Last night was Childress’ Jingle Bell 5k run. Thirty-eight people showed up to run. About a month ago, I told my friend Kirby that I thought it would be fun to run the race in a Santa suit. He told me if I’d do the Santa suit, he’d dress up like an elf.

The coolest part was during the run there were kids screaming as I ran by, “MOM, SANTA CLAUS JUST RAN BY OUR HOUSE!” I don’t know how many times I hollered “Merry Christmas” and “Ho Ho Ho,” but it was quite a few. One driver who didn’t yield to me and made me stop, made my naughty list. :)

It was a fun run that I didn’t take to serious when it came to how fast I finished. I do have a new appreciation for the Big Guy in the red suit that somehow delivers presents to everyone in the world’s hottest suit!

Here are a couple of pictures. You can find more info and pictures here and here.

(Pre-race) Kirby was the biggest elf anyone had ever seen.

(Post-race) Q, myself and Ryan. I was SO glad to take that beard off. I could finally breath!



I have fond memories of Thanksgivings long ago. Here are 3 things I remember when I was a kid…

  • Smelling the food cooking all day and thinking, “Are we EVER going to get to eat?”

  • I DO NOT like giblet gravy or pumpkin pie, but I LOVE cranberry sauce. As a kid, Thanksgiving was the only time of year that I was allowed to put a HUGE glob of sugary jelly on my plate, then eat it with a fork and no one gave me flack about it? That, I thought, was a great reason to give thanks.

  • And finally, Thanksgiving meant the start of the Christmas season. We could beg mom all we wanted, but the tree didn’t go up until after Thanksgiving.

I’d love to know, what do you remember about the Thanksgivings you had as a child?

We got to put the tree up early this past weekend because Taylor was home. YEA!


“Marriage should be honored by everyone, and husband and wife should keep their marriage pure…” Hebrews 13:4

Most of the time I write a post, I get some comments and a few days later the post is forgotten. But, there are times when you touch a nerve on a topic and the post seems to grow and take a life of it’s own.

Over a month ago I did a post on “Men and Sex” and how husband’s deal with sexual temptation. I talked about how important it is that wives help in fulfilling their husband’s sexual needs and how pornography is unhealthy in marriage. That post still continues to get tons of daily visitors and it also continues to get comments, something that usually doesn’t happen with old posts.

The biggest nerve that I touched with that post is the idea that pornography in marriage is unhealthy. For the past 4 weeks my email inbox has been full of letters from people who have had their marriages damaged by pornography. I was asked by the writer of the following email to please share with others her story about the dangers of pornography in marriage. Here it is …


I just want to say thank you for your recent posts on pornography. I greatly appreciate the woman in your most recent post on this subject, without even trying she has encouraged me to stand and not be afraid to speak out against it.

For me these posts are important for several reasons and I feel that if you know how much these topics can help people you will be encouraged to continue to discuss it. I was shown pornography the 1st time when I was 5 years old. The image of that magazine picture is burned in my memory. It was my older brother who showed it to me. 3 years later he began violating me, he did so until I was 15. A short time later he died and I never got the satisfaction of a face off with my abuser. I feel now, many years later, that God delivered me from him. I’m only telling you this to explain that it all started with pornography. It might have happened anyway…but I can’t excuse the fact that he was “grooming” his 5 year old sister with it. Who could ignore that?

Pornography was basically always a part of my life. All through my growing up years my brothers always had it around, hidden in secret places that I always found. My friend’s fathers had it hidden around their homes too. I saw way too much of it growing up. So when I married a man that used it I didn’t think that much about it. I actually believed all men used it and it was just normal. I grew up in the church, my parents were always faithful and pretty involved, I was always seeking out God and trying to learn more and do better….even in the midst of my adversity. So how did I not know that “all men” don’t use it? Because it wasn’t talked about, that’s how.

If it had been talked about, I might not have married the man I did. I full well knew that he used it, in fact it wasn’t just magazines it was videos, really, really sick videos, the stuff I think must be what they classify as “hard porn”. I turned my head to it and let it happen. While I was wasn’t looking he began abusing me. I didn’t even see it for a long time. It started very gradually and has worked its way through our marriage to the point that I am trying to leave him now. I am abused daily…emotionally, verbally and physically. Some people that truly know my situation would even say sexually abused, although I have a hard time admitting that…I just don’t want to believe that could happen a second time in my life. I don’t know from day to day if I will stay or go. It’s serious enough that I could call the police and have him arrested at any given time. It has taken many months of counseling from a good friend to just be able to hold up my head and fight back to save myself. He has helped me see also that pornography is at the root of all the evil things in my life. Its the common denominator from my childhood and now my life as an adult.

I don’t write any of this lightly. I don’t make a habit out of telling strangers about my troubled life. But I feel so strongly now that porn has led me down this path…I have to speak up. I can’t remain silent. If otherwise good men knew the dangers that lurked in those pages, on that video, they may think twice before picking it up. If young girls knew how demoralizing it is and how men sometimes treat their wives because of it…they may think twice about marrying them…I hope that they would. If I had known better, I could have done better. So please…don’t stop talking about it. Encourage others to talk about it too. There is a lot of bad things that come from pornography…a lot. The church needs to know that…the world needs to know that.

Thank you for the insightful posts you put on your blog. I appreciate the view point you provide your readers.

(Comment of the Day: Charlie said…
I ve been there and Ill never go back!!! I have had it in my marriage and it nearly destroyed my life and a marriage for 10 years . If you really call yourself a man,a husband, a father,most of all CHRISTIAN then you need to stop ,before it destroys your soul .Think about how it affects our children,if you have daughters like I do , those girls involved in porn, they are someone’s else’s daughters. And our sons, they treat women based on our example. Where’s our integrity?Great post!! :)


I was tagged to share some “eights” about myself. So, here you go:

8 Favorite TV Shows:

  • SportCenter
  • Survivor
  • CSI – Las Vegas
  • Dallas Cowboys Football & Texas Rangers Baseball
  • Amazing Race
  • America’s Funniest Videos
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Seinfeld reruns

8 Favorite Restaurants:

  • Taco Villa
  • Der Wienerschnitzel
  • Saltgrass
  • Tacos Garcia
  • Anything Chinese
  • Vinson Cafe :-)
  • Carinos
  • Anyplace with Friends

8 Things That Happened Today (Yesterday):

  • Preached twice
  • I got to hold sweet Baby Noah … found out he’s very ticklish
  • Taught Bible class
  • Enjoyed the day off from running and any other form of exercise
  • Watched the Cowboys game with a house full of company
  • Decorated the Christmas tree (I’ll show you pictures later)
  • Laughed at “this” video
  • Watched NFL highlights with Lea while eating supper in the living room (my favorite thing to do)
  • Hugged LOTS of necks at church (another favorite thing to do)

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

  • Christmas
  • Playing games and hanging out with family on Thanksgiving day
  • A big “date night” I have planned next month with Lea. It’ll require dressing up! :)
  • My next run
  • Going to Vegas in March
  • Running this Friday night in the local Jingle Bell Run dressed up as Santa Claus
  • Watching Parker & Connor play basketball this year
  • Heaven

8 Things on My Wishlist:

  • To raise four “good” boys
  • Get my blog moved from blogger to my own domain
  • Replace my “laptop from hell” with a Mac
  • Tickets to the opening day Rangers game
  • Take a cruise
  • Watch my boys grow up
  • Make the Tulsa Workshop this year
  • Two tickets to a James Taylor concert

I tag you …. only if you want to do this…

(Comment of the Day: Rick Morgan said…
How come “Walker Texas Ranger” isn’t on the list of TV shows it really should be #1 for your own safety. Did you hear that an episode of Walker Texas Ranger was aired in France, the French surrendered to Chuck Norris just to be on the safe side.)


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Taylor came home last night for Thanksgiving break. It was sure good to see my kid. We’re excited that he’s going to be around the next 9 days. Besides bringing 52 loads of dirty laundry for his mother, he also brought another AIMer with him that wasn’t going to be able to go home because […]

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You may be thinking that my life as a minister is pretty dull, but I have to tell you, you’re way off on that thought. It can be a roller-coaster thrill ride at times. It’s the little things that take place every day that make it exciting. Here’s an example… A while back, I went […]

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I try to make the local nursing home a stop for me on Monday’s. The people in the home are beautiful people, but my heart always hurts for them. They’ve reached a point in their life that they can no longer live by themselves and must have someone else take care of them. Yesterday I […]

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Today I celebrate this blog’s second birthday. I don’t exactly know what that means other than I’ve been at it for two years. To celebrate today, I’ll share “11 Signs you might be a Blog-Addict”… Your spouse carries a picture of the back of your head in their wallet because this is what they normally […]

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I had big plans for this weekend. Lea is gone with a group of ladies to a Women of Faith conference, and I envisioned a male bonding, bachelor-type weekend with me and the boys. I couldn’t wait to show the boys how much fun dads can be. The rules I laid down for the weekend […]

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Can you imagine being SO hungry that you would go to the city dump to find food for yourself and for your family? Can you imagine food being so scarce that you move your family to the dump to live where everyone can search for food everyday, because without it you and your family will […]

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Taylor turned in his list of places he’d like to go to do mission work for the next year and a half. I think the places on his list were Africa, Scotland, Grass Valley, California and Salt Lake City, Utah. He’ll find out about Christmas time where he’s going and who he’s going with. He […]

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Many think because of my position as a minister that I never struggle with the common things they struggle with. Somehow many believe ministers are spiritual super-beings who can defeat Satan with their mighty sermons and bible knowledge. Let me set those people straight. I am no spiritual superhero. I am not exempt from the […]

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WHAT I LEARNED… This course provided two of the biggest hills I’ve ever seen in my entire life. These were Mount Sinai sized hills. I’m thrilled they put off the start time until 9 a.m. to give it time to warm up. It was just above freezing when the race started. I was excited to […]

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Two words: Painfully realistic! (Comment of the Day: Anonymous said… “There was a lot of truth to that spot. Especially the part about drawing attention to new comers and making then fill out all the paperwork. My wife and I will never fill out those visiter cards because if we don’t like the message the […]

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I still remember the day Cooper learned to climb up on the top bunk of the bunk-beds all by himself. I had rounded the corner and there he sat, grinning from ear to ear. “How did you get up there?” I asked him. I believe his answer was, “I climbeded.” I reminded him he wasn’t […]

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Here are some of my favorite quotes from other bloggers who have tried to sum up last night’s presidential election… My son kind of stunned me with this thought: “Just think, Daddy, it was only 50 years ago that black people weren’t even allowed to vote in some places.” Whatever you think of Barack Obama’s […]

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Why is it that when I pull into the drive up at the bank I get behind the person who is slower than molasses going uphill in January? Just recently I pulled in behind a person who was obviously trying to refinance his home through the drive up window. That little drawer went in and […]

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I’ve got to have an anatomy discussion with my 7 year old son. He told me a couple of nights ago when his stomach was hurting, “Dad, it’ll be okay, it’s just my ovaries.” I didn’t know he even knew the word “ovaries.” It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen Taylor, our oldest. He’d […]

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I am a man and I love it. I don’t wear pink. I don’t own a sweater vest. I don’t listen to Clay Aiken, and I don’t like to chit-chat on the phone. I am a man. I love the smell of diesel, the smell of a new set of tires and the smell of […]

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Halloween was a big event around my house when I was a kid. It meant two things: dressing up to get candy and Christmas was right around the corner. We didn’t get a lot of candy growing up, so we couldn’t wait to start knocking on doors in the neighborhood. When it came to costumes […]

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Holy Smokes, did this ever hit home!!!

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Nothing is funnier to me that being able to laugh at yourself or what you do. I have an arsenal of preacher jokes, but here is one of the ones that is at the top of my favorites list… Three ministers and their wives were on a cruise. A tidal wave came up and swamped […]

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I laughed and laughed when I saw this… In case you forgot, “this” was the original.

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Last week I did a post on “Sex and Men,” (read it here) and the difficulties of staying pure in your marriage. While the post dealt more about men staying pure, a nerve was touched when I mentioned pornography in marriage. I received countless emails from people shouting the dangers of pornography in marriage from […]

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I had a great weekend. About 200 runners showed up for a 12.2 mile run in some of God’s most beautiful creation. I wasn’t sure if I could do a run this difficult, but shoot, you’ll never know what you can do if don’t try. The thing I’m still learning is that when you put […]

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SATURDAY is the PALO DURO CANYON TRAIL RUN: I’m going this Saturday to Palo Duro Canyon for a 20k (12.5 mile) run. It’ll be a monster of a run because 99% of it will be on dirt trails and up and down hills. Last time I ran this race it was only 9 miles, but […]

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God has put me in some sticky situations that have left me a little concerned about my life … I’ve ridden public transportation in a foreign country. I’ve had military police with machine guns, in a foreign country, board my bus to find out who I was. I’ve run at night through parts of Mexico […]

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I’ve heard the quote that on average men think about sex every 7 seconds, I personally think that those numbers might be a little on the conservative side God is the creator of sex, and He made it to be GOOD (can I get an “Amen” here guys?!) in the confines of marriage. Yet, due […]

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It’s healthy to take time off to rest and play. Yesterday the Morgan’s went to the Henderson’s farm to hide out. Here are a few things we enjoyed on our day out… Playing Rummy & Jenga. Watching the movie Transformers. Riding 4-wheelers (for a short time, due to the rain). Having the mother of all […]

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My kids are out of school for Columbus Day today, so I’ve taken the day off. To celebrate the day, I thought I’d share a very special blog post today called… “10 things I never do when my kids are out of school and I’ve taken the day off on Columbus Day …” 1. Blog […]

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Big news story, “Pastors to Preach Politics from the Pulpit.” Me? I’ll be preaching Christ this Sunday!

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Here are a few things I found really interesting this week. Click on the “this” to check them out. This was a great article on Men and Sex! Ever wonder which Presidential candidates are the best and worst charitable givers? Me too, you might find “this” interesting. I know I did. Pornography brings in more […]

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This dad who was wearing his “World’s Greatest Dad” shirt when he was arrested for trying to pick up a 14 year old girl. Sheesh! Who knows maybe his, “World’s Greatest Pedophile” shirt was in the wash. Come on guys … be a real DAD!

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