HIS NEEDS HER NEEDS (HNHN) – Amazing, 13 couples came over last night for the HNHN bible study. I think it’s great that 13 of us want to improve our marriages. It doesn’t matter if your marriage is great, good, poor or bad, if you want to improve it you can, but it does take work. AND, like anything else in this world to keep a great marriage it takes effort. Nearly every profession requires you to take CE’s (continuing education). You take the CE’s so you can learn, grow and not become stagnant. It’s the same with marriage. Your marriage and my marriage need continuing education. We need to grow so that we don’t become stagnant. There are some of you in the internet world who are going to follow along with our class, so your homework for this week is in 3 parts. FIRST, read the chapters: How Affair-Proof is your Marriage, Why your Love Bank never closes & fill out the Emotional Needs Questionnaire in the back of the book. If you’re doing it as a couple, each of you read and highlight with different color markers, then go back and discuss what you underlined. SECOND, without spending any money, do something “randomly” nice for your spouse this week. THIRD, pray with your spouse this week about your marriage. If you have any questions you can email me. (

SHOES: Lea and I made a flying trip to Amarillo yesterday to make hospital visits. While we were there we made a quick (okay, not really quick) stop off at a shoe store. While walking to the back of the store I saw the most beautiful pair of running shoes. What was amazing was that they floated off the shelf and onto my feet, while whispering to me, “Just try me.” I fell in love with them. They felt great and they looked fast … even while I was standing still (smile) I looked unbelievably fast. Remember back when you were in elementary school when you’d get a new pair of shoes and you’d take off running though the store because you thought they made you run faster. Oh yeah, that kid showed up in me yesterday as I ran all over the store. Had someone had a radar gun I’m sure it would have showed me running close to 100 mph. I know I could have outrun Usain Bolt right then and there. Shoot, had I had a radar gun, I could have just pointed them at the shoes while they were still in the box and clocked those babies doing 70 mph! Yep, I broke down and bought them right there on the spot. I doubt they’ll make me run any faster, but I can’t wait until tonight to try them out.

FIREPROOF THE MOVIE: I haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve had about 50 people email me about how wonderful it was. It’s a movie about marriage. One person who emailed me yesterday said this, “We finally got to go on our movie date to see Fireproof. Friday night’s show was sold out. This movie made me realize some things and pointed out I have a lot of things to work on; it was a wake up call that I needed. I highly recommend seeing this show! If your marriage needs some work or even if things are great, this show is worth the money and time to go see.” I figure that’s worth a plug right there. Have you seen it? What did you think?

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Jeanne M. says:

    Just curious. Did Lea buy a pair of shoes, too?

  2. e3 says:

    I went with my men’s group to see Fireproof last night. It was not sold out, but it was also a Monday night. The premise behind the movie was thought provoking and a great story in general. Enough action for men (and women who like action also) and feel good moments for the women (and men secure in their manhood). And yes, I shed a few tears. I really wished we had taken our wives. We were supposed to discuss the movie afterwards, but everyone was ready to go home to momma.

    If you’ve seen Facing the Giants, you know to expect this movie to be fairly cheezy at points and the movie making itself to be less than stellar. So, try to get in your mind early that the “kung fu” type lip gestures that don’t match the words being spoken is OK. You’re not there for great cinematography. You’re there to learn a little something about your marriage. If my church stepped out to do something of this magnitude, I know we couldn’t do any better.

    That being said, I’ll probably buy this movie when it comes out. It’s something I’ll need to see a few times in my life.

    Todd S
    Hernando MS

  3. Karen says:

    I’ve seen it twice: once without my husband and once with. Loved it both times. We both felt the movie was much less contrived than either Facing the Giants or Flywheel (and we loved both of those as well). The situations were very real and you cannot help but identify with the characters. The great thing about this film is that it is more than a marriage film; it is a film about our need for God as well, and how it is only by understanding God’s love for us (whether we love him or not) that we understand what it truly is to love our spouses.

    Bonus is that there is enough humor in the movie to keep you from being sad for the bulk of the film.

  4. chrisclouse says:

    I have not seen the movie yet, but I have seen the previous two movies that this church has produced and absolutely loved them. If you recall, Trey, I tried to encourage you to watch one of them — Facing the Giants. Did you ever get the chance to watch it?

    My wife and I both are excited about the movie and will probably watch it this weekend.

  5. TREY MORGAN says:

    Jeanne – great question. Yes, Lea bought two pair. 😉 She was leaving with only one pair, but I actually talked her into a second pair. Besides, my running shoes cost more than both her pair put together (shh, but don’t tell her that).

    e3 – You da Man. I was hoping someone would give us a movie review.

    Karen – I guess I’ll put this one on my “must see” list. It’s a little tough to make a lot of movies when you live 120 to the nearest “big” movie place.

    Chris – I’m embarrassed. With my eyes looking at the floor and my head down I must say, “I haven’t seen it.” I’m sorry. I actually tried, but borrowed the wrong movie. Someone had a copy of “Little Giants” and I borrowed it … later I found out it wasn’t the right one. Sorry.

  6. That Girl says:

    Now that I’ve reached and surpassed the (in my mind, HUGE) 3 mile mark for running, I am feeling the need for new shoes.

    I need advice. What type might be good for narrow feet running on asphalt? I have a sporting goods store so I guess I’ll have to see if anyone has expert advice in there.

  7. chrisclouse says:

    Well, Trey, sounds like you have some movie watching to do.

    Facing the Giants

    All three produced by the same church, and all advocate faith, family and Christian values. I KNOW you will enjoy and be glad you watched them.

  8. e3 says:

    chrisclouse, I know that the premise of these movies is good (very good), but there’s only so much bad movie watching one can handle. @treymorgan, spread those babies out. Watch one a quarter or something.

    Todd S (fijitodd on twitter)

  9. roadtripray says:

    Hi Trey,

    My wife Vicki and I went to see it along with another clergy couple back in July (I think) when they offered free previews in Charlotte for people in the ministry. It was an awesome movie.

    This movie doesn’t beat around the bush — the leading couple in the movie have a marriage in serious jeopardy that only God could save. I’m not going to give any details to spoil it, because I hope everyone will go see it.

    I would even recommend this to single folk — since they need to understand what God expects from them should they enter into the covenant of marriage.


  10. bikegirl says:

    I don’t want to hijack your blog and you probably have better advice than I do anyway but I wanted to answer That Girl if she come back here to get an answer.

    Terri: Go to a New Balance store if you can find one. You don’t have to buy from them but let them tell you what type shoe you need. They will do a really good job and anything you find like what they recommend will be worth it.

    I got shin splints running when I first got serious about it many moons ago and went to them for advice. I haven’t had trouble since and you know that for a time I did a lot of running for work.

  11. TREY MORGAN says:

    bikegirl – No worries about hijacking. I answered Terri on her facebook. I suggested the same thing. Asics, Adidas or NB are good.

  12. Trace says:

    Trey, Fireproof is a great movie. I think I have a good marriage but it helped me want to make my marriage better.

    Fireproof isn’t a movie made to glamorize marriage. It is real stuff and connects with the audience. It sure connected with me!

    BTW, Facing the Giants is a must see. Not for the acting or cinematography, but for the story and the message.

  13. Brie says:

    As to shoes..

    Noah (now 21 months old) has two pairs of tennis shoes. He informed me the other day that one pair are his running shoes and one pair are his “jump” shoes. He also has a bright yellow pair of rainboots and a pair of dinosaur foot shaped slippers.

    It was so worth $3.00 at a consignment sale to buy slippers that Noah roars while wearing.

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