11 Things You’ll Find at the Morgan House…

Ericka Moore Photography

  1. You’ll find two outside cats that are meow-challenged. Yes, neither cat knows how to meow.  The male cat only makes squeaking sounds like a chipmunk or squirrel when he wants something to eat. The only noise I’ve ever heard our female cat make was screeching sounds when I stepped on her once.
  2. You’ll find a family that’s probably not much different than yours. We love each other, yet we can still get on one another’s nerves at times.
  3. You’ll find that we eat bread with nearly every meal.
  4. You’ll find that everyone carries a tube of ChapStick. I’m not sure if we were just all cursed with dry lips, but we are all addicted to the stuff.
  5. You’ll find a cup of coffee, a glass of milk, water and a pitcher of sweet tea if you’re thirsty. But if it’s a soft-drink you want, you’ll be out of luck.
  6. You’ll find 4 fun boys who are all very unique and different, yet they are still amazingly alike.
  7. You’ll find that Lea and I are amazingly different in every way, but with hard work and patience we’ve learned to be very compatible.
  8. You’ll find that there’s often an extra kid or two hanging out at our house … and we like it that way.
  9. You’ll find that we eat supper together as a family. At those meals, we don’t start until everyone’s at the table, we always pray before we eat and no one is allowed to mess with cell phones during the meal.
  10. You’ll find a VERY old dog named Cocoa who’s breath will kill most living things.
  11. You’ll find a man who is still madly in love with the girl of his dreams. And his goal is the same thing every morning when he wakes … work just as hard to keep her as he did to win her.

I’d love to know …. so tell me a little about your family. What’s it like?

22 Years Ago Today…

22 years ago today, God blessed Lea and I with our first born son. That day we named that good-looking kid … Taylor Ross Morgan.

Happy 22nd Birthday, Taylor! We are very proud of you.

One of the many crazy faces of Taylor.

After a day of work in Honduras

Taylor haning out with a sweet little Honduran girl named Marjuri.

Taylor, 2nd from the right.

Shooting at the river.

How Well Do You Know Your Spouse’s Needs?

There are 2 things that Lea and I repeat over and over in the Strong Marriage workshops that we do …

  • Be proactive in growing your marriage. (Don’t put your marriage on cruise control.)
  • Strive to meet your spouse’s needs.

I think every couple will agree that we need to meet our spouses needs, but when is the last time you actually asked your spouse, “What are your top needs?”

If you don’t have a clue what your spouse’s needs are, then you’re already behind the 8-ball. You’ve got to ask, instead of trying to guess.  And then when you find out, be proactive in trying to meet those needs. When you do, in return, they will want to meet your needs. Lea and I ask one another on a regular basis, “What are your needs,” because they sometimes change, then we simply try to out do one another at meeting the other person’s needs.

According to Dr. Willard Harley’s book called His Needs/Her Needs. Here are the top needs of Husbands & Wives:

A Husband’s Top 5 Needs:

  1. Sexual Fulfillment – Generally a husband’s top need.
  2. Recreational Companionship – A husband loves it when his wife is willing to take an interest in things he likes.
  3. An Attractive Spouse – Wives, do your best with what you’ve got and dress with the goal of pleasing him.
  4. Domestic Support – He wants peace and quiet (domestic bliss).
  5. Admiration – You can’t heap it on to thick girls.

A Wife’s Top 5 Needs:

  1. Affection – Generally her number 1 need. Guys, never stop pursuing your wife.
  2. Conversation - The top reason for divorce given by women. Men, learn to converse.
  3. Honesty and Openness - Don’t be dishonest or hide things. Honesty is the glue in your marriage.
  4. Financial Support - A huge need in the world of women. They simply want to know that they’ll be taken care of.
  5. Family Commitment - Guys, be more committed to being a dad and husband than you are your hobbies and job.

So here’s a good challenge for the weekend: Take the lists above, show them to your spouse and ask how their needs stack up to these here. (It’s not unusual for a woman to have a need in the man’s list or a man to have a need in the woman’s list.)  Find out what his/her top 5 needs are and then make it your goal to focus on those needs this next week.

I want a great marriage, but it won’t happen by accident … just like anything else, marriage takes work. Sometime hard work.

10 Years Ago Today …

10 years ago today, God blessed Lea and I with a sweet, kind, tender-hearted little boy. That day I got the honor of giving him his name … Cooper James Morgan.

Happy 10th Birthday, Cooper!

Carving a Pumpkin

Fishing in the mountains.

Lunch in Honduras.

Pitching in baseball.

Needing a haircut. :)

Snow cones are good.

11 Things I Said I Would NEVER Do In Ministry

Many years ago when I started in ministry, there were certain things I said that I would NEVER do. On some I’ve held true, and on others I’ve failed miserably. Here are some of those things I said I’d NEVER do in ministry …

  1. I said I would NEVER want to be called anything but Trey. There are all kinds of titles that people call ministers … like brother, minister, evangelist, father, pastor, reverend, Dr., The Most Holy Something-Or-Another, etc … I’ve always been most comfortable with just “Trey.” People often ask, “What are we supposed to call you?” I tell them, “I’m fine with just Trey.” I have SUCCEEDED in this!
  2. I said I would NEVER write or publish anything with a silly, cute and goofy title. Let me explain.  Nothing makes me shake my head more often than when a minister feels obligated to do a bulletin article, paper article, blog, etc. with a goofy rhyming title. For example, you will NEVER see me publish something with a title that says, “Trey’s Tidbits,” or “Trey’s Trinkets.”  I can’t see why anyone would ever want to title their stuff, “Mark’s Musings,” “Greg’s Goodies,” “The Preacher’s Pickn’s,” “Warren’s Wise Words,” or “Jason’s Jargon?” Makes no sense to me. I have SUCCEEDED in this and I’m PROUD of it!
  3. I said I would NEVER put my family second to ministry. Sadly, there have been a few times when I have. Thankfully I’m SUCCEEDING more than FAILING.
  4. I said I would NEVER be afraid of failure when it came to trying new things in ministry. I’ve FAILED plenty at this. Thankfully I’m learning more and more everyday to dream big.
  5. I said I would NEVER wear a sweater vest. I’m proud to say I’ve SUCCEEDED!
  6. I said I would NEVER let it bother me when people didn’t like me. Two things are very true about ministry … “Sometimes people just don’t like you, and you just can’t please everyone.” Those are true statements, but I still let it bother me. FAIL!
  7. I said I would NEVER see ministry as just job. AND I’ve said that when ministry becomes just a job to me and not a ministry anymore, I would get out. Thankfully, I’ve SUCCEEDED on this.
  8. I said I would NEVER be a church jumper. Meaning, I didn’t want to be a minister who changed jobs every two years. I wanted to get somewhere, settle down and do ministry. After 10 years in one place and 9 here in Childress, I think I’m SUCCEEDING at this.
  9. I said I would NEVER think I have all the answers. Meaning, when things happen in my life and ministry that I need advice on, I still call wiser men who have been in ministry MUCH longer than I have … and I ask them for advice. SUCCEEDING!
  10. I said I NEVER wanted to hide my faith, my life and my marriage from the world, BUT I wanted to live those things out-loud where people could see if they wanted.  I think I’m SUCCEEDING most of the time.
  11. I said I would NEVER just quit. Thankfully I’m still hanging in there.

How about you … anything you said you’d NEVER do?

How to Drop the Divorce Rate to 7% in Your Marriage!

I want to be a 5 to 1 husband! Statistics on marriage scare me, but the Studer Group has released a new study on “Compliment to Criticism” ratio. They’ve told us from their studies, that people in general need 3 compliments given for every 1 criticism that is said to them. While that didn’t surprise […]

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Ten Things I’m Learning about Prayer

If you REALLY want to get God’s attention in prayer, it’s not by being eloquent or using big words, but by being honest and shooting straight with Him. The power of praying aloud is ELECTRIC! Prayer is not about poetry or posture, but about engaging the heart. When it comes to the “power of prayer,” […]

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5 Things on my iPod

Music has always been such a big part of my life. I thought I’d share with you a few things on my iPod, and I’m hoping to find some new ideas when you share a few things that you are listening to. So here are my lists … 5 things you will ALWAYS Find on […]

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7 Things Your Children Desperately Need To Hear You Say

This morning as I dropped Cooper off for school, I told him, “Coop, don’t forget that you are by far my most favorite elementary school kid.” From the grin on his face, I could tell I’d said something right. God has blessed me with four incredible boys. As their father I want to be proactive […]

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10 Reasons I Don’t Like People Who Complain

Maybe it’s my personality, maybe it was the way I was raised, BUT I do NOT like constant complainers.  I’m okay with someone occasionally needing to get something off their chest, BUT nothing gets under my skin more than a person who constantly gripes and complains about everything. I’m not talking glass half empty people, who […]

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Influencing a New Gang Member

Taz is a young man who blew into our community about a year ago. His past is a rough one and he openly confesses … “I’ve probably done more harm to people than good.” Thankfully, some kind folks I do church with, saw value in Taz and reached out to him not long after he […]

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Come to Honduras With Me This December

Want to step out in your faith and do something that will challenge you in every way?  Want to go experience an amazing opportunity to serve? Want to go love on some beautiful people? I will be going back to Honduras this December, and I’d like to invite you to come with me. Here’s the […]

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3 Things I Learned This Past Week

“Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding…”~Proverbs 3:13 Life is about learning. Learning from mistakes, victories and others makes me a wiser and stronger person.  I’m always trying to learn things from everyday events. Little lessons hidden among daily events and activities. Some of the things I learn are beneficial […]

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31 Stupid Ways to Kill your Marriage

There are probably hundreds of dumb things to do in your marriage, but here are 31 that will destroy your marriage… Believe that your marriage will be great without having to invest time or effort into it. NEVER compliment or praise your spouse. Stop pursuing your spouse like you did before marriage. Be critical all […]

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I’m Finding it Hard to Squeeze God into My Daily Schedule

“I’m finding it hard to squeeze some quiet time with God into my daily schedule.”  Grrr, if I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say the previous statement, I’d put all that money in a bag and whack them over the head with it. Let me just simply say that if you […]

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Lea Is Still the Girl for Me

I still remember it like it was yesterday. The music went from loud to soft, the lights were dimmed and the disco ball in the middle of the room made little colored lights dance on the skating-rink floor. It was then that the DJ said, “Alright it’s couple skate time, and girls, it’s your choice.” […]

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It’s Funny How Men & Women Are So Different

My Mom sent the following that I found very funny … but also very realistic when it comes to the way men and women think. Here you go: A husband & wife’s journal from the same day … HER JOURNAL: Tonight, I thought my husband was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at […]

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Be a Christian … But Don’t Be a Jerk

Christians SHOULD be setting the bar high as the most loving, gracious and generous people on this earth. The problem is … we don’t always do a good job looking like the Jesus we claim to follow. Often times we have treated others unkind in the name of religion. We talk out of both sides […]

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10 Ways to Turn On a Woman

Every time I see an Old Spice commercial (like this one), an Axe hair-gel commercial or a TAG body-spray commercial, I just shake my head.  According to the commercials, if you just use these products, women will be uncontrollably attracted to you sexually.  Now men, I’ll be the first to admit, it is important to […]

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Want to Grow in Your Marriage? Try a “Strong Marriages” Workshop

Thought I might tell you today about two of our  “Strong Marriages” workshop coming up that Lea and I will be doing. Childress, Texas on September 17th from 9:00 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Main Event in downtown Childress. Henrietta, Texas at the Church of Christ on October 1st.  For more information call them […]

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11 Facebook Rules for Married Couples

Since so many have been doing the Facebook Marriage Challenge, I thought it’d be a good time to talk about some Facebook Rules for Married Couples. Facebook has become hugely popular in the past few years. Lea and I both love being able to catch up with old friends and family on Facebook. But with […]

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The 7 Day Facebook Marriage Challenge

About a month ago I wrote a post about how important it is that you praise your spouse … everyday. Part of my post included these words, “I mentioned while teaching a marriage class recently, if there was one thing that could make an immediate positive impact on your marriage, it would be praising your […]

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Just How Rich Am I?

Want some very challenging reading today? I’d love to challenge your thinking for just a moment on how wealthy you and I are.   I’m not here to make you feel guilty, but you may … because I did. We, as Americans don’t always understand what real poverty is.  A new study by the US […]

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Wearing Pink Flip-Flops for Jesus

I’d like you to meet Canon. He and his family went with us to Honduras. Canon just turned 12-years-old and was a “go getter” in Honduras. The picture fits him perfectly … everywhere he went he had his backpack FULL of things to give away to others. He brought stuff from home like baseball caps, […]

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Honduras Mission Trip from the Eyes of My 9 year-old Son

This is Cooper (in the middle of picture). He is my 9 year old son who just spent an amazing week working in Honduras. He built houses, fed hungry people, made LOTS of new friends and even went to the dump with me. I think it is a HUGE blessing for my children to get […]

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12 Pictures From Honduras You’ve Got To See

Here’s a little report on our Honduras trip. Sorry I’m a little slow sharing, but we got in at 2:00 Sunday morning, and I’ve been sick ever since. I was trying to think about what all I wanted to tell you, and finally decided that I’d just show you. We did medical clinics, clothing give-aways, […]

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Here’s why it was a great day today …

The kid below got to eat. Spent some time at the dump today. The smell was bad, the people were dirty, but this little boy got to eat. We ran out of food about the time he walked up, but with enough scraping on the pans, we were able to come up with a bowl […]

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Heart Break

I hope this picture comes through … it’s of people who were heart-broken. These people waited all day in line to see one of our doctors … and time has ran out on them. They were turned away. There were just more people than we could see. It hurt to look them in the eyes. […]

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Building Houses

We’re building two types of houses this week … wood and block. Today we’ve spent the day mixing concrete for the block house we’re building. The one cinder-block house we’re building will take us a week to finish. We’re also building several wood houses, those only take a few hours each. We worked all day, […]

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Honduras – Day 1

Twenty-four hours after arriving Honduras everyone has officially made it. We had 2 that started a day late after travel problems, but as always, God worked it out fine. Today we worshiped with the church in Santa Ana. Although two-thirds of the service was in Spanish, we still enjoyed it greatly. After lunch we split […]

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Headed to Honduras

Today we leave for Dallas-Fort Worth. We’ll catch a Rangers game tonight and then leave bright and early in the morning for Honduras. We’ve got a group of 50 who are going to spend the week serving others. Our suitcases are packed FULL of items that you’ve sent for us to take.  Remember when I […]

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4 of the Most Important People in My Life

God has blessed me with 4 amazing boys. All so much alike, and yet, all so different from one another. I couldn’t have asked for better boys. This picture was taken in Red River, New Mexico, where we’ve been hiding out as a family the last 10 days. I’ve done my best to take full […]

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One Thing that Every Marriage Needs …

I had a young lady, who was a couple of months away from getting married, ask me, “What’s the one thing I can do that will really make a big difference in my upcoming marriage?” The answer for me was easy … “Give him LOTS of praise and admiration. You cannot heap it on too […]

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It was only a matter of time before I posted something on bacon. If you know me, you know that I love bacon. Obviously I’m not the only bacon lover …

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11 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Next Week…

I’m getting a little time off at the end of this week and my family and I are heading to Red River, New Mexico.  We’ll be attending the Red River Family Encampment and then spend a little time vacationing before coming home. Here are a few things I’m looking forward to over the next ten […]

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