Bizarro is one of my favorite cartoonists. He’s got a warped sense of humor and an odd way of looking at life. I think those are the reasons I like him so much.

As for the cartoon, I’m sure glad things have changed since then.


Here are a few things you might find interesting to read …

  • No hymnals. No pews. No steeple. No stained glass windows. And no women. Here’s an interesting story about a church that reaches out to just men. Hmm.

  • My long time friend, Jeff Foster, is now blogging on a regular basis. Jeff is the minister in Cortez, Colorado and a long time summer camp friend from QMCC. His blog will bless you.

  • Frank Bellizzi has written a post about, Harlie Fewell, a man you had a great influence on my life. Harlie played a major roll in me becoming a minister. This world needs more “Harlie Fewells.”

  • Two good friends of mine, Brandon and Katie Price, are leaving this week to do mission work in the Ukraine. I love Brandon and Katie, they’ve always had such a heart for missions and lost people. Please say a little prayer for them this week when you think about it.

Have a great Sunday ~ Trey


A new tool called Baby Signs is helping babies learn to communicate with sign language before they can talk. The video below is a 13 month old little girl who is learning to read.

Do not underestimate the learning potential of your baby or the babies in your children’s ministry at church. From this video I see two important lessons:

  1. A child is never too young to start learning about God.
  2. Fill your home and church nurseries with items that teach about God.


SUMMER TIME: It been a crazy week around here this week. The last week of school always is. The boys are pumped about being out for the summer. School doesn’t start back this year until the end of August, so they’ll get 3 months off for summer and we’ll need them. Here’s why …

  • Summer activities will include a week of Encounter camp the first week of June at Lubbock Christian University.
  • Then the following week we hit VBS head on. VBS is a HUGE deal here in Childress. We go all out for the 250-350 people that will be showing up for VBS each night.
  • Following a week of VBS we’ll head to the mountains of New Mexico for the Red River Family Encampment. It will be a week of relaxing, listening to other speakers and fellowshipping with friends. It’s a wonderful encampment that tries to make its speakers and program something for everyone. But the main thing I like is that its located in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico.
  • The first part of July, a group of 50 from Childress will leave for Mexico City on a mission trip. We’ll be spending about 30 hours on a bus just to get to Mexico City. There we will work in a children’s hospital, hand out tracts, clean up trash, attend small groups and other wonderful activities. Just for fun, I’m really hoping we get to make a soccer match, bull fight or Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling match). All three of those are huge cultural activities. It’d be like taking someone from another country to a Major League Baseball game or NFL game.
  • Ending our July, we’ll have a week of summer camp at QMCC in Oklahoma. I co-direct a session for kids 4th grade through high school.
  • Somewhere in all the madness I’ll work in a couple of weeks vacation. YEA.

GROWING UP: Taylor, my 17 year-old, had a GREAT week, in his eyes. He got sent home the last week of school … get this … because he needed to shave. He was PUMPED. He’s been working on his “whiskers” on his chin for months. He came in giving “high-fives” and said, “I’ve reached man-hood.” Then he quickly shaved and went back to school. That was a cause for celebration … lunch at the Deuce (Chinese Buffet) that day.

NATE: I’d like to give a shout out to my partner in crime here in Childress, Nate Bundy. Nate is our youth minister and does a great job with our kids. He has blessed my life as a friend, co-worker and as a spiritual figure to my teenage boys. He has tons of energy, tons of commitment and tons of love for kids. John Maxwell once said, “Those closest to you will determine your level of success.” I’m continually discovering the truth of that particular statement by working with Nate. Thanks Nate for all you do. Oh, and he has a pretty cool wife, Kristin, too.

SERMON LINK: Got a call from a credit card place a while back that wanted to offer me a “True Grace” credit card. I asked the nice lady on the phone what “True Grace” meant. She said, “It means if you can’t pay your bill that month on the due date, you can pay it anytime two weeks after the due date without occurring a penalty.” I kind of made her mad when I told her that’s not “True Grace” at all. “True grace means I shouldn’t have to pay it at all,” I told her. I tried to explain to her what “True Grace” really was, but she said that’s not what true grace meant on this card. I told her she could call me back when she had a REAL “True Grace” card. That got me thinking about God’s true grace and what real grace really was. Here is a sermon on “True Grace” if you want to listen: CLICK HERE. If you are still living in the past and have dial up :) here is instructions on how to download a sermon: Click Here.

CAREER DAY – What do Preachers Do?

I spent yesterday morning taking part in Childress Elementary’s Career Day. Wow, it was too much fun. I worried about how I could make my “career” as a minister sound interesting and keep the large group of 10 and 11 year-olds entertained.

When the day ended I thought that each group that came through listened well, and I think my talk went well too. The amazing thing was that I was the one that wound up being entertained. Here’s why…

I asked them, “What are some things you think preachers (that was their choice of words) do?” Here were some of their responses and my thoughts in parentheses:

  • Preachers understand the Bible. (Sometimes we do and other times we just pretend to.)
  • Preachers have fun. (I like that kid.)
  • Preachers pray a whole lot. (This one was mentioned about 10 times. I think need to pray more.)
  • Preachers get to see and bless lots of dead bodies. (This kid was kind of scaring me.)
  • Preachers work only one day a week. (Actually it’s one and a half. Don’t forget Wednesday nights.)
  • Preachers help people. (Finally getting somewhere.)

After I was through with each group, I asked them if they had any questions about what I do. Here were a few of their questions:

  • Do you get scared when you go to the prison to teach? (That was a good question.)
  • Do people sleep when you preach? (It was getting a little too personal.)
  • Can you tell things about the future? (I’m thinking the kid that wanted to know about blessing dead bodies may be a little odd when he grows up.)
  • Are their mythical creatures in the Bible like my Grandpa said? (I would have liked to have followed up on this one.)
  • Why are there big words in the Bible? (Good question.)
  • Are you older than my dad? (Probably.)
  • Has anyone ever “objected” in a wedding when you say, “Is there anyone here who objects to this wedding?” (I told them, “No, because I always take this part out of my wedding notes. If someone wants to object they should have done so long before now.”)

Kids are so inquisitive.

“And Jesus said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”


Want to see 10 of the most amazing church buildings in the world? I mean “jaw dropping” amazing? Click here But I can’t seem to get enough of this discussion: Is church supposed to be a place that you GO TO or BELONG TO, or is it more about BEING something or someone? We get […]

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At least once a day I look at the referrals on my stat-tracker to see where the traffic to my blog is coming from. Over 100 of my referrals every day are from Google where someone has searched, “How to keep my wife happy,” or “How to have a happy marriage.” I’m not sure why […]

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“Dipping into alternative funding: Pastors Ray and Simone Bellevue say corporate sponsorship has done “nothing but good” for their church, formerly Tustin Assembly of God. His church has sold much of the “visual space” in their facility to advertisers, including the bathroom stalls to Burger King, the rim of the collection plates to Hewlett-Packard and […]

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Wow. I really do think this could qualify is one of the single strangest, jaw-dropping, awkward laughter-inducing, Christian videos I have ever seen. The responses of the audience alone are well worth the admission.

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It’s been a good week. Busy as always. Trips out of town to check on the sick, hospital board meetings, T-ball games and services at the prison were just a few of the activities this week. GARDENING: Lea and I spent the week setting out flowers in the flower beds. It’s something I’ve learned to […]

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Last week I sat in a brand new car. No, it wasn’t mine. The new car smell was intoxicating. The gadgets were amazing. The navigation system was mind boggling. As I sat behind the wheel, the new owner explained all the new and latest gadgets to me. I was in awe. It had safety features […]

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Are You A Church-Goer or a Christian

The church is full of “the guy on the left.” What we need is more of “the guy on the right.” Which one are you?

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10. His Needs Her Needs – Dr. Willard Harley Quite possibly the most used book in my library. 9. The Holiness of God – R.C. SproulChapter 4, “The Trauma of Holiness” is an absolutely fantastic chapter. 8. Too Busy NOT To Pray – Bill Hybels Here’s an amazing book for your prayer life. 7. The […]

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Nine out of ten affairs begin with an emotional attraction. It usually happens when a need that a spouse is not meeting begins to be met by another person of the opposite sex. I once read somewhere that it may be far easier to have an emotional affair than you may realize. When you find […]

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I was informed today that there are 50 (mostly teenagers) from the Childress church going to Mexico City this July. Two years ago when we went, we took 30. I am SO looking forward to that week! I LOVE hanging with our youth group! And I love serving people in Mexico. It’s been a grieving […]

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What’s Wrong with this Picture? You’ve probably read the story behind the billboard (pictured above) in Chicago that says, “Life is Short. Get a divorce.” It wasn’t so much about the partially clothed man and woman on the law firm’s ad. It was the phrase “Life is short. Get a divorce,” that drew scores of […]

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It Is GOOD to be a Child of God (Sermon Link)

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” Ephesians 1:3 A man bought a brand new Ferrari. He wanted to get a blessing for it, so he went to see his priest. “Father O’Malley, can I have […]

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I write in my Bible, a lot. I write notes about scriptures and about things that encourage me. Here are 10 things I’ve written in my bible that remind me of what’s important. #1 Jesus was approachable and touchable, I should be too.#2 Enjoy your spiritual Journey. It’s a marathon not a 40-yard dash.#3 Be […]

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At bed time last night Cooper climbed up in my lap with a couple of books. “The Monster at the End of the Book” with lovable old Grover, and of course “The Three Pigs” were there too. I’ve read The Three Little Pigs so many times that I wrote a post about it a few […]

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Lance Armstrong has a commercial airing in which he stares into the camera and says, “Remember me cancer? You made me who I am today?” That quote really hits home with me. On May 6th of 2003, I sat in Dr. Pate’s office and he looked at me and said, “You have cancer. You’re young […]

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I don’t know how many times I’ve heard women say, “My husband just can’t communicate.” I don’t know how many times I’ve heard men say, “I just can’t get a straight answer from my wife.” There is no arguing that men and women communicate differently. God wired-up men and women very differently. While women focus […]

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OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD (Sermon Link Included)

Is it just me or does it seem that we’ve lost our sense of just how awesome God is? I think the church and our nation has forgotten just how unbelievably awesome God is. We somehow need to rediscover what an awesome God we have. How will we ever be willing to jump and trust […]

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You can get cleaned up, dressed and be gone in under 20 minutes. You can go to the restroom without 15 of your friends. When you dress, you only have to pick between two pair of shoes. Taking a shower only involves a bar of green deodorant soap. If you show up to a social […]

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When you have a little time today say a little prayer for my sister, Monalea. I told you about her in the “Saturday Reading.” She was rushed to the hospital yesterday because of some heart problems she was having. They are going to do a stress-test and possibly an angio-cardiogram today in Lubbock. The doctors […]

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In this week’s “Saturday Reading” let me tell you about a new blogger that will make you laugh, smile, cry and think (hopefully not all at the same time). Monalea has been blogging about two weeks now, and she describes herself this way: “I am a Christian wife, mother of 4 and grandmother. I have […]

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A letter to the editor in the local Childress newspaper asking for community of Childress to help give certain items for the Tulia tornado victims: No Charge Everyone in town pitching in to buy supplies for the tornado victim: A few dollars from each person A tank of gas from Childress to Tulia to deliver […]

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For those with dial-up, see if this works. Click on the link to go to the sermon. Find the sermon you want. By the “play” button you’ll see the three words: Send To Friends, Download, Permalink. “Right” click with your mouse button on the word “Download” and then click “Save As.” It will save it […]

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I wasn’t trying to hurt his feelings when I told him that reading his bible must not be that important to him. He had just told me that he wasn’t finding any time in his daily schedule to read his bible. I told him I didn’t want to sound preachy, but if he wasn’t reading […]

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T-ball. Could there be any form of baseball that’s more pure? There are no steroids (unless you think “Sweet Tarts” are a bit questionable). There is no obsession with winning. And, somehow, everyone wins every game. Sweet, simple and untainted, that’s what t-ball is. I have been blessed to coach all four of my boys […]

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Can you imagine running up $10,000 of debt on a credit card that charged 21% interest? Not a good thing. And if I charged this $10,000 of debt on a Dillard’s card, they’d want me to pay it. There would be a bill come with an amount due. If instead of paying the bill, I […]

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Growing up in the panhandle of Texas you learn that tornadoes are a part of life. Last May the city of Childress was hit by a tornado (pictures here and more pictures here). We spent weeks cleaning up and recovering from the damage. Last night the little town of Tulia (about 90 miles away), where […]

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I’d like to introduce you to a new friend and new blogger for this weeks “Saturday Reading.” I wrote some articles last month on “Sexual Ethics” among church leaders. I did a two part series that you can find here: (part 1 and part 2). It obviously touched a nerve from the feedback that was […]

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I was meeting with a group of 2nd – 5th graders an hour before Wednesday night church services for a little devotional and play time. Two sisters came in a little late, both crying. I asked the older what was wrong and she told me that they had lost their new dog Muffy. Feeling the […]

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In the margin of my Bible, near the passage of 1 Peter 3:1-4, I have the words, “Bonnie Carlile” written. Bonnie was one of the finest Christian ladies I ever met. The very first thing Bonnie ever told me when I became her preacher was, “You’ve got to help get my husband Dale to become […]

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Our hearts are saddened at this time over the events that have taken place at Virginia Tech today. 33 people have been killed and many others injured in senseless, godless, evil and cowardly act violence that took place at VT. Please, please remember to pray tonight for the victims, their families and our country. I’d […]

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