What’s Wrong with this Picture?

You’ve probably read the story behind the billboard (pictured above) in Chicago that says, “Life is Short. Get a divorce.” It wasn’t so much about the partially clothed man and woman on the law firm’s ad. It was the phrase “Life is short. Get a divorce,” that drew scores of complaints from neighbors and others. Even other lawyers were saying the ads were “classless.” After numerous complaints, the billboard was taken down this week.

“It’s offensive because the message is sex, and if you don’t have what you want, you dump it,” said one woman.

“It trivializes divorce and I think it’s absolutely disgusting,” Rick Tivers, a clinical social worker at the Center for Divorce Recovery in Chicago, told ABC News.

Click Here To Watch the short video news report or Click Here to Read the Story

So, what kills me is the underlying message of the billboard?

  • Why stay with the same old spouse of yours with hotties like THIS is the world?
  • No reason to work at your marriage, instead just shuck it.
  • Look what you’re missing by being married.
  • Divorce has never been so easy or so good.
  • Give up on your spouse for a buff bod like one of these.
  • If it ain’t working at home, don’t try to fix it, just get a divorce and find someone else?

What I would like to see the sign say…

  • “Your marriage can look this good with a little work.”
  • “Don’t be fooled, no woman like this wants an old fart like you!”
  • “You may not look this good, but you can have a great marriage and sex-life when you do it God’s way.”

What’s your opinion of the billboard?

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Monalea says:

    I was up at 6:00am when I clicked on your blog. Forget the coffee, the crude picture did the trick. It was like having 6 cups of coffee. I think my left eye is twitching. I will comment on what the sign said a little later when I have recovered from the first shock and can handle the second shock…….


  2. TREY MORGAN says:

    Good thing you weren’t driving your car and saw the billboard. No telling who you might have run over.

    Pretty disgusting billboard thought… hua?

  3. Keith says:

    I saw this on the news and thought the same thing as you.
    I loved your secong item in what you’d like the sign to say.

  4. Anonymous says:

    man, I guess I started a trend of soft-core bloggin. I apologize.

    trey, you are too easily influenced, who will be next??

    btw–that is sick and sad, but not surprising.

  5. Anonymous says:

    that was me,

  6. Monalea says:

    Ok, my heart is beating at a normal speed and I will try again…”What is wrong with this picture?”

    1. Put clothes on those people. “They saw that they were naked and they were ashamed.”

    2. Divorce is not a putting on and taking off, like an old shoe. It is where 2 are joined together and when taken apart causes pain, suffering and deep down damage to all involved.

    3. And you used the “F” word…….I’m telling Mom!


  7. Mommysmart says:

    Wow! and Yikes! and Oh, my!

    You got my attention. I can’t believe that this even made it to a bilboard. This is absurd. You however, make great points.

    One thought, I wonder if I would have been as shocked seeing it on a billboard as I was when I saw it on your blog. I am afraid that I wouldn’t have been as surprised. Maybe we have become too desensitized by this sort of advertisement. I’m glad that they took it down. We should speak up more.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ok…i clicked on your blog, turned away from my desk, turned back around and spilled my coffee all over everything! I thought that one of those porn sights had infilterated my office computer!

    of course i didn’t need another cup of coffee…the picture had replaced the caffine!

    i concur with mommysmart…it’s ashame that we would not have been as surprised if we had seen it on a billboard somewhere.

    we have to speak up…we just have too!

    of course…you might pick up new bloggers if you showed more pictures like that.

  9. Monalea says:

    Leave it to my dear sweet brother to always be looking for new angles to draw in new readers. Ha ha! Trey, I love you more than my luggage!

    Monalea aka www

  10. TREY MORGAN says:

    Hi guys,

    I worried about posting the pictures. I asked my wife last night her opinion on the post and on the pictures. She’s my editor and judge of what’s appropriate and what’s not. I think the billboard from a distance would have been plently if you just could have read it.

    Monica and Anonymous make good points about the sign. Had I been driving through Dallas, Texas it might not have caught my attention like it did on a “blog” like this.

  11. lisa leichner says:

    I’m glad my youngest son was sitting in my lap when I opened up your site! Good grief, Trey! Brian IS bringing you down.

    Actually, I’ve seen that elsewhere so knew what it was immediately. I am actually kinda sad for the divorce attorneys that put it up. They wanted to do something dramatic, they were tired of the cheap old tricks to get more clients, so they did something completely off-the-wall. I feel bad that they’re that desperate. I feel bad that they’re divorce attorneys in the first place.

    I’m REALLY REALLY sad that there’s even a market for that kind of thing–because our society has a disposable view of marriage there are people who make a living off of it.

    And I loved the “old fart” comment! LOL!

    No, really, Monalea, I’m so ashamed that I laughed.

  12. Anonymous says:

    notice the stories I linked on my site, divorce is down because people are living together,
    I guess attorneys are hurt by this trend.

    they will have to go back to chasing ambulances.

    an estate attorney from our congregation told me this joke….

    why does the state of NY have so many lawyers???

    New Jersey got to pick first and we chose the toxic waste….


    the blophet..

  13. Anonymous says:

    and of course,

    my filter allows this page but blocks lisa, go figure


  14. DJG says:

    It is kind of like a slap for those of us who have put years of work and committment into a marriage.

    But we are a society of quick fixes. Plastic surgery, liposuction, and trading in our spouses on a new improved model. Too bad we don’t spend as much time trying to improve our insides…

  15. Robert D. Lukenbill, III says:

    Why would it matter if the people were abused or not?

    Just curious….


  16. The Preacher's Household: says:

    Maybe they cut off their faces because she is dog ugly and he is an ‘old fart’ with a comb over.

    This also bothers me because it trivializes people. I would like to think that I am worth more than being a visual aid.

    I appreciate your thinking twice and I appreciate your points.

    Robert – Maybe Brandon meant it would have been more justifiable if they were in an abusive situation.

    (BTW, you are being threatened by Young Bella (beauty) on my post.)

  17. nb says:

    Hate the billboard… hate divorce… gives the wrong message, but, I don’t think everyone who divorces considers it an easy out. (No gasping, please.) Anyone that I know who has gone through a divorce knows that it is SO painful. Being of child of divorce myself, there was NEVER anything easy about it. As an adult, it is still causes MANY awkward and embarrassing situations!
    But as I said, the billboard stinks. Glad people complained. Glad they took it down.
    My two cents.


    The main reason I hate the mall and practically never go there is because it is such a temple to Mammon. I feel creeped out by the sights and sounds and all around imperial money grab culture of the place. I am not comfortable in there at all.

    But, and this is why I mentioned hating the mall, you also see practically the same photos of near billboard size all through the the place. Victoria’s Secret for sure. Man, I could just sit on the bench in front of that place losing my soul for hours!

    Personally, I think someone should spray paint clothes on those pictures. It would be a very Christian act of civil disobedience and deeply subversive. I think the call to do it might well be arguable.

    Thanks for the post. I concur with your sentiment completely (for once – mark the date on the calendar, I know). :)

    Jesus is Lord! My Brutha!

  19. Neva says:

    When I was growing up and we saw scantily clad people, my momma always said, “those poor poor people, they cant afford clothes” It wasnt until I was an adult that I figured out she was being sarcastic. I always felt so much compassion for the naked. :0

    and the divorced, too :)


  20. Don Neyland says:

    Great Post!

  21. The Preacher's Household: says:

    Do you think you could remove the top picture now. I am afraid it may make Monalea’s eye twich in the morning.


  22. The Preacher's Household: says:

    I appreciate your asking your wife, but, I think you might pass next time. My wife warned me don’t really look. I don’t mean to sound mean but I do try to keep these sort of thing out of sight.

    Your points are good.

    NB, I appreciate what you had to say about the fact it is not an easy out. There is anew book out by Rubel Shelly on this topic. If anyone would like more info let me know. I have a link but it is not handy.


  23. TREY MORGAN says:

    Kathy & James – We were all thinking on the same lines. I told Lea while ago that the top picture was too big. “You could see too much.” So I replaced it. I think this one is better. You have to be able to read the “Life is short. Get a divorce,” or all you see are the people.

    Better pic?

  24. The Preacher's Household: says:

    You suckered me twice or you had already changed the picture. It is the same one I think.


    I appreciate the effort

  25. Robert D. Lukenbill, III says:

    Hey Trey…could you blow that picture of the girl up a little bigger for me? JUST KIDDING OF COURSE!!!!!

    I sympathize with everyone who struggles with lust and pornography, it is an evil tool of the devil that we must work daily to stay far far away from…..

    BTW-we talked about that billboard tonight at our family dinner (my family from Kansas City, Mo was in) and my two non-Christian sisters thought the marketing was cheesy and degrating to humans in general.

  26. Monalea says:

    Trey, I am not learning to read your blog with one eye closed and nitro-tabs on hand. Ha Ha!

    Monalea – www

  27. Monalea says:

    That is supposed to be ‘now’ not – not.

  28. TREY MORGAN says:

    James … That is a much smaller picture. MUCH smaller. Sorry about the other one.

    Do I need to come pluck out your eye?

    Robert – I’m sure it made for interesting table discussion. I think we can learn from things like this.

  29. Monalea says:

    Pluck away my brother. I love you!


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