One of the things I like most about blogs is when people include pictures. It makes a blog a little more personal. Unfortunately, I haven’t been very good about adding pictures. My New Year’s resolution for my blog is to include a few more pictures. So, here is to catching up on a few pictures.

This is our house! We love putting Christmas lights up on it. What do you think? Okay, I’m kidding. This isn’t our house, but I thought you might be impressed if it was. :)

This is really our house. We had two more boxes of lights that we never got up. We just ran out of time this year. Usually the trees are filled with lights.

Cooper was the hero in this year’s school play, “Showdown at the Snowy Gulch.” He played the part of the Candy Cane Kid who took on Bubble Gum Bart, who was threatening to cancel Christmas! NO WAY!

Lea and I dressed up for a date last Saturday night. We went to a nice restaurant, looked at Christmas lights and then watched the Nutcracker. We had a ton of fun. We took another couple from Childress with us too. I’d like to tell you who they are but he was worried about ruining his reputation in the Childress community when his buddies learned about him going to see the Nutcracker. (By the way, a little culture did that farm boy some good. He thought the Nutcracker was something you did off the high-dive at the swimming pool.)

This is what I wish I could have for Christmas!

The fighting Childress Bobcats won last week’s basketball tournament. Parker’s number 35. We’re sure enjoying watching basketball this year.

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. cwinwc says:

    Man, I so live in the world where you wouldn’t tell most folks you’re going to see the “Nutcracker / isn’t that a dive!” I busted out laughing when I read that line.

    Way to go Parker. Perhaps a future NBA’er? Maybe he can be like Marberry for the NY Knicks who is being paid 20 million to stay away from the team. On second thought, nah. :)

  2. Stoogelover says:

    Going back and forth (140 miles round trip) to see our new grandbabies, we found a Krispy Kreme across the street. Most of them have shut down so that was a rare find in this area. After two visits, I decided I could not afford to go there any longer … money wise or health wise!

    Congrats on the basketball victories! I always enjoyed watching our son in sports … win or lose. And his high school was mostly a loss situation.

  3. Brooke says:

    Yeah I love the pictures. I definitely think you should decorate your house like the top picture next year for Christmas :) Good luck to Parker the rest of basketball season!

  4. Maria says:

    I LOVE ALL YOUR PICS!!!!My turn to smile now =)! Thanks.
    Picture freak,
    maybe I should change my blog title to My-Pic-o-blog!

  5. Haley says:

    I actually prefer your house to the other one; the other one seems very stressful and chaotic to me!! Glad you enjoyed your “fancy” date night!

  6. allie nelson says:

    cooper did great in the play on tuesday…..

  7. Lana says:

    Your house is much better than the first house…..that’s a little much! I like posts that have pictures, too.

  8. Stoogelover says:

    P.S. I’ve seen the swimming pool nutcracker event and it was pretty painful to the person experiencing it. I’ve not seen the theatrical nutcracker, but it seems to me it would be pretty painful to watch as well.

  9. Dpcbb says:

    Now I know what they mean by “McMansion”.

  10. Gabrielle Eden says:

    Trey – you’re a lovely couple!

  11. TREY MORGAN says:

    Thank you Allie and Gabrielle :)

  12. Matt H. says:

    Dude, you actually went to the nutcracker again! I am still not over it, when you tricked me into going, what 6 years ago.

  13. Kyle Vannoy says:

    I almost never use pictures on my blog. Maybe that’s why almost no one reads it. Sounds like I’ve got a New Years resolution. More pictures on the blog. Thanks!

  14. Ginger says:

    I’ve got a really good idea of the “farmer” who went with you…..the comment is soooooooooo something he would say! LOL

  15. underthebigbluesky says:

    Your family and your home both look lovely.

    Parents night out….congratulations.

    Have a wonderfully joyous Christmas!

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  • good list. Don't forget Nickelback, OJ, ISIS and beer-throwing Blue Jay fans.
  • He was pretty tough to listen to as well.
  • As crazy as it might sound, Chris Collinsworth just might be worse to listen to than the song Christmas Shoes.
  • Please remember that some Christmas music is incredibly offensive to people with grandmothers who actually were run over by reindeer.
  • Unfortunately, not a great night for "bobcats." :)

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