Be Your Spouse’s Biggest Fan

I’m a fan of several things. I’m a fan of the Texas Rangers, I’m a fan of running, and I’m even a fan of bacon.

Everyone is a fan of something. You may be a NASCAR fan, a college football fan or a fan of golf. Maybe you’re a book fan and love to read, or a music fan and love to go to concerts. Whatever you’re a fan of … just don’t forget if you’re married, to be a fan of your spouse.

Being a fan of your spouse is something Lea and I talk a lot about in our Stronger Marriage workshops.  We personally think you should be a HUGE fan of your spouse.  In fact, I like to say … if your spouse had a fan club, you should fight to be the president of that club. If you’re a parent, I know you praise and build-up your kids … do it for your spouse as well.

I love seeing couples who have figured this out. Like my friend Amanda, who has listed as her middle name on Facebook , “LovesErik.” Erik is her husband, and every time he logs on to Facebook he’s reminded how much his wife loves him.  Or, my friend Haley who every couple of weeks proclaims her love to her spouse on Facebook … making her husband’s day.

Here’s a few ways you can show you’re a fan of your spouse…

  • Encourage your spouse every day by building them up with your words.
  • Compliment them everyday.
  • Remind them why you love them.
  • Leave them a note, send them a text or email.
  • Praise them both privately and publicly.
  • NEVER bad-mouth your spouse in public or to your friends.

Remember, it’s not good enough just to not be critical … you need to be proactive in being positive and looking for ways to build up.  Be your spouse’s biggest fan … and not a fair-weathered fan.

Sometimes Nice Guys Finish First

I was just trying to book a hotel room, and the cost was a bit more than I was expecting. So I asked the nice lady …

ME:  “Is that your best rate?” 

HER: “Sorry, it really is … unless you qualify for a discount.”

ME: “Really … how do I qualify for a discount?” 

HER: “Well, are you a AAA card holder?”

ME: “No.”

HER: “How about military? Are you active military?”

ME:  “No.” 

HER: “Are you a member of our rewards program?” 

ME: (I’m sure I was sounding depressed by now) “No ma’am, sorry.”

HER: “So, if you’re not a AAA member, a military member or rewards program member … do you have anyhing at all to offer?”

ME: “Well, I’m really a super nice guy?” I said, just kinda kidding around.

HER: “There you go” she said excitedly, “that’s worth 20% right there!” 

ME: “Really?” I said.

HER: “Absolutely … we need more super nice guys in our world.” 


Who says … “Nice guys finish last.”

Dump Day 2012 Update and Totals

Two beautiful girls from the dump.

Many have asked about totals for Dump Day. It’s become increasingly hard every year to get an exact total until about a month or so has passed and everything has come in. We try hard to keep up with it on this blog, but not everybody posts what they gave, which is fine.

Here’s what we do know … right at $40k was pledged on this blog on Dump Day 2012 for the Dump Ministry. We also know that Bobby Moore and the wonderful people at Bread for a Hungry World, added $25k in matching funds, making our total right now around $65k; which is incredible, awesome and amazing. We totally give God every ounce of credit.

What we’ve learned in the past Dump Days is that many times more comes in than was pledged. So, if that happens there’s a chance that $65k will be more. Marc Tindall, missionary in Honduras, said that with the number over $50k, there will be funds for a couple of our “wish list” projects at the dump.

A big thank you to everyone that has fasted, prayed, and given to this ministry. Thank you for honoring and helping the poor on Dump Day 2012.

8 Things I Learned from Cancer

Today I celebrate life as a father and a husband. It was 9 years ago today I was told I had cancer .  Recovering from two surgeries made the summer of 2003 an extremely tough summer I’ll never forget.

I’m not looking for sympathy today or even high-fives, but I am simply reminding myself of some things that I learned from that hard summer. Simple things that I try and remind myself of every year on this date.  Things I learned things like…

  1. I learned I’m not indestructible. I’m not guaranteed 30 more years …  3 more years or 3 more minutes. Each and every day is a gift so make the most of every day.
  2. I learned it’s impossible to have any sort of self-dignity in a hospital gown.
  3. I learned that it was okay to be scared and even ask God, “Why?”
  4. I learned that I’m blessed to have friends and family that surround me with support and love.
  5. I learned I have an amazing care-giver in my wife, and that the care-givers of cancer patients don’t get near the credit they deserve. I remember asking Lea as I lay in the hospital, “Aren’t you heading back to Childress today to take care of the boys?” and I still remember her response, “No sir, the boys are taken care of. You are my husband, and I’m not going anywhere!”
  6. I learned about real love, not the stuff you see in the movies or on soap operas. Real love is my wife telling me I looked “great” to her, even when I was pale, skinny, sick, throwing up and too weak to do anything.
  7. I learned that I hate cancer. I hate everything about it … what it does to families, how it steals loved ones from our lives and how it is no respecter of persons.
  8. I learned my God is bigger than cancer.

Today I celebrate 9 years … and I’m reminded once again just how blessed I am.


BREAKING NEWS: The awesome people at Bread For a Hungry World have just announced that for every $6.50 donated on their site (link is below), they will add an additional $50 to your $6.50 donation. That will make your $6.50 donation to the Dump Fund actually a $56.50 donation. Awesome. Surely everyone can give $6.50. Bread for a Hungry World will do this up to 25k.

“Why $6.50?” I asked. Because everyone can give $6.50 and to remind everyone that it only takes $6.50 to buy 10 meals in Honduras.

** Here are the rules: this is good for today and tomorrow only, AND you can only give up to 3 times per household.

SPREAD THE WORD … Please let ALL your friends know. We need 500 people to give $6.50 … we need that $25k they are offering. :)

Thank you Bread.


This is a day that we stop to consider how blessed we are materially. A day we stop to be the “Good Samaritan” in the story Jesus told, choosing NOT to pass by on the other side of the road. We choose to help today. We choose to make a difference.

THIS is the day will WILL make a difference in the people who live, work and eat at the Tegucigalpa dump. They are the people of the dump. Dirty people. People who have names, lives, needs.

We are blessed people. We eat until we’re full. We don’t go to bed hungry. We live in homes that are MORE than adequate. We have an abundance of everything … food, clothing and “stuff.”  Please understand there’s nothing wrong with being blessed with material things, but not sharing what we have is wrong!  Just “realizing how blessed we are” is not enough. Feeling sorry for the hungry and the poor of this world is NOT what Jesus was looking for from us. Poor people don’t need our sympathy or our pity, they need our compassion. The same compassion that the Good Samaritan had, one that took action. For me to sit back and simply say, “How sad,” makes me no different than the Priest and Levite that passed on the other side.

So what are we going to do today?

Let’s give a little. Any amount would be great. Here are two ways to give. You can give via snail mail by sending your check to:

Honduras Hope

PO BOX 9222

Columbus MS, 39705 (attn: Dump Fund).

(This is a tax deductible donation)

Also give ONLINE,

You can give safely and securely online by going to Bread For A Hungry World’s website, and on the top right there’s a “Give to the Dump” donation button. Bread for a Hungry World is helping partner in our work at the dump.  (This is also a tax deductible donation.)

I’ll also remind you that my Paypal button is always on this page, and while you’re welcome to use it, please understand that my Paypal is NOT going to be a tax deductible donation.

If you donate today, we’d love to keep a running total of donations. So if you don’t mind, leave a comment on this blog saying something like, “The Morgan family gives $100″, or your comment can be totally anonymous by not adding a name.  That’ll give us the ability to say, “We’re currently at … “

We have 3 give aways this year…

  • If you make a donation of $25 or more, I’ll send you a “Honduras Dump Ministry” 1 inch neoprene band (See Picture Below). These aren’t the little silicone bands; these are the nice ones. You can show off your support of the Dump Ministry with one of these bracelets. I’ve been wearing mine for about a month now, and I love it.  There is only a limited amount of these, so it’ll be first come first serve.
  • Also, the awesome people at Bread for a Hungry World are going to give away Dump Day t-shirts to anyone who makes a donation of $50 or more (picture below). I want one of these so I’ll be making my donation through them early this morning and leaving the amount I pledged below.
  • Also we have several prints of this picture (16×24) left over from last year. If you’d like one that is signed and numbered by the artist, we’d like to give you one. We’re asking for a $150 donation for a print and it’ll be mailed to your home. It is essential that if you want one or all of the giveaways that you include somewhere with your donation, what you want (a shirt, bracelet and/or print) ALONG with your name and address.

Print of the Little Boy at the Dump

Here is a picture of the "Honduras Dump Ministry" bracelet

The very cool Dump T-Shirt that Bread for a Hungry World is offering.

PLEASE help spread the word today. Let everyone know (via Facebook, Twitter, blog, email, etc) what’s going one. Encourage everyone to give.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink… I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” ~ Jesus

Thank you VERY much!

Answers to Your Questions on Dump Day Eve

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR DUMP DAY 2012, PLEASE CLICK HERE! I’ve been getting lots of Dump Day questions, and I’m going to try and answer some … QUESTION: What can I do to REALLY make a BIG difference on Dump Day tomorrow? (3 Things…) Pray and ask God to bless our day. Make a donation. […]

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How To Give On Dump Day and Dump Day Give-Aways

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR DUMP DAY 2012, PLEASE CLICK HERE! Our 4th annual Dump Day and 30-Hour-Fast is one week away. Many have started giving early, and that is totally okay. If you do give early, please make sure you stop back by this blog next Wednesday and let us know what you gave so […]

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A Very Cool Story From The Dump

The following is a post from my friend Marc Tindall who works in Honduras and does ministry in the dump. This is little Marco, he is now almost 2 years old.  We took him to the doctor today because his mom, my friend Johana, has tried for about a month to get him feeling better and […]

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10 Reasons to Give on Dump Day 2012

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR DUMP DAY 2012, PLEASE CLICK HERE! Every year on the first Wednesday in May, we meet here on this blog to raise money to bless the ministry that takes place at the Tegucigalpa dump in Honduras. That money provides for things like food, milk for newborns, medical emergencies, and on and […]

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My Day Working At The Tegucigalpa Dump

Yesterday Marc Tindall, myself and a few others went to the Tegucigalpa dump to spend part of the day working in the dump. We were hoping to get a small glimpse of what the life of the dump person would be like. We spent our part of the day helping a young 22-year-old single mom […]

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I’m Going To Go To Work in a Dump …

Next week I’m starting a new job. Okay, so it’s only for 1 day, but it is a new job. My friend Marc Tindall has invited me to Honduras  next week to spend a full day working in the Tegucigalpa dump. Oh I’ve worked handing out food there many times, but this is going to […]

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Let Me Introduce You To “Disciple Trips” … Short Term Missions for Young People

(This blog generates a lot of traffic for those interested in short-term missions in Honduras and I want to share with you today a new ministry called Disciple Trips. If you are a teenager, or know a teenager interested in a mission trip, I suggest you point them towards Disciple Trips. I’ve asked my friend, […]

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Ministry Advice From An “Old” Minister

I had a reality check this week when a “young” minister called me wanting some ministry advise from an “older minister.” What exactly did he mean by “older preacher?”  Come to think of it, maybe he was wanting Patrick Mead’s number … he’s much older and much wiser than I am. Funny thing was, I’m […]

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I Dare You To Do The 30 Hour Fast With Me.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR DUMP DAY 2012, PLEASE CLICK HERE! Are you up for a 30 hour fast? How long could you go without food? Could you last 30 hours without food? There are some of us who can’t go a few hours without hollering, “I’m hungry.” As most of you know, on May 2nd, […]

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Beat Up, Ran Over & Left For Dead (A Story from the Dump)

If you were to visit the Tegucigalpa dump in Honduras, one of the first people you might see is Fanni.  She was one of the first people that Marc & Terri Tindall met in the dump. Fanni is now 18 and has a little boy named Marcos. Fanni lives in a very dangerous neighborhood and […]

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We Gave Away A House Yesterday. Before and After Pictures.

The Augment group and the community of Childress gave away another house yesterday. It’s our second house. We’ll be starting on our third project this week. Here are a few before/after pictures and of the yesterday’s open house.    

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College Kids Spending Spring Break … Working in a Dump

My son Parker is in Honduras this week for Spring Break. His group went with Marc Tindall to the dump yesterday to feed the people there. He told me last night that he met a man named Juan at the dump who was carrying a big bag of plastic bottles that he’d been gathering all […]

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10 Signs You’re Not Reading Your Bible Enough

You really can’t remember if it was Moses or Noah that took the animals on the ark. You fall for the old preacher’s joke, “Turn in your bibles to the book of Hezekiah,” when there really is no book of Hezekiah. You think the old saying “cleanliness is next to godliness” is actually a verse […]

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Augment House #2 Open House

Everyone is invited to our Open House for our Augment Project #2. Here’s the news brief that was in the paper…  

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Army Graduation and Video

The Morgan family loaded up this past week and drove to Columbus, Georgia for Taylor’s graduation. It was a great week. We got to see some amazing sights and spend a little time with Taylor. Taylor got a weekend pass so we stayed until Sunday afternoon before heading back to Childress. Taylor started Airborne school […]

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The following conversation took place at lunch today between Taylor, our son who is in the Army, and his mother … who is very girly. I found a lot of humor in it. MOM: Are you still sleeping on the top of your covers at night so you don’t have to re-make your bed in […]

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There’s a new driver in the Morgan family. Connor passed his driving test yesterday and is itching to go somewhere … anywhere … without a parent in the car with him. Connor has taken over driving the old Firebird. Even though it’s on its second motor, it still cleans up nice and gets 30 mpg […]

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Meet Brenda … She’s 14 and Had a Baby Last Year

Brenda is a regular at the dump in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Life is not easy for 14 year old girls that spend time in the dump. Just last year Brenda had a baby. She has no parents, lives with other family but nobody closer than an aunt. Thankfully last year the dump fund, money that was […]

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17 Signs Your Church Might Be Dying

You may have already read these, but according to Barna, 3500-4000 churches close their doors every year… AND recently the Christian Chronicle just published a report saying that in the past nine years that church attendance has dropped by more than 100,000. Just a few days ago I visited with a man that was very concerned […]

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4 Things I Learned This Week…

“Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding…”~Proverbs 3:13 Life is about learning. Learning from mistakes, victories and others makes me a wiser and stronger person.  I’m always trying to learn things from everyday events. Little lessons hidden among daily events and activities. Some of the things I learn are beneficial […]

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“I Just Want My Dad Back”

Yesterday morning after our church services a boy came up to me and said, “Can I talk to you for a second?” I told him to give me just a second and I’d be more than happy to talk. He was about the same size as my 10 year old and I wasn’t sure I […]

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We’re Giving Away Another House … Augment Project #2

A year and a half ago we completed our first Augment Project (see it here). It was an old condemned house that we purchased very cheap and rebuilt for a lady in Childress who needed one. It was an awesome project that the whole community of Childress helped with. In March of last year, we […]

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They Curse, Cheat, Sleep Around, Get Drunk … and Then Invite Me to Church

I have a friend that’s not a Christian, but she’s very curious about my faith, my beliefs and Christianity. She didn’t grow up in any religion or church and knows very little about the bible. She often asks me questions about Christianity that are very simple, honest and sometimes down right painful. Sometimes her questions […]

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10 Stupid Lessons I’ve Learned In Life

You can’t iron your shirt while it’s still on your body without burning yourself. Took me twice to learn this one. Never have a cup of hot coffee between your legs when you’re being rude to your mother. God will see your error, cause you to spill your coffee and punish you with what I […]

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Dump Day 2012 is May 2nd

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR DUMP DAY 2012, PLEASE CLICK HERE! Dump Day 2012 is right around the corner (May 2nd). For the past three years we’ve helped raised money for the ministry that takes place at the dump in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Dump Day 2012 is necessary to replenish the dump fund because the dump fund […]

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Honduras Summer Mission Trip 2012

Just wanted to let you know some details on our summer mission trip to Honduras. We’ll be building houses, feeding the hungry, serving food to those in the dump, doing medical clinics … and MUCH more. DATES: The dates are June 29th – July 6th and flights are already booked. COST: $1600.00 If you want more […]

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I Dropped This Hint To My Wife … And I’m LOVING It.

First, I must make a confession … I’m on Pinterest (find me here). Yes, to my men friends … you may want to take my man-card, BUT to this point … Pinterest has been pretty good to me. Let me explain… Towards the end of the year, my wife was spending a lot of time […]

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Intimacy Killers in Marriage

Intimacy is both physical and emotional closeness in marriage. Being physically intimate is what leads to emotional intimacy and is what God talked about in Genesis 2 when he said, “… and the two (husband & wife) shall become one flesh.” Intimacy should be one of the strengths and cornerstones of your marriage. One of […]

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Skinny Dip’n at the Neighbors

I was riding around with my two youngest boys a while back when they said … “Dad, can we get a hot tub … we never get to hot tub?” My response was, “Boys, we don’t need a hot tub … we’ve got something better … we’ve got friends with hot tubs. Wanna go right […]

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What Do You Feed a Bunch of Texas Kids? How About 135 Biscuits!

The Morgan family had a great Christmas break. Two full weeks of playing, eating, visiting and having fun. As my kids get older, I’m beginning to realize that what makes Christmas special is not the gifts, but everyone getting to be home.  We were blessed to get to have Taylor home for a full 16 […]

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