Jim Nugent is a coach in Childress , Texas.

Jim writes: My name is Jim Neugent. I wrote to ABC (on-line) concerning a program called “THE PRACTICE.” In last nights episode, one of the lawyer’s mothers decided she is gay and wanted her son to go to court and help her get a marriage license so she could marry her ‘partner.’ I sent the following letter to ABC yesterday and really did not expect a reply, but I did get one.

My original message was:

ABC is obsessed with the subject of homosexuality. I will no longer watch any of your attempts to convince the world that homosexuality is OK. ‘ THE PRACTICE’ can be a fairly good show, but last night’s program was so typical of your agenda. You picked the ‘dufus’ of the office to be the one who was against the idea of his mother being gay, and made him look like a whiner because he had convictions. This type of mentality calls people like me a “gay basher.” Read the first chapter of Romans (that’s in the Bible) and see what the apostle Paul had to say about it…. He, God and Jesus were all ‘gay bashers’. What if she’d fallen in love with her cockier spaniel? Is that an alternative life style? (By the way, the Bible speaks against that, too.)
–Jim Neugent

Here is ABC’s reply from the ABC on-line webmaster:

How about getting your nose out of the Bible (which is ONLY a book of stories compiled by MANY different writers hundreds of years ago) and read the declaration of independence (what our nation is built on), where it says “All Men are Created equal,” and try treating them that way for a change! Or better yet, try thinking for yourself and stop using an archaic book of stories as your lame crutch for your existence. You are in the minority in this country, and your boycott will not affect us or our freedom of statement.

Jim Neugent’s second response to ABC:

Thanks for your reply. From your harsh reply, evidently I hit a nerve. I will share it with all with whom I come in contact. Hopefully, the Arkansas Democrat Newspaper will include it in one of their columns and I will be praying for you.
Jim Neugent

Note: Wouldn’t Satan just love it if people stopped using the Bible for a crutch? Please resend this to everyone in your mailbox. – Thanks, Jim Neugent (I wonder if the person from ABC considered how many people would read this e-mail! This is one we should definitely pass on.)


*** Being from Childress, supposedly the same place as “Coach Jim Neugent,” I have been asked countless times if I knew if this was a true story or not. First let me say there has never been a coach in Childress, Texas named Jim Neugent. While the story for the most part is a hoax, it’s not entirely false either. The problem is that someone has actually taken the story and twisted it a little to make it sound better. Then everyone has emailed it to one another without checking to see if it was true.

The website “Snoops,” is an excellent website for keeping people up to date on what’s true and what’s an urban internet legend (or not true). So when you receive an email saying that Pepsi is trying to take the “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance, or Target no longer supports American veterans, please check out the story before you forward it on to everyone in your address book. Because, believe it or not …

* Ashley Flores, a 13 year-old Philadelphia girl, was never really missing
* Hotel room key cards aren’t encoded with your personal information on them
* Microsoft will NOT give you a car for emailing something to all your friends
* Your lipstick doesn’t contain lead
* Spiders won’t bite you when you use the bathrooms in international airports
* There are not cockroach eggs on the glue you lick to seal an envelope

So when someone forwards you something that’s either too good to be true or unbelievable, it probably is. But it’s entirely your decision whether you forward it to everyone in your address book or not. If you do choose to send it on, I do think it would be a good idea to check it out to see if it’s true or not. You surely wouldn’t want to pass on an untruth or a lie. I believe that would be called gossip and I don’t think the Lord is too pleased with that!

Now… if you’d like to read the real story about Jim Neugent and his encounter with ABC, you can find it here… (click here to read the full story).

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Liz Moore says:

    I have seen that email and many more like it. It’s amazing to me that people actually think Bill Gates is going to pay them money. There is also a great website called truthorfiction.com where you can check these kinds of things out. I will check out the information someone sends me there and when I find out it’s fiction or a hoax, I email them the link and tell them it’s a hoax, you can read about it here.

    It is an interesting point you have about passing along information like that without checking it out and gossiping. I hadn’t really thought of that. But you are right! Why is it that we has humans sometimes tend to feed on that kind of thing. It certainly isn’t what God would want us to do. thanks for the reminder!

  2. The Preacher's Household: says:


    Two issues, one is gossip. The other is the topic of the original e-mail.

    I agree, we should be cautious what we forward or repeat. But you mean to say not everything you read on line is true? Say it isn’t so.

    The other is our response to the worldly agendas. I am not completly sure how to respond. I already mentioned the idea of pulling the plug. I don’ think that t.v. wants to hear our e-mail. I may be wrong but the response from ABC here does not say we will review programing, the agenda or anything like that. It simply says you have a right to say ‘how wooed’. And we should have been more careful not to ruffle too many feathers.

    I receive forwarded e-mails speaking of issues various ones are supporting or warning of t.v. shows. I have always struggles with what to do with the info. One thing I am sure of is we should not go negative. Jesus loved others where they were and only attacked the pharisees after they cmae after Him.


  3. Mommysmart says:

    SO HAPPY THAT YOU CLEARED THAT UP! I get that question all of the time, too. Don’t you love Snoops? I run almost all suspicious emails through there. Like the warning about murderers leaving recordings of baby’s crying outside womens doors to lure them out. FALSE.

    Good point about gossip, even in written form. Today in class we talked about how even “telling someone to pray for so and so’s issue” is gossip if we are spreading their story without their permission. Lots to think about.

  4. Trey Morgan says:

    Hey Liz … thanks for the other link. Good to have you dropping back by.

    James I hear you. I know things can be a little frustrating at times.

    Monica – I knew you’d have seen this email too.

  5. lisa says:

    I have an aunt on Dan’s side that loves to send on any email that says, “Forward this to all your friends … you could save their life!” She’ll send anything. Drives me nuts. I checked her most recent email on Snopes — turns out you SHOULD wash your dryer lint trap with hot water, soap & a toothbrush every 6 months to avoid problems with your dryer or even a fire. Whoops, we’ve had ours for almost 7 years now.

  6. The Preacher's Household: says:


    We’ve had our dryer for five years and haven’t cleaned with a tooth brush yet either. Is it a fire danger to have four clothespins sealing the vent tube where it has ruptured because the kids get behind the dryer and tear it up? Kathy wanted to know if you knew the fabric softner dispenser comes out of the washer to clean it? Will that cause a fire danger?


  7. lisa says:

    Um, James, I think you’ll have to check Snopes about that! Or maybe your dryer & washer instruction manuals!! HA!

  8. Brian Nicklaus says:

    I have conditioned myself to stubbornly refuse to forward anything that promises any of the following
    good luck
    something will happen at a specific time
    money, etc.

    no matter how clever, beautiful, inspiring, the message, picture, poem or whatever.

    i even responded to an email about a Osama bin Laden virus by putting the exact words the email said would be in the subject line of the virus infested email, on the subject while replying.

    the person still sends me goofy forwards

  9. Streetpreacher says:

    Great blog, appreciate your research!

  10. Anonymous says:

    My comments regarding the ABC NEWS email.
    This is directed at all the unfeeling people who write this sort of stuff.

    I believe in the Bible and it's teachings. I also believe that old saying that "God don't make no junk". Homosexuals do not make a choice on who they are, but accept who God has made them.

    God brings terribly deformed and ill babies into the world and we ask "Why?". We ask God "Why?" when someone we love is suffering with an illness that He could heal. "Why?" when someone we love is taken from us in a sudden and horrible accident. We ask "Why?" over and over again. God has taught us to trust him and not to judge.

    I also have a grandson who is gay. This is not at all the life I would have chosen for him because it is not as easy road. But he is the kindest, most loving person that I have ever met and I'm very proud of him and how brave he is to stand tall in defense of who he is.

    Michael, like all the other Gay and Lesbian's, has a right to share his life with someone he loves. It is his RIGHT! He does want to marry and have children. Changing the Constitution will not change these people, but only hurt more people

    Homosexuals do not hurt other.

    Get rid of the people who want to determine which people are God's people. Look at the racist, the skin-heads, and other groups that think ONLY they deserve to be in this world. They act in violent ways to try and accomplish this. I pray every day that one of these people will not take their hatred out on the grandson that I love so much.

    No, I don't understand homosexuality. But it is only one of the many things in God's world I don't understand. I have to trust in God and he will show me why when I go home to be with him.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Trey, Since you did such a fine job clearing that up, could you please clear up something else. You referenced Snopes in your explanation and even attached a link to it. I have always wondered who the people of Snopes are and where do they get their information. Recently, a friend forwarded an email to me that stated that Snopes was just a hoax. I don't think Snopes would be a good place to look for the truth. What do you know? Let me know what you find out. Thanks, Sue

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