As you may know Lea & I are headed to Las Vegas this weekend with friends from Childress. We’re trying to talk the girls into renewing our wedding vows with Elvis at the White Wedding Chapel. :)

I think it’d be fun and make a GREAT story … Lea say, “Elvis? Renewing our vows? That’s lame!”

So what do you think? Do we do the Elvis thing or not? What’s your opinion?

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. John Dobbs says:

    No! Go with Lea’s instinct on this one!

  2. Mark Roberts says:

    I’m gonna same lame. No specific reason…just something I would never do. I would possibly entertain renewing vows someday but getting married by Elvis…count me out.

  3. Gallagher says:

    I vote Elvis!

  4. nick gill says:

    LOL I would do it in a heartbeat! Just to have the pictures! That’d be a HOOT!

    But I’d also let Monty Python renew my vows if I could get them interested!

    Of course it is lame. VEGAS is lame. But it is also hysterically funny! So do it!

  5. haley says:

    Randy and I say yeahhhhh. That would be hilarious. Just make sure and take plenty of pictures if you do it.

  6. Belinda says:

    Love the renewing part, I always wanted to do that too, but the Elvis thing has to go, make it romantic.If you want them to do it make it about the ladies……

  7. Larissa says:

    I think you should ABSOLUTELY do it, whether you go the Elvis route or not!!! It would be a great story, memory, and of course a great blog!!! Unless of course it cost a lot of money, then I would say no, and go shopping instead.

  8. Evan Williams says:

    coming from an eighteen yr. old with not much life experience…. i say do it

  9. Timbra says:

    i say YES. . . my husband is the one who thinks vow renewal is silly, but he’d probably be up for it if a trip to vegas was involved. i was hoping that we’d get to see you guys while you’re in vegas, BUT i’m in CA this weekend. . . . good timing! i’m sure mike would be MORE than willing to make the 7 hour drive if vegas was involved. . . well, perhaps i won’t tell him that’s an option, he’ll see you in a month at tulsa instead. . . have a great time, hope you can talk the girls into the elvis, vow thing! it does make a great story, get LOTS of pix and make sure lea wears a short white dress with white cowboy boots for the “ceremony!” you should have a bolo tie!

  10. Katherine says:

    Ha ha, well it is lame-but would be hilarious! Except, I would go with “Shaft” instead of Elvis 😉

    It would be quite a memory, and we would definitely have to see pictures…and yes, unless like Larissa mentioned it cost a lot of money-why not?!

    Oh, and ha-this is funny…since you are going to Vegas for the race-my captcha to post this comments is “preracc”!

  11. Tommy says:

    Do It!

  12. Elizabeth H. says:

    Hey you could wait til camp and have our Elvis marry you!! Save some bucks. : )

  13. Deb ;) says:

    Hmmmmm….I love the renewal idea, but Elvis?? It WOULD make a great blog, and I am sure you all would have some great laughs during the “ceremony!” I say, Go For It!!

  14. Dcmba says:

    EVERYTHING Elvis-related is lame, unless it is one of his original recordings.

  15. Haley says:

    Put me down for a yes vote! Have a blast!

  16. David Kirk says:

    I vote for Elvis!

  17. cwinwc says:

    I like it!
    You might want to avoid wearing “blue suede shoes.” :)

    “Ladies and gentlemen – Trey and Lea have left the building.”

  18. Liss and MOMMY says:

    You should do it! Lea-ask for a ring to go with the ceremony.

  19. nick gill says:

    I bet if you let Lea buy some shoes, she’ll say yes!

  20. That Girl says:


  21. The Ards says:

    Seriously LAME!!

    However, since I was a bridesmaid at your first wedding, I’d HAVE to be there for the 2nd one, so let me know and I’ll join ya in Vegas! It’s a place that I’ve always wanted to go! :)

  22. blogprophet says:

    cool, Elvis rocks.

    of course, with the whole what happens…stays…there thing, would we know afterward if you do it?

    “hunka hunka bloggin love”

  23. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t think of a better reason to justify a trip to Vegas! Go for it and then take Lea to Disneyland for a fun honeymoon!

  24. Jason Browning says:

    DO IT BABY!!!

  25. Cecelia says:

    I’d listen to Lea.

  26. Helen Keller says:

    yes but dress in costume, wigs etc. much more fun!!! and let lea buy shoes she will be happier about it!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know you were going to Vegas. WHY? Why didn’t you tell your most important people you were going. Where are the boys going? I probably would have done the Elvis thing a few years back but I did mine at church at 25 years of marriage. That was almost 11 years ago. Report in. gmj

  28. nb says:

    Go for it!

  29. Doug Young says:

    I voted at 11 am but it never showed up! Do it! Trey! Lea! Trey! Lea! Do it!

  30. Stoogelover says:

    Do you want to have some fun or be happy?

  31. Cressie says:

    I think that it sounds fun! I wish I could be there to see it. Don’t you need the original flower girl!?

  32. Chad Kuehn says:

    Far from lame…I pick Elvis.

  33. The Vannoy Family says:

    Poor Lea – buy the woman lots of new shoes – MANY PAIRS while in Vegas – she deserves it! (Ya could’ve had Smokey do a renewing in Fair Park after a big BBQ… gah!)

  34. Anonymous says:

    Do it! It's Elvis and Vegas all in one. What more could you ask for. My husband and I are doing it for our 10th later this year,

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  • He was pretty tough to listen to as well.
  • As crazy as it might sound, Chris Collinsworth just might be worse to listen to than the song Christmas Shoes.
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