Today, July 4th, my friend Sargent Jon James fights for my freedom in Iraq. Today is also Jon’s birthday.

Jon, my prayer is that you are able to get online today. Because I want you to know that although you’re a long way from home, today I think of you and today I thank you. Thanks for being my friend and thanks for being my hero. Today, as always, I pray God will keep you safe. Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday, Jon.


You’ve heard of the 23rd Psalm from the KJV or NIV. This is the 23rd Psalm from the “sweet” or “precious” version.

Then he said to them, “I can guarantee this truth: Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”



A long time ago someone handed me an index card that said “Don’t just pray, pray dangerously.” I’ve always been curious about how to pray dangerously, because so many of my prayers are “me” centered. I sometimes present my prayers to God like they are a Christmas list, “Lord, here are the things I want.”

Let me challenge you to pray some dangerous prayers this week. Ask God for some things that will spice up your spiritual life. Pray any of these 5 dangerous prayers and see what happens.

  1. SEARCH ME (Psalm 139:1, 23) – How many times do we look at others sins, others problems and other screw ups and not see our own. David asks God to search him and show him any thing that’s offensive in his life. And the more I learn about myself the more I realize there are so many areas of my life still not fully surrendered to God. Ask God to “search you” this week.
  2. BREAK ME (Psalm 139:24) – “Lord, if you find any offensive way in me … break me.” One of the ways we grow spiritually is through our brokenness. My life is full of worldly things that I have allowed to become “acceptable” because others do it, but God sees as sin. Break me in these areas, Lord.
  3. STRETCH ME (or Test Me) (Psalm 139:23) – The strongest Christians I know are those that have been stretched and tested. Just like companies test there products to see their weaknesses, so also our testing can do the same. In the book of Acts we find the apostles and the church being stretched and tested, it made them stronger. Show us our weaknesses Lord, so we can become stronger in them.
  4. LEAD ME (Psalms 139:24) – Asking God to take your life and lead you is a HUGE risk. Because His plans for us may be different (and better) than our own plans for us. Just ask Abraham what it means to have God lead you (Genesis 12). God told Abraham He wanted him to move, and when Abraham asked, “where,” God said, “You pack and let me lead you and I’ll let you know when we get there.” Wow, risky, but what an amazing adventure.
  5. USE ME – It’s exciting to make yourself available to God so that He can touch someone else through you. “Use me” is a dangerous prayer that creates adventure. Oh, how I want to be used by God, but to be used, I wonder if I first must allow Him to search me, break me, test me, stretch me, and lead me.

Want to spice up your spiritual life? Pray a dangerous prayer this week.


To my friend Don, “AW – Please say it isn’t so.”


What an amazing day. The day started off with worship to God and ended with serving others. Our WATS (We Are The Sermon) day went great. About 100 came and worked for 3 plus hours cleaning, cutting, mowing, raking, hoeing and serving the community. I was amazed that there were around ten trailers full of junk hauled off in such a short amount of time.

I’m proud of my Childress family. I’m proud of how hard they work to show others who they are and who God is (John 13:34-35). Thank you Childress church for the sweat, effort and labor you gave tonight. And, we give God all the glory.


We’re doing a WATS (We Are The Sermon) service this Sunday. Instead of having a Sunday evening service and sermon we’re going to take the sermon to the community. We’ll be going out Sunday afternoon working in the community and showing the sermon to others. I think it’s going to be awesome watching the church in Childress working, cleaning and serving the community this Sunday evening.

Anticipating the WATS Sunday got me to thinking last night. What would it be like if Jesus came to Childress for a visit? I can imagine our conversation going like this:

TREY: Jesus, this is so cool. I’m so excited that you’re here in Childress for the weekend.

JESUS: I’m actually here all the time, but I’m really glad to be here in person, Trey.

TREY: I can’t wait to introduce you to everyone at church this Sunday. Hey, do you want to speak?

JESUS: I’d love to if I was going to be at church on Sunday. I really think I’m going to be too busy to go.

TREY: What? Too busy to go to church, Jesus?


TREY: But Jesus, don’t you know what the Bible says about “going to church?” You can’t skip church … um … that’s a little embarrassing. And, what would everyone think?

JESUS: Trey, have you not read the gospels? I don’t really care about what everyone might think. You should know that by now.

TREY: Since you’re not going to church with me, what are you going to be doing?

JESUS: You know those people “across the tracks” and the people who don’t go to church anywhere on Sunday? I’m going to go spend some time with them. I’m going to serve them and then tell them about my Father.

TREY: Instead of going to church? But Lord, don’t you know that we’re supposed to sing, pray, take the Lord’s Supper and tell people about God this Sunday morning. Isn’t Sunday morning supposed to be the most important hours of my week?

JESUS: Actually Trey, the most important hours of the week are after you spend time at church. It’s what you go do then. It’s who you share it with. And as for telling people about God, that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to go show and tell those people about God this Sunday. Somebody needs to go and tell those people that God loves them. And Trey, you’re beginning to sound a little like the people called Pharisees that you read about in the Bible.

TREY: Okay, but one more thing Jesus. Is there anything you want me to tell the people at church this Sunday? You know, a message from Jesus?

JESUS: Tell them two things. First, tell them to get out and go tell others about me. Tell them that no one is just going to show up at church on Sunday, just because the lights are on and the building is unlocked. You’re going to have to go and invite them, pick them up and maybe even feed them lunch. Remember that my Father desires mercy more than He does sacrifice.

TREY: I think I’m beginning to understand, Jesus. But you said two things. What’s the second?

JESUS: Oh yea, remind them this Sunday again just how much I love them.

“Just think what bridges we could build if we truly followed the example of the New Testament Church. We would go beyond being seeker sensitive, to a new frontier of being community-admired. We would be known, not just by the corner we inhabit, but by the city with which we interact. And people would be drawn to God, not because of the weekly show in our churches, but by the irrefutable lifestyles we incarnate.”

~ Robert Lewis, “The Church of Irresistible Influence”


You know, it doesn’t matter where the vacation was, it’s always nice to come home. Although the weather may be hotter, the humidity higher and the scenery flatter, home may be the sweetest sight of all. I’m glad to be home. PS – It may take me a few days to catch up on email […]

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Interesting, we have no phone here in the mountains and our cellular phones won’t get service, but I can drive a couple of miles to a little town and sit in the parking lot of a bar that offers free internet and check my email. I hope no one has taken pictures of my car […]

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For a “flat-lander” like me these mountains are beautiful. We’ve had a great chance relax and listen to some great speakers. Here are a few pictures… Hope everyone is well…

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Having a great time at the RRFE. Heard a great lesson on “Growing Spiritually in Marriage.” I’ll share some of the notes with you later. You’ve probably heard enough preaching today, bit if you didn’t, here’s a link to last weeks sermon for those who follow the weekly sermons. What it takes to be a […]

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We are planning on making the encampment and listening to some great speakers, but I needed to show you this 17 inch Rainbow Trout that I caught on an Adam’s Parachute. Pretty sweet, hua?

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Yee Haw (That means “Woo Hoo” for those not from Texas). Did you notice? It’s official. Your link at the top of the page should say I finally got it changed over with the help of a very kind man. Your “rediscovering-church” links should still all work find, so really no need to update […]

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Okay, so I did a good job teaching Cooper (age 5) how to ride his bike, BUT I forgot to teach him a very important part …. how to use the brakes and stop. Oops! Lea and I laughed so hard at this video. Does that make us bad parents?

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Our worlds of Christianity and sexuality are commonly viewed as being miles apart. Someone once said, “Christian sex” is an oxymoron. We don’t talk about sex or preach about sex unless it’s a sermon that deals with “the sinfulness of sex” outside of marriage. When was the last time you heard a sermon preached on […]

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Fathers Day is Sunday. And as I was finishing up my thoughts on this Sunday’s lesson on being a father, it got me to thinking… “When I’m gone, what do I want my children to remember about me?” Here are a few things I hope and pray my children will remember … Dad was not […]

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Sorry, nothing serious here today. It’s been a long week and I could use a laugh. I smiled when I received this photo via an email. I thought it would be fun to see who could come up with the best caption for the photo. So, best caption wins … um … a kudos from […]

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“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— “that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.” Ephesians 6:1-3 We honor our parents in many ways: As a child, by obeying and […]

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VBS (Vacation Bible School)

VBS is all about kids and this week has been great. We’ve had about 285 each night. Tonight will be our biggest crowd. We won’t be competing with little league baseball and other community activities tonight. I love VBS because it’s one of the ways we reach kids. And I love the fact that the […]

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Your spouse carries a picture of the back of your head in their wallet because this is what they normally see. Sitemeter goes down and you have a panic attack. The first thing you do when visiting a new blog is to see if your blog is on their blogroll. Your spouse’s lawyer serves you […]

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It doesn’t matter what your profession, criticism will be a part of it. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, there will always be criticism. Those with “high-profile” jobs can always expect double the criticism. Just like the football coach who if he runs the ball, everyone thinks he should have passed. If he […]

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My old mp3 player finally wore out so I’ve upgraded. I love my new I-Pod. I’ve just got through loading a ton of stuff on it. Here are some songs you’ll find on my I-Pod. “Awesome God” – Acappella Praise & Worship “How deep the Father’s love for us” – Zoe “You raised me up” […]

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God must have a sense of humor. Why else would He put polar opposites in families. Let me give you some examples on how families are often so different just from some past events in the Morgan family… Family Vacations – This summer we’re talking about where we want to go on vacation. Lea would […]

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As I read through a few blogs this morning, I came across an interesting post titled, “Should I go to church today?” It provides an interesting perspective on reaching out to those outside the church. The part that caught my attention said …. “I don’t know any non-Christian who wakes up and thinks, “Gee, I […]

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An oxymoron are two words that have been put together that contradict one another. Here are a few that make me laugh… Pretty Ugly Work Party Jumbo Shrimp A Little Pregnant Healthy Tan Dressy Flip-Flops Dodge Ram Plastic Glasses Tight Slacks Rap Music Here’s another oxymoron that probably got a laugh from Paul’s readers when […]

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My friend Dee Andrews has interviewed me this week for your sleeping pleasure. I told her I’d be more than happy to put up a link to the interview today. Stop by if you want and you might learn a few things about me you didn’t know. Thanks Dee for your kindness. Read interview: Here […]

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Usually I do a long “spiritual” post on Monday about something I’ve been thinking about … but today I’m brain dead! It was a long weekend, and I’m overdue for a vacation. Here are a few things running through my mind… I’m thinking about sex. Got your attention? I’m going to do some posts soon […]

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(This is part of last weeks sermon: Life is a Highway, Chose Your Lane Carefully) Last summer going through the metropolis of Dallas, Texas we had lots of choices on what road we’d take. If we picked the right lane, we could get exactly where we wanted to go, but if we chose the wrong […]

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I was in a Lubbock McDonald’s yesterday following a funeral. I had gone there to have coffee with my good friends and fellow bloggers Matt & Crystal James. While there, I also ran into blogger Kathy, who was in Lubbock visiting family. It was an amazing little blogging reunion. A crazy thing happened while standing […]

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Christianity Today has a good article on seven ways to measure your church’s ministry. The article states that “that most people rate church atmosphere within the first 15 minutes of their first visit.” The below seven areas will most likely contribute to how people rate your church’s atmosphere on their first visit: Sensing the presence […]

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I’ve preached a lot of sermons over the past 20 years. I’ve seen a lot of “crazy” things while preaching. Here are 10… People sleeping (of course). A child playing a Gameboy. A man on the front pew clipping his toe nails. My zipper unzipped. A man doubled-over in pain in the foyer at the […]

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Bizarro is one of my favorite cartoonists. He’s got a warped sense of humor and an odd way of looking at life. I think those are the reasons I like him so much. As for the cartoon, I’m sure glad things have changed since then.

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Here are a few things you might find interesting to read … No hymnals. No pews. No steeple. No stained glass windows. And no women. Here’s an interesting story about a church that reaches out to just men. Hmm. My long time friend, Jeff Foster, is now blogging on a regular basis. Jeff is the […]

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A new tool called Baby Signs is helping babies learn to communicate with sign language before they can talk. The video below is a 13 month old little girl who is learning to read. Do not underestimate the learning potential of your baby or the babies in your children’s ministry at church. From this video […]

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SUMMER TIME: It been a crazy week around here this week. The last week of school always is. The boys are pumped about being out for the summer. School doesn’t start back this year until the end of August, so they’ll get 3 months off for summer and we’ll need them. Here’s why … Summer […]

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CAREER DAY – What do Preachers Do?

I spent yesterday morning taking part in Childress Elementary’s Career Day. Wow, it was too much fun. I worried about how I could make my “career” as a minister sound interesting and keep the large group of 10 and 11 year-olds entertained. When the day ended I thought that each group that came through listened […]

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Want to see 10 of the most amazing church buildings in the world? I mean “jaw dropping” amazing? Click here But I can’t seem to get enough of this discussion: Is church supposed to be a place that you GO TO or BELONG TO, or is it more about BEING something or someone? We get […]

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