My Top 5 Favorite "Older" Posts …

1. I Don’t Like Church

2. Trey, Tell Me God Won’t Take My Baby

3. Real Church

4. A Few Things I Think About Grace

5. Toilet Lids, A Male Bonding Weekend & God’s Will

Tomorrow we’ll finish up some “family’ things as we look at marriage.

Cussing the Preacher

As I was leaving the cemetery yesterday following a funeral I had a man shake my hand and say, “Hell of a funeral, preacher, hell of a funeral.” Wow, that was a first. I really believe he was trying to pay me an honest compliment. One of these days I’ve got to write a book of “funny funeral experiences.” I have a list of stories a mile long.

4 Phrases of an "Unforgettable Father"

Nothing is more important to me than raising my 4 boys. And as a dad, I don’t want to be “just a father,” I want to be an “unforgettable father.”

So how can I become an unforgettable father? Where do I go to find an example of an unforgettable father? What can I say to my children that will affect them for a life time.

Notice what God said to His Son: “When all the people were being baptized, Jesus was baptized too. And as he was praying, heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” Luke 3:21-22

Here are 4 Phrases “Unforgettable Fathers” Use on a Regular Basis:

1. I Claim You.

  • God told His son, “You are MY Son…”
  • Unforgettable fathers tell their children, “I’m so glad you are mine,” and “I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.” Do you know that children who have fathers who bless them, tell them they are special and are actively involved in their lives are more likely to succeed in all areas of their lives? (More on that later this week.) Children need to hear from their dads how special they are. Don’t take for granted that they know, just tell them.

2. I Love You.

  • God told His son, “… whom I LOVE …”

  • Unforgettable fathers show their children an irrational love. I remember doing a funeral for a Christian man who had raised a beautiful Christian daughter. But, I remember hugging her neck, and as she wept she kept saying over and over, “I know my dad loved me, but why didn’t he ever tell me.” Children need to hear their fathers say, “I love you.”

3. I’m Proud of You.

  • God told His son, “…in Him I am well PLEASED.”

  • Unforgettable fathers tell their children, “I believe in you,” and “I’m your biggest fan.” Children need that affirmation from their dads. Just like the little boy who grabbed the football and told his dad, “I’m going to the back yard to kick the football. You come out with me and say ‘good job.'” When is the last time we told our kids “good job.” I still remember flubbing up my first ever sermon. I knew I had stunk-up-the-show. Following the service, my dad was one of the first to meet me down front to tell me, “Great job. It was the best sermon I’ve ever heard.” Unforgettable fathers tell their children, “I’m proud of you.”

4. I’m Sorry.

  • God was the perfect father so He never had to say He was sorry to Jesus.

  • I’m far from the perfect father, so “I’m sorry” has to be a regular part of my vocabulary. I fail as a parent more times than I’d like to remember. I fail to love unconditionally. I’m often selfish and controlling. Sometimes I discipline out of anger and not love. So the question is, what do I do with my failures? I ask my children to forgive me. I’m not too big or prideful to say, “I messed up.” And hopefully I model for them how to handle a mistake. I believe unforgettable fathers are able to tell their children, “I’m sorry.”

Four phrases I need to add to my regular vocabulary. Three of them I learn from the greatest Father of all. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be just a father, I want to be an unforgettable father.

Can you think of a time in your life where your father blessed you in one of these ways? How about sharing one?

"Children See, Children Do"

I’d like to focus some posts this week on families. We’ll be covering a few things like parenting, marriage, and traits of healthy families this week.

I want to start the week off with a powerful video. Since we are such visual learners it makes videos, such as this, a great teaching tool. Watch, think and learn from this.

Warning: Violent Content

How does this video make you feel? As a parents or grandparent, what are your children seeing in You?

Happy Birthday, big Sis … It’s 47 Today!

I know some are keeping up with the sermons. “Winning the Spiritual Super Bowl” is done. Click here to listen to it (or sleep through it).

Super Bowl Coaches known for Christian Faith

For the past two weeks the media has only focused on the fact that, for the first time ever, the two Super Bowl coaches are both black. The following is another story that I found about the similarities between the two coaches that you probably won’t see in the paper. I thought it was extremely cool.
MIAMI (BP)–Super Bowl XLI will feature two teams making their first super game appearance in two-plus decades, two Midwestern teams separated by only a couple hundred miles, but most importantly two coaches who are strong believers in Jesus Christ.

Head coaches Tony Dungy of Indianapolis and close friend and fellow Christian Lovie Smith of Chicago gave credit to God following their respective teams’ victories in the conference championships Jan. 21.

“The Lord set this up in a way that no one would believe it,” Dungy said following the Colts’ win over New England. “The Lord tested us a lot this year, but He set this up to get all the glory.”

The news that two witnesses for their personal faith in Jesus Christ would have a two-week international spotlight for their beliefs thrilled Christian leader William Pugh, executive director of sports ministry Athletes in Action, a branch of Campus Crusade for Christ.

“We are so excited to see the Bears and Colts in the Super Bowl,” Pugh, a close friend of both head coaches, said. “We could not have picked two better coaches to represent all that is good about sports.”

AIA organizes and runs the annual Super Bowl breakfast the day before the game. Last year, Dungy was the keynote speaker just weeks after his son’s tragic death, giving an inspirational message about God’s love in the best and worst of times.

Smith is in his first tenure as a head coach and hasn’t had the public opportunities to share his faith like Dungy, but he has told the Chicago media he believes in Christ, listens to Christian music when driving his car and does not smoke, drink or curse.

“I’m so happy for Lovie who does things the right way, without cursing and shows things can be done differently,” Dungy said of Smith. “We give God all the credit.”

Dungy has served as the cover spokesman for a special Super Bowl witnessing video and tract. Several of his players, including star tight end Dallas Clark, put out a special faith-based DVD titled “Power to Win” about their faith in Christ and their need to honor Him in all that they do.

While the media will concentrate on the game itself, the men in charge of leading their teams to the big game plan on sharing the most important things in their life, something that has nothing to do with runs or passes or even the final score.

You’re welcome to leave a Super Bowl prediction if you’d like…

The Church and Fighting Over Change

Many people are uncomfortable with the words change and church being in the same sentence. Some people are comfortable with the way things are, and don’t want anyone changing things up. Many Christians want things only done one way. Because of this many people have often come to blows over change in the church. Some […]

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How to tell if it’s Going to be a Really BAD Day!

(Push Play & Laugh: only 41 seconds long)

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My Top 4 Favorite Quotes

I love a good quote. I have a lot of favorite quotes … here are four of my most favorite: “Preach always, if necessary use words.” ~ Saint Francis The biggest difference between you and God is that God doesn’t think He’s you.” ~ Anne Lamott “Lord, I crawled across the barrenness to you with […]

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On The Soap Box Today: Bashing the Church

I heard it again this week. Someone was speaking negatively about the church. Seems lately it’s the “in” thing to beat up on “church.” For example, recently a lady told me, “I love God. I love Jesus, but I don’t see any need for the church. Besides, the church is nothing but a bunch of […]

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New Sermon – "Real Church Family"

Kassidy, my friend… Here’s Sunday’s sermon you asked for. You’ll be proud, I’ve finally learned to post them myself. Thanks for all you’ve done to help. You’re the best!PS – Make sure you have a pillow close by while listening to it … it’ll make you sleepy

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Well, it happened. I’ve been tagged by a couple of new “blogger” friends. Actually, I wasn’t sure what that meant at first, but from what I’ve now been told, that means I’ve got to reveal 5 things about myself that others in the “blogger world” might not know about me. So I guess I’ll play […]

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Just Call Me Jax

I’d like you to meet Jax (or “Jaxion” if you ask his mom). Jax , is the 11 month old, only son, of our youth minister Nate and his wife, Kristin. Jax likes to talk. In fact Jax likes to talk a lot. He doesn’t really use any words, but he can babble with the […]

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“I will set before my eyes no vile thing. The deeds of faithless men I hate; they will not cling to me.” ~Psalm 103:3 Today 68 million people will use Yahoo, Google and other search engines to search for “free porn.” Unfortunately a very small number of people will search for something that will help […]

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The Church Is Not A Fad

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” Acts 2:42 (sermon link) Sunday I talked about how the early church was a “devoted” church. One of my points is that “church” to them was not a fad, it was a committment. Fads have come […]

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Bad Weather… Again & SUPER BOWL XLI

“Well It Finally Happened” That’s the way it’s been feeling around here. After a week of freezing temperatures and a huge ice storm that shut everything down, the weather men are now calling for a massive snow storm to hit this area Friday night and Saturday. Six to ten inches of snow is predicted. Don’t […]

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"Worry… Do You Not Trust God?"

Wouldn’t it would be a lot easier to enjoy your life if there weren’t so many things trying to kill you every day? The problems start even before you’re fully awake. There’s the fall out of bed that kills 600 Americans each year. There’s the early-morning heart attack, which is 40% more common than those […]

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The Lights are on at Wrigley Field

Growing up, I remember my brother and I laying in the floor watching the Atlanta Braves play baseball on TBS. It was the only baseball that was on television at the time. We watched every game we could. I also remember whenever the Atlanta Braves played the Chicago Cubs it was always a day game. […]

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Ice Storm Shuts Down My World!

Wow, did we ever get hit with a major ice storm this weekend. Our usually busy town of Childress has been shut down for the weekend. School has already been cancelled for Monday. Church services were cancelled about an hour before they were supposed to start. Man, I had a great sermon prepared for this […]

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A Father’s Love – PART 2

The following is another video about “Team Hoyt.” An interview with both Dick and Rick. My favorite part is about 5 minutes into the video when they asked Rick, “what’s the first thing you’d do if you weren’t handicapped?” You know what he says? Sorry, you’ll have to watch it yourself. It’s much more powerful […]

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A Father’s Love – PART 1

If you’ve never heard of Dick Hoyt and his son Rick, you’ll be absolutely amazed at this father’s love. I was moved to tears the first time I saw it, and again last night getting this ready. It’s too good not to share with you. Together, Dick and Rick Hoyt (Team Hoyt) have run in […]

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5 Ingredients to Making Good Kids

Just like it takes good ingredients to make good food, it also takes good ingredients to make good children. There are so many negative things battling for our children’s lives these days. Television, friends and negative things of this world are just a few things that are constantly influencing our children. I know not all […]

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Birthday’s When I was a Kid

That’s my birthday cake. Yum. I turned 41 today! My good friend Becky made me a Jeff Gordon cake. She knows I’m a big NASCAR fan. Becky gave it to me Sunday, but I haven’t let anyone eat it yet. It’s too cool to cut into. Thanks Becky, you’re too good to me. Last month […]

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"The Holy & Inspired E-Mail of God?"

I love email, and I hate email all at the same time. Let me tell you why … Here are the reasons I like email: It’s quick. No paper, no pen and no stamps. Hit the “send” button and it’s there! It’s amazing what I can accomplish with email, and it’s amazing how fast I […]

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Single Mothers, Role Models, Heroes and Villians

An AP poll was released last week that included these categories: Worst role models:1. Britney Spears (29%)2. Paris Hilton (18%)3. Mel Gibson (12%)4. Tom Cruise (9%)5. Michael Richards (6%) Best role models:1. Oprah (29%)2. Michael J. Fox (23%)3. George Clooney (12%)4. Angelina Jolie (8%) Biggest villains:1. George Bush (25%)2. Osama bin Laden (8%)3. Saddam Hussein […]

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8 Signs You’re "Growing Up" Spiritually

Things that live, must grow. If a baby doesn’t grow we take it to the doctor to see what’s wrong with it. If a farmer plants seeds that don’t grow they are fertilized to stimulate growth because you must grow to live. How about spiritually? The Bible says you are supposed to be growing up […]

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Christian Maintenance

Here is a quick question for you to think about today. Is there such a thing as “Christian Maintenance?” Do we maintain our Christianity? Notice I didn’t say “maintain our salvation” because I know I don’t maintain my salvation … God does. But what about maintaining my spiritual growth? I preached this past Sunday about […]

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Toilet Lids, A Man’s Weekend & God’s Will

Due to a few accidents, problems and down right craziness in our home, we’ve often been told that the television show “Home Improvement” could have been based on the Morgan family. I believe God knew this, and that’s why He sent Lea into our lives. She does a “Superwoman” job of being both a mother […]

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New Year’s Resolutions and Poll for 2007

The New Year is upon us. Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? Well, if you’re like most Americans (88 percent according to a recent poll), you have at least one resolution. And, if you are like the majority of these promise-makers, your resolution is probably related to health and fitness. But how about some […]

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The Dallas Cowboys, Disappointment & Heaven

Wow, what a weekend. Christmas was great, but the Dallas Cowboy game was a bitter pill to swallow. I’m still pretty much in shock. As most of you know, our family attended the game (if you want to call it that) in person. I can’t get over the fact that I spent months stashing back […]

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Night at the Museum, Dallas Cowboys and a Merry Christmas

Saw “Night at the Museum” this weekend. Loved it. Well worth the time and money. If you’re looking for a holiday movie to watch … this one is for the whole family. I always want to put a plug in for a good clean movie. —————————————————— Go Cowboys: I’ll be in Dallas for Christmas with […]

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Not long ago while traveling in the car, we played a game to help pass the time. We tried to see how many spiritual applications we could make out of road signs we passed. We came up with a bunch. Here’s a few… NO U-TURN: Jesus said in Luke 9:62, “No one who puts his […]

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Watch the Little Man Go

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For the past three weeks every kid in America has been able to tell you exactly how many days until Christmas. They’ve had a hard time falling asleep just because they’re anticipating Christmas. This time of year you’ll hear phrases like, “I’m so ready for Christmas,” and “I can’t wait until Christmas.” How do you […]

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A Few Things that I Think about Grace

FIRST: I think it would have been better for me if Jesus would have ended the “lost” stories of Luke 15 with the story of the Prodigal Son. Instead he added the “older brother” into the story. When he did, he added me into the story. Ouch. SECOND: I think I need a better understanding […]

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Thought I’d share a favoring story of mine told by a great storyteller, Tony Campono. You’ll forgive me for the length of the story once you start reading. It’s well worth your time. Campolo, tells a story of being in Hawaii a few years ago for a Christian conference. It was 3:00 in the morning, […]

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