son played it for me and I really love it. Notice where the lyrics say “that saves a wretch like me.” A subtle change but I feel it really makes a difference.

    BTW, if no one comments about this song, I’m going to assume that ya’ll love it!!!!

  41. Rollerpimp says:

    1. Blessed be Your Name

    2. Old 97s, “Dance with me”

    3. Redskins, UFC, Ninja Warrior

    4. Heroes, Lost, Survivor

    5. Both stink but I will say Cook.

  42. Zack says:

    Can I add some more?
    1. You are Holy.
    2.Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman
    3.NCAA sports (football and basketball.
    4.The Office.
    5.Don’t watch Idol enough to know.

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