Building Houses and Manicures at the Dump

There is nothing more thrilling than building houses in Honduras. They are what we call, “instant gratification.” That’s because in one afternoon you go from an empty dirt lot to having a home for someone. The family who’s getting the home comes and watches and everyone is happy, smiling and thankful. My friend John Henderson said after his first house, “I’d be happy building 2 houses everyday for the rest of my life.” Last week was a good week, we built a LOT of houses.  Marc Tindall says he gets about 11 requests each day for a house.  TORCH does not receive enough funds to build that many houses, but they do what they can when they can.

Houses are not always easy. Many times you have to carry the lumber up the side of a mountain to the place you’re going to build. All the people we built homes for were living in terrible conditions. Here’s Amber showing off her muscles.

A great picture of two doctors, Green & Darter, who did more than see patients.

Our girls weren’t afraid to get dirty and work. (Kristie, Amanda & Kristin)

John & Lonnie. FYI: If you build a home with John, make sure you don’t work directly under him. He may drop a hammer or himself on you. :)

Clay doing the roof.

An excited family has a new home. One of the things I love is that before we leave a home, we give them a “home kit.” Which consists of a box full of blankets, sheets, pots & pans, a teddy bear (if there are kids) and other things for their new home. That’s always so fun watching them open it.

I had to include this picture and tell you the story behind it. As you notice, it rains a LOT in Honduras. We got wet everyday. They finished this house just about the time the rain started. Everyone working, and the little family that was getting this new house, all ran inside to get out of the rain. As everyone sat listening to it rain, in a very dry house, the mother became so overcome with joy and emotion that she started weeping. Finally she and her family wouldn’t be living in a home where they were constantly getting wet when it rained. Needless to say, there wasn’t anyone with dry eyes in the house.

The dump.  I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like the dump. It is the complete opposite of building a house. When you finish building a house you feel good about what you’ve accomplished. You’ve given someone a home and everyone is happy. When you finish at the dump … you simply hurt and cry. It’s a place that lacks a lot of hope, but you can’t quit.   The good news is that there are plans, big plans, for bringing some hope to the Tegucigalpa dump. I can’t wait to tell you more. But in the meantime, we went to the dump twice last week to feed hungry, dirty people. Due to the heavy rains, the stench was worse than I had ever smelled.  But what really matters is that hungry people got fed.

I hate seeing children at the dump.

Here’s something amazing … I’m not sure it’s ever been done before, but the ladies broke out their fingernail polish and began to polish the ladies fingernails. They’d take a wipe and clean their hands and then paint their nails. All the woman were so excited to have their nails done … IN A DUMP! I can’t get past that.

The hand on the right belonged to a little old woman whose hands were so tired and worn out. At first she was embarrassed when the ladies asked to paint her nails, but she gave in and had hers done. As you can see in the following picture … she began to cry and then hugged all the ladies for her new manicure.  Heartbreaking that a woman her age would be found digging through trash at this stage in her life. But that day … she did it with pretty nails.

Thanks for letting me share with you about something that I’m very passionate about.

Honduras Medical Clinics

We had two different days of medical/dental clinics while in Honduras. Medical care is a basic need that often goes unmet in Honduras. We were blessed last week to take with us 3 doctors, a dentist and 2 nurses. We brought suitcases full of antibiotics, anti-parasite meds, ointments, vitamins, and other basic medications. There were SO many good people who helped supply these meds. United Supermarket in Childress paid for all the antibiotics and gave us discounts on lots of other drugs we needed. Many people supplied us with vitamins that are so desperately needed.

As close as we can figure … around 700 people were seen in two days.

Those that read my blog last week know that we saw that we came up short on our medications. In order to have a second clinic we were going to have to buy another $1000 of drugs. Many of you jumped in and gave immediately. God’s people are amazing. Yesterday I deposited the money you gave… get this now … $996 into the bank and sent a $1000 check for the cost of the drugs. Cool isn’t it?

There were people lined up for the first clinic long before we got there. It took place in a little church not far  from the dump.

Just over this hill, where you see all the buzzards, is the dump. There were many dump people seen at this first clinic. Our docs and dentist all agreed that the people seen on this day were the least heathy of the two groups.

Dr. Pratt did a great job of meeting physical needs.

Dr. Eric Green pulled a lot of teeth.

Dr. Green caring for an infant. If you didn’t get to read the story about baby Jesus … stop what you’re doing and go read it now … HERE.

The medical clinics were great places to give away clothes.

We did a VBS, puppets and bible stories at each clinic. Beth sat for hours coloring with kids.

The sweet face of a Hondruan child.

Lauren Bratton took care of patients too.  The second clinic we did was in a remote a place as anyone could ever imagine. It took an hour and a half bus ride on a dirt road through the mountains just to get there.

Eilene Pratt saw lots of patients and our pharmacy crew (Amber & Kristi) here did a great job passing out the meds.

I finally talked our dentist, Dr. Green, into letting me pull a tooth. :)

One of my favorite pictures … Amanda K. loving on a very scared Honduran woman who was seeing a doctor.

Tomorrow I’ll show you two of the most emotional things that took place last week. One was good, the other one will break your heart. Oh, and wait until you see what we did at the dump. “This” may be a first.

Honduras Pictures from Day 1 & 2

Over the next three days I’m going to try and show you some of the things we did in Honduras. They say pictures tell the story … so here it goes.

On July 24th a group of 45 flew out of Dallas to go to Honduras and spend the week serving others. We had mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses, kids, a dentist, a hospital CEO, teachers, and on and on…

Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America, only behind Haiti. Although the land and scenery are beautiful, most of the housing is substandard. Many, if not most, homes in Honduras still have bathrooms and kitchens outside their home and they do their cooking over wood.

Many things you’ll see make you think you’ve stepped back in time.

The roads are not the best and it’s pretty easy to get stuck. I’m not sure what Parker is telling them here, but I’m thinking it’s something like, “If you don’t push, I’m going to have to help.”

We spent time at the hospital. It was a very poor hospital. We played and colored with the kids. Here’s Nate with one of the young kids with cancer.

We gave out coloring books, crayons and stuffed animals. Kristin was amazing on this trip. She had hero status in my eyes, because when she chose to go and serve in Honduras she knew she was going to miss her youngest daughter’s first birthday. She chose to go to Honduras and serve, and I hope her daughter grows up to be just like her.

Haley blowing bubbles with a sweet baby with cancer. Another COOL thing we did at the hospital was on Wednesday night about 10:30 we went on a blanket run to the hospital. Someone had donated a bunch of blankets and we went to give them away. We found people sleeping all over the hard floors and on the stairways, so we quietly went around with the blankets we had and covered cold people up who where sleeping. Many were covered up with a blanket who never knew we were there.

This is the inside of a home in Honduras. We were going to tear this one down and build the best home we could for this family … a cinder-block home.

Not much left of the home in this picture. Dr. Dee not only saw patients, but also built numerous houses.

When the old wood house was gone, it wasn’t long before the concrete floor was poured and cinder-blocks were put in place. A wood house generally takes half a day to build, the cinder-block homes take 4-5 days. This would be our BIG project for the week. This family was very special to many of us and we wanted them to have the best we could build. Daniel and Parker became experts at building concrete homes.

By the end of day one. (BTW: there’s something REALLY wrong with this picture. Something that really bothers me… can you figure it out?)

Day two we called in the dream-team to come help on this one. They did an unbelievable 10 rows of cinder-block. They were amazing. Eric Green can do much more than just pull teeth. :)

By the end of the week, Parker, our cinder-block house foreman was proud of the efforts.

Tomorrow we’ll show you medical clinics where around 700 people were seen by doctors and a dentist … the pictures are amazing.

Thanks for stopping by.

She Still gives me Butterflies

I spent the entire week with Lea in Honduras. I loved working and serving with my wife. Together we built houses, fed hungry people and worked in a medical clinic. Although we worked together and spent time together, we were more teammates this past week than we were husband and wife. In fact, I told her once this past week, “I’ve seen you all week, but I don’t feel like we’ve spent any time together.” What I missed last week were the little things like our quiet time we have every day over a cup of coffee.

By the time I got to our seat at church this morning, things weren’t looking much better.  Three kids had already placed themselves between Lea and where I was supposed to sit… right next to her.  Despite the commotion it might cause, I made the decision that I was going to make all those kids scoot down just so I could sit by my wife.  It was worth it.

When I finally got the seat I wanted, next to Lea, she scooted right up next to me. Then she put her hand under my arm and put her hand on my hand. Right then I felt them … even after 22 years of marriage they were still there. What were they? Butterflies in my stomach.

I hope they never leave.

The Bus

We’ve spent a lot of time on a bus this week. It was the best way to get a group our size around the area.

The dozens of boxes in the back are large amount of clothes we were taking to those who have nearly nothing in this world. Even though we had a lot to share, we quickly realize it wasn’t enough. Many were turned away which broke our hearts.

Why would we be willing to pay money to spend a week in a 3rd world country … riding on a hot bus … giving up the comforts of home, just feed & serve others? Because someone needs to do it (John 13:34-35).

How about you next summer?

Aiming My Sons

Psalm 127 “Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.” I’ve been blessed to have all my boys with me in Honduras this week. I’ve got to […]

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One of my Heroes

Dr. Dee Green has spent his week in Honduras building houses and seeing patients in the medical clinics. He signed up to come to Honduras knowing full well that he’d be gone on his anniversary. Today he celebrates his 38th anniversary away from his sweet wife Susan. I’m sure when Dee gets home he’ll make […]

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I Love People With Faith

Tuesday’s medical & dental clinic was much more successful than I ever imagined. It was estimated that 500 people were seen. Poor people who can’t afford get help were helped. Our doctors, dentist, nurses and everyone else, were amazing. Several ladies did a VBS, puppet show & bible lessons with those waiting in line. We […]

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Saving Baby Jesus

I want to share a quick story about a baby that was seen at our medical clinic that took place yesterday across from the dump. The baby was 2 weeks old and the momma brought him in because she said he was sick. When our doctors saw him he they immediately noticed that the baby […]

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Honduras – Day 3

Here are a few pictures. Internet here is SO slow. Ugh… Haley loving on a sweet Honduran child. She and others were building a home for this child and her family. Eric did a dental clinic all day today. An estimated 400+ were treated by doctors and dentists today. A hungry boy who was fed […]

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Honduras – Day 2

As my friend Marc Tindall loves to says, “Today was a great day in Honduras.” My group of 46 worked so hard today and were exhausted when they came in tonight. Yet, they didn’t come in talking about how hard it was, or how they’d got rained on, or how tired they were, instead they […]

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Honduras – Day 1

I’m supposed to be in Honduras this morning, but instead I’m sitting in the San Salvador airport. Our flight schedule for our trip was to be: Dallas-Fort Worth to El Salvador to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. All went well yesterday until we got El Salvador last night. When we went to board our last plane for a […]

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Honduras – Mission Possible

(A little girl and her puppy, that I met at the dump last December.) Our group of 46 from Childress leaves tomorrow for Honduras. We’ll spend 8 days building houses, feeding the hungry, working at the dump, doing VBS, doing medical & dental clinics, loving on kids and telling others about Jesus. I’m excited about […]

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Amazing Landing in Honduras

I told those going to Honduras with me, that I’d post this video today. I’m not trying to scare them, I just don’t want them to miss part of the excitement of the trip. The runway our plane lands on in Tegucigalpa is the second shortest major airport runway in the world. Because the runway […]

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A Heart Like Amie’s

Amie has the most amazing heart. Amie is one of our young people at church. She’s just graduated and will start college next month. More than once, Amie has called me asking for help. No, not ever for herself, but always for other people. Every time she sees someone in town that looks homeless, hungry […]

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There’s No Fooling your Children

Parents … practice what you preach because there’s no fooling your kids. They are smarter than you think.

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Blessed Like the First Kid in the Parade

This morning was Childress’ Old Settler’s parade. The boys and I rode in the parade so we could throw out candy with little VBS invitations on them. As I threw out the candy, I couldn’t help but think about the crazy parade I were in a few years ago …. and the embarrassing thing that […]

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Filthy Rich

We’re blessed to be some of the richest people in the world. But often times here’s what happens … “Because we don’t usually have to depend on God for food, money to buy our next meal, or shelter, we don’t feel needy. In fact, we generally think of ourselves as fairly independent and capable. Even […]

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We’re Covering Everything from Ministry to Sex

My friend Peter Pollock asked if I’d do an interview for him a few weeks ago. I’d like to simply say, Peter asks some tough questions.:) Peter had me cover everything from ministry, to cancer, to having a great sex life. I invited you to come read …. PART 1 IS HERE and PART 2 is […]

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Men Need Men

I’m sitting in the airport this morning waiting on my flight.  I’ve been thinking all morning about the relationships I have in my life. I’m realizing that some of the most vital relationships in my life are friendships with men. As a man, I desperately need close friendship with other guys who will encourage me […]

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It’s a Cross Country Road Trip

Over the past two years, my oldest son Taylor, has been in the AIM (Adventures In Missions) program. AIM has been such a blessing and has given him a chance to work, serve and grow.  Now, he’s a week away from finishing up his time on the mission field in Miami / Homestead, Florida and […]

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In about two weeks I’ll be here… in a dump … in Honduras. The following video is a documentary on the dump in Tegucigalpa Honduras, and the dump ministry that takes place there. My friend Andy Hubright has been working on a documentary about the dump for a few months. He shot all the scenes for […]

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A Good Marriage Doesn’t Happen by Accident

I’m not a marriage expert, nor am I a marriage counselor, but I’m smart enough to tell you this … a good, healthy, happy, strong marriage doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes work. Yes, work! A truly happy marriage never happens by accident, instead it takes time and effort. According to the national average, a couple […]

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Will You be a Sheep or Goat?

Some buddies and I loaded up a while back and drove to Dallas to hear Shane Claiborne speak. I remember him asking a question that just rocked my “religious” world. He asked, “How can you and I worship a homeless man on Sunday and ignore one on Monday?” The tough answer is … we shouldn’t. […]

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10 Things I’ve Enjoyed About my Vacation

After a great week at the Red River Family Encampment, we’ve spent the rest of the week vacationing in the mountains of New Mexico. Here are 10 things I’ve enjoyed about my vacation… 1. The cool 70 degree temperatures in the daytime and 40 degree temps at night. (I’m really disappointed that Childress has been […]

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Adultery is a Brainless Act

Some call it sleeping around, some call it cheating or being unfaithful, God calls it adultery. No matter what you call it, it’s pretty clear on how God feels about adultery. He doesn’t like it! Here are a few things I took note of from the book of Proverbs this morning… “Adultery is a brainless […]

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First Fish

Cooper’s first fish with a flyrod.

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What Attracts me to A Blog?

I taught a class this morning on how to successfully use blogging and social media for ministry. I shared a few points on what I think makes a successful blog. Here were my points… Make your posts relevant. Give me stuff that applies today and is relevant to me as a Christian, husband, father, etc. […]

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Women have Chosen “This Guy” as the Perfect Man?

What man wouldn’t want to be the “perfect man?” Every year, for the past 50 years, women have voted in Redbook magazine on who they think is the perfect man for each decade. Past winners by decades include… John Wayne – 60’s Alan Alda – 70’s Sylvester Stallone – 80’s Nicholas Cage – 90’s Johnny Depp […]

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The Dad Life

Talk about an awesome video…. This is dad life It’s how we live 24/7, 365 Check me Gas station glasses Don’t care what the masses Think about me wit my sweet goatee I’m rockin’ my Dockers With a cuff and a crease I got that St. John’s Bay And a clip for my piece I […]

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Red River Family Encampment 2010

(Photo by Jeff Foster) We’re headed this weekend to the Red River Family Encampment in the beautiful mountains of Red River, New Mexico. A couple thousand people will be showing up for five days of fellowship, bible study and relaxation. I’m teaching 3 adult classes in the mornings on, “Finding new Ministries in Unexpected Places,” […]

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Bring some Food, Show up Naked

I laughed when I heard a woman mention recently, “It’s pretty simple to get a husband to think romantically. A wife just needs to bring some food and show up naked.” Personally, I’d just like to add to that statement that anything fancier than pizza is unnecessary. While some that may work for getting husbands […]

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WARNING: This will make you Hungry

You can call me a little weird if you want, but I have a ton of food pictures on my phone. When I try something new, or see sometime that looks really good, I get a picture of it. It’s not unusual for me to be sitting in a restaurant and say, “Don’t start eating […]

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Here’s to hoping you’re not a Sick, Twisted & Evil Father

Happy Fathers Day.

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10 Things I LOVE About Being a Minister

At the first of this week I shared with you, “10 Things that Frustrate me as a Minister.” I think it’s only fair that I also share with you this post … 10 Things I LOVE About Being a Minister… I love getting to be a part of people’s lives. What an honor it is […]

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