A Heart Like Amie’s

Amie has the most amazing heart. Amie is one of our young people at church. She’s just graduated and will start college next month. More than once, Amie has called me asking for help. No, not ever for herself, but always for other people. Every time she sees someone in town that looks homeless, hungry or needing help, she calls and says, “Can you go check on this person for me?” I’ve always tried.

Once when she called about a homeless man she’d seen at the McDonald’s needing help, I jumped in my pickup and went to check on him.  When I got there I said, “There you are, I’ve been looking for you.” He responded, “How’d you know I was here? Did an angel tell you?” I said, “Yes, a little blonde headed 18 year old one.” :)

I leave this Saturday for Honduras. As many of you know, I’ve been asking for beanie-baby stuffed animals to take with me. I have a a TON that we’ll pack up and take with us when we go. Those little stuffed animals will be given to a little boy or girl in the hospital there in Honduras. The hospital is not a good place to be for a child, especially in a third-world country.  The last time we visited the hospital there, we saw lots of really sick kids whose eyes lit up by the gift of a simple stuffed animal.

This past Sunday, Amie told me she was wanting to donate her beanie-baby collection she’d been saving. Before bringing her stuffed animal collection to the house, she spent the afternoon putting a ribbon around each of their necks with a little hand written note that said, Dios Te Ama”, which is “God Loves You.”  With them she gave me this note:

“I know that there are tons of children at the hospital that are really sick, but I want to ask you to give mine to the ones that are doing really bad and need to know that God loves them. (I know that every child there needs to know that, but I feel that God is pushing me to do this for the really really sick ones). If you could please do this for me I would really appreciate it. Even though I can’t be there in person, I know I can still work through God, and can get my beanie babies to them with your help.”

I’d just like to say that I want a heart like Amie’s.

There’s No Fooling your Children

Parents … practice what you preach because there’s no fooling your kids. They are smarter than you think. :-)

Blessed Like the First Kid in the Parade

This morning was Childress’ Old Settler’s parade. The boys and I rode in the parade so we could throw out candy with little VBS invitations on them. As I threw out the candy, I couldn’t help but think about the crazy parade I were in a few years ago …. and the embarrassing thing that happened. Here the story…

A few years ago while preaching in Tulia, I was also serving as a volunteer paramedic for the Tulia ambulance services. One Saturday, my buddy Scotty and I, volunteered to go to a little town called Kress about 10 miles away, to drive the ambulance through their parade and throw out candy to the kids. Since we actually provided ambulance service to this little community, the hospital thought it’d be a good idea if we showed up for their big annual parade.

After picking up our 3 very large bags of candy that the hospital provided us, we were off. Neither of us had ever been to the parade in this little west Texas town, but when we got there neither Scotty or myself were very impressed. When we lined up for the parade we noticed that there were lots of vehicles like fire trucks and police cars, but there was hardly any people there for the parade. Actually, only a handful of people had shown up. I remember thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I gave up my Saturday for this sorry parade?” When the parade finally started, we turned on our sirens and lights and waved to the people who’d actually shown up. We threw out a few pieces of candy, but soon realized we had tons of candy and no one to throw it to. We finally noticed one little boy at the very end of the street. He was actually the only kid we’d seen. So Scotty and I decided, “Let’s don’t take any of the candy home. If the kid has showed up for the parade, let’s reward him.” So when we came to the end of the street where the one lone boy stood, we waved him over and started dumping huge handfuls of candy right in front of him. When we finished dumping all the candy out the window, we left one of the largest piles of candy any one kid has ever had. That kid was blessed with more than he’d ever be able to eat. And by the look on his face when we started throwing candy at him, I know he must have thought we were the greatest guys in the world. We left that little boy everything we had, three very large bags of candy. We knew he was going to need a much bigger sack than the one he had.

What we didn’t know until about two minutes later was that where we were was not where the people actually gathered to watch the parade. The street we’d been on was just the starting street. When we turned the corner, there were all the people. Hundreds of people had actually shown up. Kids were everywhere screaming for candy, and we had none. We had nothing left to give. We had thrown everything to the one lucky (and very surprised) first kid on the other street. The rest of the parade we just waved, laughed and threw out rubber gloves. :)

I later got to thinking how God blesses us with so much more than we’ll ever need. As His children, He makes sure we have the spiritual necessities that we need like forgiveness, grace, mercy, love, peace and other things as well. But He doesn’t stop there; he also pours out physical blessings in our lives and gives us more than we ever deserve. He simply blesses us like we’re the first kid at the parade. He shovels more into our lives than our little bags will ever be able to carry. The difference between God and our three bags of candy we gave out at the parade is that God never runs out. Ever.

God is good.

“All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms…” Ephesians 1:3.

Filthy Rich

We’re blessed to be some of the richest people in the world. But often times here’s what happens …

“Because we don’t usually have to depend on God for food, money to buy our next meal, or shelter, we don’t feel needy. In fact, we generally think of ourselves as fairly independent and capable. Even if we aren’t rich, we are “doing just fine.”

If 100 people represented the world’s population, 53% of those people would live on less than $2 a day. Do you realize that if you make $4000 a month, you automatically make one hundred times more than the average person on this planet?  Simply by purchasing a book, you spend what a majority of people in the world will make in a week’s time.”

Here’s the part that punched me in the throat…

“Which is more messed up — that we have so much compared to everyone else, or that we don’t think we’re rich? On any given day we might flippantly call ourselves “broke” or “poor”? We are neither of those things. We are rich. Filthy rich.”

The above quote is from the book I’ve been reading called “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. Maybe it’s because I’m headed to Honduras in a week and a half, where human poverity is evident daily,  or maybe it’s just God working on me, BUT those words really stung when I read them.

Here’s what God has to say about this:

“Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.” ~ 1 Timothy 6:17-19

We’re Covering Everything from Ministry to Sex

My friend Peter Pollock asked if I’d do an interview for him a few weeks ago. I’d like to simply say, Peter asks some tough questions.:)

Peter had me cover everything from ministry, to cancer, to having a great sex life. I invited you to come read …. PART 1 IS HERE and PART 2 is HERE.

Men Need Men

I’m sitting in the airport this morning waiting on my flight.  I’ve been thinking all morning about the relationships I have in my life. I’m realizing that some of the most vital relationships in my life are friendships with men. As a man, I desperately need close friendship with other guys who will encourage me […]

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It’s a Cross Country Road Trip

Over the past two years, my oldest son Taylor, has been in the AIM (Adventures In Missions) program. AIM has been such a blessing and has given him a chance to work, serve and grow.  Now, he’s a week away from finishing up his time on the mission field in Miami / Homestead, Florida and […]

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In about two weeks I’ll be here… in a dump … in Honduras. The following video is a documentary on the dump in Tegucigalpa Honduras, and the dump ministry that takes place there. My friend Andy Hubright has been working on a documentary about the dump for a few months. He shot all the scenes for […]

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A Good Marriage Doesn’t Happen by Accident

I’m not a marriage expert, nor am I a marriage counselor, but I’m smart enough to tell you this … a good, healthy, happy, strong marriage doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes work. Yes, work! A truly happy marriage never happens by accident, instead it takes time and effort. According to the national average, a couple […]

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Will You be a Sheep or Goat?

Some buddies and I loaded up a while back and drove to Dallas to hear Shane Claiborne speak. I remember him asking a question that just rocked my “religious” world. He asked, “How can you and I worship a homeless man on Sunday and ignore one on Monday?” The tough answer is … we shouldn’t. […]

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10 Things I’ve Enjoyed About my Vacation

After a great week at the Red River Family Encampment, we’ve spent the rest of the week vacationing in the mountains of New Mexico. Here are 10 things I’ve enjoyed about my vacation… 1. The cool 70 degree temperatures in the daytime and 40 degree temps at night. (I’m really disappointed that Childress has been […]

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Adultery is a Brainless Act

Some call it sleeping around, some call it cheating or being unfaithful, God calls it adultery. No matter what you call it, it’s pretty clear on how God feels about adultery. He doesn’t like it! Here are a few things I took note of from the book of Proverbs this morning… “Adultery is a brainless […]

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First Fish

Cooper’s first fish with a flyrod.

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What Attracts me to A Blog?

I taught a class this morning on how to successfully use blogging and social media for ministry. I shared a few points on what I think makes a successful blog. Here were my points… Make your posts relevant. Give me stuff that applies today and is relevant to me as a Christian, husband, father, etc. […]

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Women have Chosen “This Guy” as the Perfect Man?

What man wouldn’t want to be the “perfect man?” Every year, for the past 50 years, women have voted in Redbook magazine on who they think is the perfect man for each decade. Past winners by decades include… John Wayne – 60’s Alan Alda – 70’s Sylvester Stallone – 80’s Nicholas Cage – 90’s Johnny Depp […]

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The Dad Life

Talk about an awesome video…. This is dad life It’s how we live 24/7, 365 Check me Gas station glasses Don’t care what the masses Think about me wit my sweet goatee I’m rockin’ my Dockers With a cuff and a crease I got that St. John’s Bay And a clip for my piece I […]

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Red River Family Encampment 2010

(Photo by Jeff Foster) We’re headed this weekend to the Red River Family Encampment in the beautiful mountains of Red River, New Mexico. A couple thousand people will be showing up for five days of fellowship, bible study and relaxation. I’m teaching 3 adult classes in the mornings on, “Finding new Ministries in Unexpected Places,” […]

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Bring some Food, Show up Naked

I laughed when I heard a woman mention recently, “It’s pretty simple to get a husband to think romantically. A wife just needs to bring some food and show up naked.” Personally, I’d just like to add to that statement that anything fancier than pizza is unnecessary. While some that may work for getting husbands […]

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WARNING: This will make you Hungry

You can call me a little weird if you want, but I have a ton of food pictures on my phone. When I try something new, or see sometime that looks really good, I get a picture of it. It’s not unusual for me to be sitting in a restaurant and say, “Don’t start eating […]

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Here’s to hoping you’re not a Sick, Twisted & Evil Father

Happy Fathers Day.

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10 Things I LOVE About Being a Minister

At the first of this week I shared with you, “10 Things that Frustrate me as a Minister.” I think it’s only fair that I also share with you this post … 10 Things I LOVE About Being a Minister… I love getting to be a part of people’s lives. What an honor it is […]

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Get Dad a Manly Gift this Father’s Day

I love this video. 1% Wax 99% testosterone Mandles come in a variety of scents. Chuck Norris Sweat, Raw Meat, Wet Dog, Pigskin, and many other manly scents.

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10 Things that Frustrate Me as a Minister…

I have always been a glass-half-full type person. I choose to focus on the positives and not the negatives. But someone asked me this week, “Is there anything that frustrates you?” They couldn’t believe there were things that got under my skin. Although I choose not to focus on them … here are a few… . People […]

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It’s going to be an Exciting Summer…

The Morgan family has had a busy summer so far. Parker has graduated from high school. Connor has been at Lubbock Christian’s Encounter Camp. Cooper has been playing baseball. Parker flew yesterday to Miami to see Taylor. He’ll be there about a week enjoying the sun, some baseball and hanging out. When he returns we’ll […]

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A Sad Story from the Dump

One of the people I’ve met at the Tegucigalpa dump is a 17 year-old girl named Fany. She is a very outgoing teenager who has become close friends with Marc & Terri Tindall. When they feed at the dump, Fany is good at crowd control and sometimes helps serve or hand out water. Fany does […]

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What My Wedding Ring Symbolizes

My wedding ring is a simple gold band that hasn’t been off my finger in many, many years. The only time I remember it coming off, for any amount of time, is when it broke in half and I had to have it fixed. When you look at my ring closely, you won’t see any […]

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Signs I’m Getting Old

I can’t believe I have a son who will be 21 in a few months. I’m not old enough to have a son that old. With this new forty-something age I’ve become, I’ve noticed a few changes in my life that I’m not sure I like. It seems that just overnight I’ve become “older.” How […]

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A Funny Love Story

An 80 year old woman was arrested for shop lifting. When she went before the judge he asked her,”What did you steal?” She replied: “A can of peaches”. The judge asked her why she had stolen them and she replied that she was hungry. The judge then asked her how many peaches were in the […]

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Armando Galarraga, Jim Joyce, plus Forgiveness & Grace

Last night Major League Baseball umpire Jim Joyce made one of the worst calls in baseball history.  His mistake at the end of the Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians game cost Tiger’s pitcher Armondo Galarraga a perfect game.  A perfect game is nearly impossible and in all of MLB history there have only been 12. With […]

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40 Things I Love My Wife

. She considers me her best friend. She looks amazing in her little black dress. She loves watching Texas Rangers baseball. She laughs at my stupid jokes. Her smile triggers an endorphin release in my brain. Her hand fits perfectly in mine. She loves to hug me 20 times a day. She puts lots of […]

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I’m Glad I Had Cancer?

I still remember where I sat when the doctor said, “You have cancer.” Lea hadn’t even come with me to the doctor appointment, because neither one of us felt “the lump” was going to be anything serious. I remember going outside to call Lea and tell her that the doctor had just told me that […]

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Congratulations Parker – Graduate 2010

PSALM 127:3-5 3 Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. 4 Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands. 5 How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them! He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at […]

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Crazy things I’ve seen … in Church!

The other day we had so much fun talking about things we remember about “church when we were kids.” I thought it’d be fun to share some stories about crazy things we’ve seen in church. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things …. some funny, some sad and some down right jaw-dropping. Here are just […]

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Dump Fund Heroes

I’d like you to meet some of my heroes from Quanah High School in Quanah, Texas. They are some of the seniors from Pam Ward’s English class. The heard about Dump Day, watched the gut-wrenching video from the dump and were moved to the point of wanting to get involved. They challenged the Junior’s English […]

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What if Jesus Showed up at Your Church?

Someone asked the question in a bible class recently that made for a lot of interesting discussion. The question was, “What if Jesus showed up for our church services tonight … what would he do or say?”  Here were a few things people answered…. “He’d lead us in powerful worship.” “He would preach.” “He’d tell […]

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