It’s been a crazy two days for Childress county. The tired folks that did all the counting came up with three different final numbers three different times. Finally yesterday afternoon they officially said going wet passed by seven votes. Tuesday night it was 47 votes then early Wednesday morning it was 2 votes, now it’s 7. Everyone has been saying that it’s like we’re living the Miami-Dade 2000 presidential elections all over again. Remember the story of hanging chads and not knowing who the president was going to be for weeks?

I’m already tired of talking about last Tuesday’s vote. Had I not promised you yesterday that I’d tell you about getting called a name, I would have skipped this altogether.

I found the following quote in the “comments” section of this story about the Childress wet verses dry issue. Here’s the quote about those who were against going wet.

“When you have a group of people in a community that do not allow it to grow the town will die. Alcohol is not the issue here, it is a close minded religious sect that attempts to impose their beliefs on everyone.”

Ouch. I never thought of myself as being a part of a close minded religious sect. Funny thing is 98% of all the people in Childress, Texas considers themselves to be a “Christian” or “Religious,” but because you choose to vote “no” you immediately become part of a, “close minded religious sect that attempts to impose their beliefs on everyone.” Interesting.

For a very brief second when I read it, my feelings were hurt, and then I remembered this.

I had a little fun with the sermon this last week. Believe it or not, it’s okay to have a little fun in a sermon. I started a new series called “So Easy a Caveman Could Do It!” And no, I didn’t dress up like a caveman. It deals with the fact that so many times we take things God intended to be easy and make them difficult. If we’d just do things like God wanted us to instead of complicating things … our lives would be much simpler. So this past Sunday’s lesson was “Doing Good – So Easy a Caveman Could Do It.” Stop by here and listen if you want. Next week I’m doing “Salvation – So Easy a Caveman Could Do It.”

One of the coolest things about having a blog is I get to meet so many people. I love getting an email from people and getting to know them better. I’ve been blessed over the last couple of weeks with a bunch of new friends dropping me a line. I heard from a guy named Clyde this morning. Looks like he’s got a great blog, so I can’t wait to add him to the blog roll. Ran into my old friend Jamie yesterday. I hadn’t seen the guy since we were in school together about 20 years ago, and then I opened my email and there he was. Too cool. Shawn, my old youth minister, emailed me about two weeks ago. I’ve loved catching up with him and may even get to go spend a weekend with him very soon. Then there’s sweet Beverly from Georgia and Raja from India, and I can’t leave out Steven, Douglas, Caleta, David, Kathy and Susie. All who I’ve met in just the last couple of weeks. Blogging has been amazing, and I’ve enjoyed all the new acquaintances and old friends.

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. lisa says:

    I love meeting new people through blogging too! Hasn’t happened much for me lately, but then I was meeting so many people for a while there I was having trouble keeping up with everyone. I don’t know how you do it.

    I’ll never forget the first time “Trey Morgan” stopped by my blog & commented on my Heaven post, just as excited as I was about going there. :)

  2. Zach Detwiler says:

    Trey – I saw this too.. Kind of shocked and with out words.. I just blew it off.. The enemy is always in things.. We just have to keep our heads up and make the best of the situation… The light will always shine in the darkness..

  3. TREY MORGAN says:

    Thanks Lisa … you made my day!

  4. lisa says:

    Then my work here is done. (o;

  5. leslie says:

    so, their beliefs are not an imposition because they don’t take on a “religious fervor”? it would be amusing if weren’t so obnoxious.

    i hope only good things for you and your community..both childress and this blog.

  6. Odgie says:

    I started blogging just to vent and to occupy my time on the night shift. Making new friends through this medium has been an unexpected but welcome blessing.

    Trey, the accusation of being a “close-minded religious sect” is pretty much the default response of everyone who has a problem with churches doing anything in their communities. Don’t take it personally.


  7. David says:

    The opposition’s comment is prevalent anytime there is more than one side to an issue. Though the label chages depending on the topic, it shows up. It is much easier to label and dismiss than listen to the ideas and thoughts of others and have a rational discussion.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The even cooler thing about your blog is the amount of people that are blessed by it…even if you are part of a “religious sect” 😉

    love ya!!!

  9. Falantedios says:

    I wonder how many of the pro-wet group were called drunks and valueless boogers or stuff like that. Neither side ever has a corner on either rationality or vitriol.

    That’s part of the problem with us as Christians taking sides. We can lay down with some strange bedfellows in defense of “family values” and other such issues.

    Of course we have to be involved in the world, but we cannot let the world dictate the terms of our engagement. That, for me, is the real challenge.

    in HIS love,

    PS – That is a way cool picture.

  10. Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer says:

    it’s not fun to have to beg, but have i made enough comments to make it on your blog roll yet? i know i’m hard to find because my business blog comes up instead of my personal one. . . and if i’m not worthy, i guess that’s okay too! you’re still my favorite blogger.

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