Taylor … Army Strong

I’ve been doing my best to avoid writing this post. It’s not that I’m scared of it or that I’m ignoring it, it’s just that I didn’t want it to come … at least this quickly.

For those of you that don’t know, our oldest son Taylor, leaves next week for Basic Training at Fort Benning, Georgia. He has for a long time wanted to serve his country and is planning to do so through the Army.

Back when Taylor was trying to decide IF he was going to enlist or not, Lea and I found wisdom and comfort from friends like Patrick Mead who also has had a son serving in the military. It’s been great to find love, support and answers from people who understood what we were going through as parents.

When Taylor was trying to decide if he was going to enlist, Lea and I prayed that God would give him wisdom to make the right decision. Now that he has enlisted our prayers have changed to, “Lord bless him that this adventure might be a great blessing in his life and that he might always serve You!”  The crazy thing is … I haven’t even prayed yet, “Lord, keep him safe.”  While Taylor’s safety  is important to us, there are still MUCH more important things.  We want this to be a blessing in Taylor’s life and we want him to continue to serve God … THAT is what we find important.

Taylor is a great young man and he has always made us proud. When we take him to the airport next week to catch a flight for basic training, it’ll be hard … because we know he’s not going to be around as often.  Lea and I will continue to pray for him … and we have no doubt that he will continue to to serve his God AND to make us proud.

We are very proud of you, Taylor.

6 Things That Have Made Me A Better Minister

I’ve been doing ministry for about 25 years now. (Insert “old guy” joke here). In those 25 years, ministry techniques have come and gone. I’ve learned both good and bad ways to minister to people. There are plenty of things in the last 25 years that have and have not worked. Over the last few years I’ve seen a few things come along that I believe have made me a better minister.  Here are a few of them…

  • CELLULAR PHONES: One of the biggest blessings in my ministry has been the use of a cell phone. I’m no longer tied to an office or having to constantly check in to see if anyone is looking for me. Now if you want to find me … wherever I am … you can. I can check on people, send messages and be found at anytime. Now for those who scream, “There are times I don’t want to be found,” I will totally agree … simply turn it off or put it on silent.
  • LEARNING TO SAY “NO!” One of the worst things I did early in my ministry was never saying “No.” I had a hard time not signing up and being involved in everything. I would spread myself so thin that I couldn’t do things very well. Now that I’m okay with delegating and saying “No,” I’ve become a better minster … and am more productive at the things that really matter.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: There are both pros and cons to social media (Facebook, Twitter & Blogging). I’ve found that I can use social media for ministry. Here are some examples: Facebook … In the community where I live, I’m friends on Facebook with a huge portion of the community. I’m able to pass along information about events, activities and spiritual challenges with people from my community that are unchurched. As for blogging, I’m able to reach 1000’s on a daily basis through a blog. Over the past 3 years, you and I together on this blog, have raised close to $100,000 for missions in Honduras and feeding the hungry. Social media has become a HUGE part of my ministry in the past 4 years.
  • PUTTING MY FEAR OF FAILURE BEHIND ME: In the past I struggled with not trying certain things in ministry  because they might fail. I thought that if an idea or project failed, then that made me a failure. When I finally got past that fear, it opened up some new and amazing ministries for me. I have new ministries and new outreach ministries that have blessed people greatly because I took a risk. Plenty of things fail, but more plans have succeeded. Dream big, people … God can make those dreams come true.
  • I QUIT SEEING PEOPLE AS PROJECTS:  For the longest time I saw the poor, the hungry and needy as projects. When I finally quit seeing those people as ministry projects and started seeing them for who they really are it opened my eyes to a very different ministry.  So if the homeless and poor aren’t ministry projects, then what are they?  They are now my friends who have needs. They are loved by God as deeply as I am loved by God.  When I start seeing people for what they really are, God’s children, I’m able to minister to them better.
  • STICKING AROUND: The longer I stick around at a place, the better my ministry gets. I’ve been in Childress now for nearly 9 years. Before moving to Childress, I was in Tulia for 10 years.  I can’t even begin to imagine trying to do ministry and moving every two years.  I’m not sure what the average stay is for ministers, but the longer I stay the better my ministry gets.

Overcoming Sexual Temptation

Here are a few things I found written down in an old journal this week that I’d like to share with you. Let’s start with a quiz. These aren’t trick questions, and they’re not hard. But play along if you will.

  • Who was physically the strongest man in the Bible? (Samson)
  • Who was the wisest man in the Bible? (Solomon)
  • Who was the one in the Bible called “a man after God’s own heart?” (David)
  • What did they have in common?  All of them, the strongest man in the Bible, the smartest man in the Bible and arguably the most godly man in the Bible – all of them struggled with sexual temptation AND LOST.

Sexual temptation is obviously something I need to pay attention to. What it’s telling me is I am not so strong, I am not so smart and I am not so godly … that I cannot crash and burn when it comes to sexual temptation. I am NOT beyond falling into this temptation, and when I think I am, I may be the most vulnerable. “If you think you are standing strong, be careful, for you too may fall into the same sin.” (1 Corinthians 10:12)

Here are some things I think are important for me to know in overcoming sexual temptation:

  • CONTROL WHAT YOU SEE: Men, we are very visual, so remove anything (television, internet, books, etc) from your home that might tempt you. Don’t go anywhere you cannot handle. Learn to keep your eyes in check like Job when he said 31:1, “I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl.
  • ASK FOR GOD’S HELP: God has promised, you will not be tempted more that what you can bear. Also remember that Jesus even suggested in the “Lord’s Prayer” that when we pray we say, “…and lead us not into temptation…”
  • PURSUE YOUR WIFE (or HUSBAND): Focus on what you have, not on what you don’t. Put your effort into pursuing the person you married by growing in your marriage. DON’T be like the idiot I met years ago who said after checking out a woman who walked by, “I may be on a diet, but it won’t hurt anything to check out the menu.” I wasn’t surprised that his marriage didn’t last very long. Men … NEVER flirt with a woman you’re not married to, and DON’T stop flirting with the woman you married. And wives, if he’s going to pursue you … make yourself worthy of pursing. Seriously men … pursue YOUR wife.
  • BE ACCOUNTABLE: Find another person that you trust that can keep you accountable. When you struggle tell them to pray for you and have them hold you accountable for overcoming your struggles. One of the greatest defenses I have in staying pure is a couple of men friends that are willing to talk about marriage and struggles with me.
  • WIVES, DON’T STARVE YOUR HUSBANDS: Too many times I’ve listened to wives whine about their husbands’ struggles with lust when all along it was the wife who was starving their husbands sexually. Don’t starve your husband sexually and then berate him for his hunger. If you want to protect your husband, do what the Bible says and fulfill one another’s sexual needs (1 Corinthians 7:2-5). Don’t deprive him, or you’ll make his struggle to be pure harder. (For more on this topic click here). Strive for a healthy, happy sex life in your marriage.

One of these days my funeral will come. I COULD CARE LESS if anyone mentions if I was a good minister or could preach a good sermon. I DO NOT CARE if anyone mentions that I ever helped anyone. MY ONLY GOAL, as they stand over my dead body, is that they say,“He was faithful to God, his wife, and he was a good dad!”

Stupid Things Parents Say

Remember those cliches that came out of your parents’ mouths that made your skin crawl? If you are like most of us, you probably swore to yourself that you would never say “those things” to your kids. I can vividly remember thinking to myself, “I’m NEVER going to use that phrase with my kids,” but now, from time to time I catch myself dipping into the unholy bucket of lame parental cliches.

The following are some parental cliches and phrases that are used by parents. Some of them are funny and some are not a healthy part of a relationship with a child.


  • “Because I said so!” – This phrase is used by parents when a child asks “Why?”, but the parent really doesn’t have a good answer.
  • “I’ve had it up to ‘here’ with you!” – This phrase is used in conjunction with the parent pointing to their eyebrow area of their head. Meaning, I’m “this close” to snuffing out your life.
  • “And if Joey goes and jumps off a bridge are you going to jump off too?” – A parental favorite used as a comeback when a child has just whined, “But everyone else is doing it!”
  • “One of these days when you’re a parent, you’ll understand.” – Another parental favorite that is used when a child has said, “I just don’t understand why!”
  • “Don’t you look at me like that!” – Usually a phrase used by an angry parent who has just chewed their child up one side and down the other. The child is now unhappy and his face shows it.
  • “N-O! No!” – The spelling of the word “no” for emphasis to your child who has just asked to do something you’d never let them do. This is particularly frustrating to teenagers who clearly know how to spell the word “N-O”.
  • “How many times do I have to tell you?” – A phrase used by an impatient, frustrated parents who has had to tell their child something more than once. Something we never need, right?
  • “You just wait until your father gets home.” – Meaning you should pack your bags and RUN AWAY now. Death is certain.
  • “I hope someday you have children just like you.” – This is an insult of the most personal kind. It insinuates first that the child is enough of a nuisance that you hope they one day understand how it feels to be in your position. Never, ever use this phrase!
  • And let’s not leave out “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about” or “Don’t make me come in there!”
  • “Why can’t you be like your brother/sister?” A horrible phrase used to compare one sibling to another … something that should NEVER be done.


  • I love you.
  • I’m proud of you.
  • I’m glad you asked.
  • Thanks for checking in.
  • I forgive you.
  • Thank you.
  • I appreciate you.
  • You can do it.
  • Don’t give up.
  • No matter what, I’m here for you.
  • Did you have a good day?
  • Good job.

You know, children are inquisitive. If they ask a question, try and give them an answer. A real answer. If you don’t have a good answer, don’t tell them “No.” If they ask why, they may not be trying to challenge your authority, they may just want to know “Why?” While it might be inconvenient at times, do try to avoid empty meaningless cliches and phrases.

God has given us the gift of speech. How we use it will make a difference in our children’s lives? Words and phrases can hurt, cut and wound for a lifetime, but words can also heal. So choose your words wisely.

“Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing” (Proverbs 12:18).

20 Years Ago Today …

I can’t believe that 20 years ago today, in a hospital in Childress, Texas … we had an amazing son named Parker.  Lea and I are blessed to have such an amazing kid. We have loved watching him grow up in physical and spiritual stature. Happy 20th Parker … we’re very proud of you.

Parker hiking in Palo Dura Canyon.

Parker loves trips to Honduras.

He absolutely LOVES being outdoors and hunting & fishing.

The Morgan boys in Red River, New Mexico.

Parker playing with kids in a little Honduran village.

Did I mention that Parker LOVES to fish?

Men, When it Comes to Your Marriage … Don’t Be Bob!

(I have no clue where this came from … but it sure made me laugh …) Bob’s Last Letter: It is important for men to remember that as women grow older it becomes harder for them to maintain the same quality of housekeeping as they did when they were younger. When men notice this, they […]

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10 Things Women Will NEVER Understand About Men

Men love being men, but sometimes the very things that make us unique are the things that women understand the least.  Come to think of it, there are probably LOTS of things that men do that don’t make sense to women. Things like these things …. Men just can’t stop and ask for directions. Men […]

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11 Things You’ll Find at the Morgan House…

You’ll find two outside cats that are meow-challenged. Yes, neither cat knows how to meow.  The male cat only makes squeaking sounds like a chipmunk or squirrel when he wants something to eat. The only noise I’ve ever heard our female cat make was screeching sounds when I stepped on her once. You’ll find a […]

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22 Years Ago Today…

22 years ago today, God blessed Lea and I with our first born son. That day we named that good-looking kid … Taylor Ross Morgan. Happy 22nd Birthday, Taylor! We are very proud of you.

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How Well Do You Know Your Spouse’s Needs?

There are 2 things that Lea and I repeat over and over in the Strong Marriage workshops that we do … Be proactive in growing your marriage. (Don’t put your marriage on cruise control.) Strive to meet your spouse’s needs. I think every couple will agree that we need to meet our spouses needs, but […]

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10 Years Ago Today …

10 years ago today, God blessed Lea and I with a sweet, kind, tender-hearted little boy. That day I got the honor of giving him his name … Cooper James Morgan. Happy 10th Birthday, Cooper!

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11 Things I Said I Would NEVER Do In Ministry

Many years ago when I started in ministry, there were certain things I said that I would NEVER do. On some I’ve held true, and on others I’ve failed miserably. Here are some of those things I said I’d NEVER do in ministry … I said I would NEVER want to be called anything but […]

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How to Drop the Divorce Rate to 7% in Your Marriage!

I want to be a 5 to 1 husband! Statistics on marriage scare me, but the Studer Group has released a new study on “Compliment to Criticism” ratio. They’ve told us from their studies, that people in general need 3 compliments given for every 1 criticism that is said to them. While that didn’t surprise […]

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Ten Things I’m Learning about Prayer

If you REALLY want to get God’s attention in prayer, it’s not by being eloquent or using big words, but by being honest and shooting straight with Him. The power of praying aloud is ELECTRIC! Prayer is not about poetry or posture, but about engaging the heart. When it comes to the “power of prayer,” […]

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5 Things on my iPod

Music has always been such a big part of my life. I thought I’d share with you a few things on my iPod, and I’m hoping to find some new ideas when you share a few things that you are listening to. So here are my lists … 5 things you will ALWAYS Find on […]

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7 Things Your Children Desperately Need To Hear You Say

This morning as I dropped Cooper off for school, I told him, “Coop, don’t forget that you are by far my most favorite elementary school kid.” From the grin on his face, I could tell I’d said something right. God has blessed me with four incredible boys. As their father I want to be proactive […]

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10 Reasons I Don’t Like People Who Complain

Maybe it’s my personality, maybe it was the way I was raised, BUT I do NOT like constant complainers.  I’m okay with someone occasionally needing to get something off their chest, BUT nothing gets under my skin more than a person who constantly gripes and complains about everything. I’m not talking glass half empty people, who […]

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Influencing a New Gang Member

Taz is a young man who blew into our community about a year ago. His past is a rough one and he openly confesses … “I’ve probably done more harm to people than good.” Thankfully, some kind folks I do church with, saw value in Taz and reached out to him not long after he […]

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Come to Honduras With Me This December

Want to step out in your faith and do something that will challenge you in every way?  Want to go experience an amazing opportunity to serve? Want to go love on some beautiful people? I will be going back to Honduras this December, and I’d like to invite you to come with me. Here’s the […]

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3 Things I Learned This Past Week

“Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding…”~Proverbs 3:13 Life is about learning. Learning from mistakes, victories and others makes me a wiser and stronger person.  I’m always trying to learn things from everyday events. Little lessons hidden among daily events and activities. Some of the things I learn are beneficial […]

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31 Stupid Ways to Kill your Marriage

There are probably hundreds of dumb things to do in your marriage, but here are 31 that will destroy your marriage… Believe that your marriage will be great without having to invest time or effort into it. NEVER compliment or praise your spouse. Stop pursuing your spouse like you did before marriage. Be critical all […]

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I’m Finding it Hard to Squeeze God into My Daily Schedule

“I’m finding it hard to squeeze some quiet time with God into my daily schedule.”  Grrr, if I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say the previous statement, I’d put all that money in a bag and whack them over the head with it. Let me just simply say that if you […]

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Lea Is Still the Girl for Me

I still remember it like it was yesterday. The music went from loud to soft, the lights were dimmed and the disco ball in the middle of the room made little colored lights dance on the skating-rink floor. It was then that the DJ said, “Alright it’s couple skate time, and girls, it’s your choice.” […]

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It’s Funny How Men & Women Are So Different

My Mom sent the following that I found very funny … but also very realistic when it comes to the way men and women think. Here you go: A husband & wife’s journal from the same day … HER JOURNAL: Tonight, I thought my husband was acting weird. We had made plans to meet at […]

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Be a Christian … But Don’t Be a Jerk

Christians SHOULD be setting the bar high as the most loving, gracious and generous people on this earth. The problem is … we don’t always do a good job looking like the Jesus we claim to follow. Often times we have treated others unkind in the name of religion. We talk out of both sides […]

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10 Ways to Turn On a Woman

Every time I see an Old Spice commercial (like this one), an Axe hair-gel commercial or a TAG body-spray commercial, I just shake my head.  According to the commercials, if you just use these products, women will be uncontrollably attracted to you sexually.  Now men, I’ll be the first to admit, it is important to […]

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Want to Grow in Your Marriage? Try a “Strong Marriages” Workshop

Thought I might tell you today about two of our  “Strong Marriages” workshop coming up that Lea and I will be doing. Childress, Texas on September 17th from 9:00 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Main Event in downtown Childress. Henrietta, Texas at the Church of Christ on October 1st.  For more information call them […]

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11 Facebook Rules for Married Couples

Since so many have been doing the Facebook Marriage Challenge, I thought it’d be a good time to talk about some Facebook Rules for Married Couples. Facebook has become hugely popular in the past few years. Lea and I both love being able to catch up with old friends and family on Facebook. But with […]

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The 7 Day Facebook Marriage Challenge

About a month ago I wrote a post about how important it is that you praise your spouse … everyday. Part of my post included these words, “I mentioned while teaching a marriage class recently, if there was one thing that could make an immediate positive impact on your marriage, it would be praising your […]

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Just How Rich Am I?

Want some very challenging reading today? I’d love to challenge your thinking for just a moment on how wealthy you and I are.   I’m not here to make you feel guilty, but you may … because I did. We, as Americans don’t always understand what real poverty is.  A new study by the US […]

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Wearing Pink Flip-Flops for Jesus

I’d like you to meet Canon. He and his family went with us to Honduras. Canon just turned 12-years-old and was a “go getter” in Honduras. The picture fits him perfectly … everywhere he went he had his backpack FULL of things to give away to others. He brought stuff from home like baseball caps, […]

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Honduras Mission Trip from the Eyes of My 9 year-old Son

This is Cooper (in the middle of picture). He is my 9 year old son who just spent an amazing week working in Honduras. He built houses, fed hungry people, made LOTS of new friends and even went to the dump with me. I think it is a HUGE blessing for my children to get […]

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12 Pictures From Honduras You’ve Got To See

Here’s a little report on our Honduras trip. Sorry I’m a little slow sharing, but we got in at 2:00 Sunday morning, and I’ve been sick ever since. I was trying to think about what all I wanted to tell you, and finally decided that I’d just show you. We did medical clinics, clothing give-aways, […]

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Here’s why it was a great day today …

The kid below got to eat. Spent some time at the dump today. The smell was bad, the people were dirty, but this little boy got to eat. We ran out of food about the time he walked up, but with enough scraping on the pans, we were able to come up with a bowl […]

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Heart Break

I hope this picture comes through … it’s of people who were heart-broken. These people waited all day in line to see one of our doctors … and time has ran out on them. They were turned away. There were just more people than we could see. It hurt to look them in the eyes. […]

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  • good list. Don't forget Nickelback, OJ, ISIS and beer-throwing Blue Jay fans.
  • He was pretty tough to listen to as well.
  • As crazy as it might sound, Chris Collinsworth just might be worse to listen to than the song Christmas Shoes.
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