I remember it vividly. I was in a paramedic class getting ready to take a test, when someone came in and said, “Somebody just flew a plane into a building in New York City.” I will never forget.

Where were you when it happened?

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Matt H. says:

    I was working at the coop at the time. We were getting ready to go out and someone from the front called to the back and told us to turn on the tv, that someone just flew a plane into one of the twin towers. We sat in the linemans room and wached the other plane fly into it. I still can not belive it happened.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i was at an annual retreat for bible majors at Harding. we were at a campsite a few miles north of searcy. when we first got the bits and pieces of news, some–mainly those who had served–left immediately–others stayed and tried to concentrate.

    when I finally got to a TV, I stared in disbelief for a while. fortunately, we didn’t own a TV at the time, so I watch a bunch at my wife’s grandparents house and then got a needed break when we went home later that evening.,

    my father-in-law was sitting on a plane in Little Rock, and of course, didn’t get to take off. he later drove him.

    hard to believe six years have past. if you haven’t seen World Trade Center with Nic Cage, or United 93, they are well done, IMO

    now I live in a town 30 miles from NYC, that lost 11 people on that day. the county memorial is a block from our house, I can’t remember the death total for our county, but they have pieces of steal beams in that park from the towers

    maybe I can post one later

  3. Stachia says:

    I was in an ICU room watching the Dr do one more bone marrow on Conner. The entire ICU unit was in our room watching the news when the Dr came in turned off the TV and told the other Dr’s and Nurses that we had important things to do. When the test was finished he turned the TV back on and sat there with us watching the events of the day take place. Now six years later on 9/11 Conner is playing his first Junior High Football Game.

  4. lisa says:

    I was sitting in my living room, watching the Early Show. My oldest son (7 months) and my nephew (11 months) were playing on the floor with me. I remember, much like Gallagher mentioned yesterday, just crying & crying about what the world was going to be like for my children.

  5. preacherman says:

    It is my mom’s brithday. I was calling my mom to tell her happy birthday and she was crying. She told me what was going on. I didn’t have television so my wife and I and our 6 month old tried to get a tv station on at home but unsuccessful so we went to walmart where all the others where gather in front of the televisions and electronics. Trey great post brother. We will never forget.

    I would love for anyone to check out my blog today and join your thoughts in the discussion as we remember this day and who we are as Christians. God bless the families of those who have lost loved ones in NY. We will never forget.

  6. Falantedios says:

    I had fallen asleep on the couch the night before watching SportsCenter.

    When I first awoke, I couldn’t understand why ESPN was running news about New York City.

    I had to work that day, training a server at Chili’s. We both spent the day glued to the TVs in the lounge, aghast.

    in HIS love,

  7. Brandon Price says:

    I was in AIM.

    Before chapel we heard about an accident. After chapel we had found out it was major. We got as much information we could huddled around AIM office computer and then Ed Wharton let us out of his Christian Evidences class for an hour so we could pray. After that hour class was canceled for the day and I was able to make it to a TV to watch the second tower fall.

    I was scared at first. My mom is a flight attendant for American Airlines and had flown that exact route several times before. Thankfully, as I thought I had remembered her saying, she was off that day.

    I am thankful for where I was that day. I was surrounded by Christian brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers who knew what to do in a situation like that: lean on God.

    Those moments will stay with me forever; those bitter sweet moments of being heart broken and encouraged at the same time.

  8. Mommysmart says:

    It is amazing that time froze that day for all of us. If you asked what I was doing any other day 6 years ago, I would have no clue. But this day….

    I was driving the 40 minute commute to work with Ashlynn in the back seat. I heard it on the radio. I had been in New York the previous April and could not believe that anything that enormous could fall. I remember thinking as Ashlynn colored that one day she would read about this day in her history book and have no clue that she heard it all, too.

    It is a day that we will all never forget.

  9. Liss and MOMMY says:

    My husband and I sat on the couch holding our 6 month old. Both of us thinking our child would not live as carefree as we did. Then we received a call, our friends had just had a baby boy in the midst of all the chaos. So we able to go to the hospital and celebrated a new life…

  10. DJG says:

    I was with my husband on our last day of a Disney World Vacation. Our son had called and told us about the first plane accidentally hitting the WTC. When he called about the second one and the ride we were about to get on closed..we started for the exit. Before we got there an announcement came over the loud speaker telling us that Disney World was closing to please proceed to the exits. Many people had no clue why. I was just grateful we had rented a car from the airport instead of taking a shuttle. We called the rental agency and headed home (12 hours away). I could not wait to get home with my children and know that everyone was safe……That was the worst part, going through such an event without having all of your family close by…

  11. Greg says:

    Being on the west coast, I was getting ready for the day when my wife called from her school and told me to turn on the TV. My children were both in school (one in high school, the other in college) and they weren’t quite sure what to do. It was a very nervous day for us.

  12. kim says:

    you know i didn’t even realize that today was the 11th. thanks for reminding us all.

    i was paying my rent and the landlady told me that we were being attacked by terrorists. of course, i was in a panic and ran back to my apt. where my roommate and i turned on the radio (we didn’t have a tv yet) and sat and listened in disbelief.

    i will never forget that day. the only place i wanted to be was with my boyfriend and it was that day that i realized that i never wanted to be without him. we have been married for 5 1/2 years now.

  13. Jeanne M. says:

    Lon and I landed in Vienna at 1:00 p.m. prepared to teach at the International University for 4 weeks. There is a 6-hour difference, so no plane had hit yet. When we heard the news, we were stunned, not really believing anything like that could happen. Then later that day the American Embassy advised all Americans to keep a “low profile” in case there were people there who might try to harm us. We were away from our family, and all the news on TV was in German, so we didn’t undertstand what was being said, could only look at the pictures and feel concerned for people we knew who worked in NYC. The Austrian government hung black banners from government buildings in Vienna in respect of what had happened. We later heard the preacher at New Egypt, NJ, Steve Brown, had a part-time job washing windows at the WTC, but had decided to take the day off. We were not sure if we would be able to fly home at the end of 4 weeks, but by then security had lightened up somewhat. Our daughter and son-in-law met us at Philadelphia airport and had flag pins for us to wear. Coming home was “surreal” because we had not been here when it happened, and were not closely involved in conversations about it, so it was still somewhat unbelievable even then to us.

  14. leslie says:

    i was staying at my parents house in nowhere nevada. my mom had a morning program on and it was interrupted with news of the first plane and during the live shot caught the second one. it seemed like the world went silent, like that absence before a tornado.

    we were on a military installation. we were not unused to lock downs but this seemed particularly intense, enough so that staying glued to your television was alright because you were not getting off the base.

    i remember just sitting there collecting all the stories and reactions from so many places; places so far from where i was, and feeling: how terribly close…how incredibly personal.

  15. nb says:

    I was teaching first grade. The librian came to my door an told me what was happening. The teachers took turns covering the classrooms so that we each had a little time to go watch the news reports. We were all nervous about the reports of the missing plane.

    We made a school-wide decision not to tell the students what had happened as we felt parents would want to talk to their own children about the events. Some parents came to get their children from school.

    The next day, of course, the children could talk about nothing else. Most of my students thought we had been bombed. Many had watched the TV reports all night and drew picture after picture. The following week, I realized that a few of my students thought it was still happening every day, because they watched it every day on TV. It was very difficult.

    I will never forget the first time my son had a soccer game, (after 9/11), and a plane flew overhead. The crowd went silent, the game completely stopped , and everyone, (adults and children), looked into the sky and watched the plane. The silence was deafening!

  16. Matt says:

    I was in bed in Hawaii when I got a call at 4 in the morning. Crystal was in San Diego, I stayed glued to the TV,
    Robby my roommate was mad at first until he knew what had happened we went to pray early that morning. I remember how people who had been hostile toward one another seemed to bond at least for one day asking such questions as how are you and really meaning it


  17. TREY MORGAN says:

    Thank you for your powerful and amazing stories. Did you notice that every story’s underlying theme here was “chaos.” I think we were all so confused that day.

  18. David Kirk says:

    We were in the hospital with our son Robert. He had been taken to the ER in Kermit the night before, and had been transported to Odessa about 2 in the morning. Our preacher was out of town and we falt absolutely alone. The hospital in Odessa had just gotten us into a room about 6:30 a.m. and we were napping on chairs as best as we could. The charge nurse burst in a little after 8 and turned the TV on. “You’ve got to see what’s happening!” she said. I hope America never forgets, but I feel like much of America has.

  19. Brittany says:

    I was in school. I had just gotten my history assignment for the day. Another teacher came in to tell us what was going on. Our Foreign Languages class was spent listening to the broadcast on the radio – since it was so graphic on TV.


  20. Di says:

    I was headed to a college class and stopped by the secretaries office to chat when she told me and we watched on the computer the second plane hit and the people jumping out of the buildings.

    The college did not call off classes which I at first thought really odd until they explained that they figured students needed to congregate together in the halls and they put tv’s everywhere and gave us all chances to talk about it in our classes. Not bad therapy at all.

    Other than the shock, what I thus remember is the sharing with others who sat and watched the towers collapse over and over. There was both evil and the greatest thing we have to offer one another present in those halls. Care.


  21. Di says:

    I have to add something. I also remember the fear for my friends. I had one friend whose son worked in the towers,turned out he was late to work and saw the first plane hit and turned around and went home. Another friend worked just below the towers in the same block. She had a meeting on the other side of town. A third friend worked in the Pentagon but was in the Capital building when the plane hit there. It was days before I heard for sure that he was ok. It all hit pretty close to home because of those I knew.

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