Purchase Marriage Material

You have three options … 

1. Purchase our Stronger Marriage Workshop DVD & Workbook for $25 CLICK here.
  • This is the marriage workshop Trey & Lea do all over the United States. The DVD includes a downloadable workbook and plays on any computer. It covers topics such as … 10 things your husband/wife wants you to know, marriage killers, how to fill your spouse’s love bank, rules for friends of the opposite sex, how to put the spark back in your sex life, and much much more. (DVD videos are MP4’s. Workbook is downloadable and printable in MS Word.)
2. Purchase our “30 Ways To Bless Your Family & Marriage” CD and “follow-along guide” for $15 CLICK here. 
  • This audio CD will play in your car, so you can listen on your way to work, upload it to your iPod, etc. There are three sessions, and each session includes 10 different ways to bless your marriage and family. It comes with an guide you can fill out as you go. 
3. BUNDLE – Get EVERYTHING … our DVD, CD and the 5 Love Languages Coupon Book for $40 CLICK here. 
  • GET EVERYTHING … DVD, CD and Coupon book. We love leaving little coupons for one another. These coupons are for everything from “you pick the date night” to “I’ll bring you lunch,” to “Redeem this coupon for a massage.” Fun little coupons to spice things up and to help you speak your spouse’s love language!  


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