Ever have one-of-those-days? You know one of those days when nothing goes right?

In sports it’s not uncommon for players to have one-of-those-days where everything goes wrong. The baseball player strikes out every time at bat and goes 0-4 during a game. A reliable NFL quarterback can have games where he throws numerous interceptions instead of touchdowns. In college basketball a player might shoot 0-11 from the floor feeling like he let his team down. This doesn’t just happen in sports. We can have bad days at work, at home, at school and other places too.

I totally understand that everyone has those days when nothing works right, but why did mine have to come on Easter Sunday? We’re talking Easter Sunday. You know, the Sunday when everyone actually shows up, when there are tons of visitors and when the place is packed. Easter Sunday is the one Sunday that every preacher worth his salt wants to bring their A-game. I don’t know where my A-game was yesterday, but it wasn’t anywhere to be found on this Easter Sunday.

I can’t quite figure it out either. My topic was an excellent topic. I prepared and studied like I always do. I rose early that morning for quiet time and to look over my notes, but somehow yesterday nothing flowed very smoothly. Even my PowerPoint was all messed up. And did I mention … IT WAS EASTER SUNDAY! Sheesh!

I know I’m my own worst critic, but I want to bring my A-game every Sunday and especially on Easter Sunday. Fortunately, I do find comfort today in knowing that the batter that struck out four times, the quarterback that threw 3 interceptions, and the basketball player that couldn’t make a shot his last game will all get a chance to make up for it the next time they play. So thankfully, next Sunday’s coming!

  1. When is the last time you had one-of-those-days?
  2. What do you do to make yourself feel better?

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Tim Archer says:

    What always happens to me is that that’s when someone comes up telling me how touched they were by the sermon. Sort of God’s way of saying: “Remember, it’s about me, not you.”

    Have a great week!

    Grace and peace,

  2. Lee Fowlkes says:

    I always hate those days because I feel like I am inadequate, but I think God allows me those times so I will always remember that He doesn’t need me as much as I need Him. Also, as a UK fan this year, the injuries to our “stars” have allowed others who normally wouldn’t have the confidence to step up to do things they normally wouldn’t get to do. I think God allows us to have bad days so we can be humble enough to be a team player.

  3. Brie says:

    Heh. Someone halfway back in the auditorium accidentally unplugged the cord to our projector during worship, and so one of our teens had to crawl back under the pew and fix it. It was pretty funny.

    Mine was Easter Sunday too. I made the mashed potatoes of death which threw me off for the whole day. Seriously. Maybe someone will come and take away my chick card, but I’m always terribly embarrassed when I make bad food. They were for a family dinner, so I had to watch everybody gamely try to eat the glue. The lumpy glue. I had to make honor mashed potatoes when I got home just to prove that I still had it in me.

    We won’t go too far into what happens when I’m writing. It’s an excruciating process that requires that the final draft be reviewed at Denny’s or IHOP. Academic writing, for me, is not complete without hashbrowns.

    I guess what makes it better is regaining a good perspective, usually courtesy of my hubby or my little guy.

    We hid eggs at Grandma and Grandpa’s yesterday, and he got to go out first because he’s the littlest. We did manage to get him to hold the basket and walk out the door, with Daddy proudly videoing the whole thing. Noah rushed out, bent over, and picked up…a rock. Which he then carried around for the next 15 minutes. It was hilarious. It’s hard to be mad about lousy mashed potatoes when your kid is toddling around the yard holding a rock that he sticks up over his head every time one of the other kids finds an egg and yells about it.

  4. Darin L. Hamm says:

    It usually takes a good Sunday where things go right.

  5. craigallenhicks says:

    There wouldn’t be such a thing as A- games if there were no b’s, c’s or d’s. Thank God He excels at turning a minus into a plus.
    If you’re at the Workshop I have somebody who wants to meet you. He’s one of our elders and a faithful reader of your blog. Hope your there.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah I understand when you prepare for something and you just can’t execute it right. Like you said there is next Sunday, but being your own worst critic is the worst. I learned that from this weekend with my speech.

  7. Larissa says:

    I honestly have those days quite often! And the ONLY thing I’ve ever found that helps me is praying. And it’s not that everything is going wrong…it’s just hard and there’s a whole lot I don’t understand. Those are the kinds of days I have. God is the only thing that gives me the peace to know that I will get through it and there is a tomorrow!

  8. cdj says:

    Well, we had been having some tough times in my hubby’s extended family, so we thought we would extend the invitation and have all the cousins over to our house the Friday after Thanksgiving for chili. I had some tamales in the freezer, too. Sounds like a great plan, right? Talk about wanting to bring my A-game. Things were a little tense and awkward anyway, and we had a fairly large group at the house. I’m in the kitchen making chili, and chatting with my sister-in-law, while everyone is waiting and visiting together. I can’t talk and do most anything at the same time, but especially not cook. The recipe called for chili powder (duh, it IS chili), but instead, I added 6 tablespoons of CAYENNE! I spent another 30 minutes trying to make it so it wouldn’t burn your lips when it was within an inch of your mouth. It was so embarrassing.

    It wasn’t the first time either…one time, at Thanksgiving my FIRST year with Richard’s family, I made cornbread and a yellow cake. I iced the cornbread and served the yellow cake plain. I was mortified and now it’s a running joke.

    To make myself feel better, I remember that no one is perfect and we all have off days. I try to laugh it off and think that if I were in the others’ shoes, it wouldn’t be as bad as it seems.

    Someday I will prove I CAN cook. Maybe.

  9. Zach Detwiler says:


  10. TREY MORGAN says:

    Craig – I’m hoping to be there.

    Allix – You hang in there. I have no doubt you just got a grouchy old judge that didn’t know what they were doing. Blow it off girl!

    cdj – I absolutely loved your story!

  11. Brandon Price says:

    I was just reading today in 1st Corithians how Paul talked about coming to them humbly (without the great speaking he was well capable of) so that they would see God, and not him.

    Though it’s a lot more rewarding to choose when you do that, it’s a good reminder that God works through us no matter how good or bad we do.

    Still doesn’t make me feel any better when it happens though.

  12. Greg says:

    Fortunately, those who know and love us the best never judge us by any given Sunday! I’ve actually had some of those horrible days turn out to be a blessing to someone who would later tell me they were impressed that I was no more or less human than they. So you shake it off and know that Sunday’s always coming. I remember one Sunday when I thought my sermon was particularly good and our worship leader told me afterwards, “Greg, I don’t have a clue what you were trying to say this morning!” Ouch!

  13. preacherman says:

    Every preacher has those days. There are days that things just don’t go right or you go ahead and preach sick (mistake I made a few weeks ago. It is not good to sler you words when you preach. :-) ). I take a nap.
    I drink peppermint tea.
    And try to re-focus for Sunday night or do your best the next Sunday.
    I hope you have a blessed week brother.

  14. Shane Coffman says:

    I have to continually remind myself that strength is perfected in weakness.

    And the part I bring to the equation is the weakness part.

    So you don’t feel alone, know that recently I had a solid month that I felt off and uncreative in worship planning and leading. God still works in those times, though, regardless of my ( or your) feelings.

  15. preacherman says:

    Wade Hodges tells a great story about messing up on a sermon. You should check it out at

  16. Anonymous says:

    As you know, I was pasting through the area to go back to Alabama to work and I tuned into the radio hoping to catch your sermon. (which was great) As I was listening to you remebering the years that I got to hear you every Sunday and I have become a better person because of you. Yes, I know it was Easter Sunday and some people show up only on that day. They know what Easter represents, but I think we all need to know that we have chances with God and not just one time. We would all be in trouble. As I listened, it sounded like you were talking to me as always. I hope Childress knows what a great minister and family they have brought in.
    Your Friend, Monte

  17. Helen Keller says:

    hey, I thought it was great. i took something from it… I did something I have never done before… no need to really tell what that was but the sermon woke me up. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I didn’t give the power point not working a second thought!

  18. Lightening says:

    I remind myself that God works in spite of me, not because of me. It’s the most freeing thing I’ve learnt so far in my Christian walk. :)

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