Give Up Those Soft Drinks

Did you know that 1 can of Coke (Dr. Pepper, etc) has 12 teaspoons of sugar? Now multiply that by however many sodas you typically consume in a day.

Think of it this way … 3 cans of soda = 36 whopping teaspoons of sugar!

That’s a LOT of sugar! Just think how much easier it’d be to lose some weight if you’d just give up soft drinks. Although I drink Diet Cokes, they’re not that great for you either. So, how about you and I give up sodas for a month … starting today? I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and now since I’ve confessed it here, I have some accountability.

Let’s start a healthy habit.

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. You are right. We Americans tend to consume way too much sugar. Unfortunately, it’s not just the soft drinks.

    A teaspoon of sugar is 4 grams. Using that as a measurement, I’ve been reading labels. What a shock. It’s in nearly every product. I am consuming quantities of sugar that are disguised under various names and had no idea just how much was going into my body.

    I’ve been eliminating my “unconscious” consumption of sugar. If I have any, it is a rare treat and I KNOW I am eating it. I don’t think sugar is evil. It occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. But we don’t need it in this concentrated form and in such great quantities! And I personally don’t need empty calories.

    I do enjoy a really great dessert. Lately, however, that has been something I made for myself with fruit as the main sweetener.

    Apple crisp, anyone?

  2. Steve Gauntt says:

    Oh, sure. I finally move to a town with a Sonic and you put the squelch on large vanilla cokes.

    All right, I’m in. And I’ll set aside my coke money for May 5th.

  3. Ryan Tate says:

    I’m in. I need this. Coke is an idol.

  4. Scott says:


    Just when I decided to slow down on coffee (I am on day three) you are suggesting I pull the plug on cokes too! I am in – I actually started eliminating cokes yesterday. I am on water, tea, juice, and milk.

  5. Brad Palmore says:

    Used to be a diet coke drinker. Gave sodas up on July 22, 2009. Haven’t had a soda in 13 months.

    Here’s something scary. After a year of no soda, I tried a sip of my wife’s. Couldn’t drink it. Tasted like corrosive acid (which it is). Asked wife if that tasted normal, she said it did. Can’t imagine getting used to something like that and what it must do to the body.

  6. Marc Tindall says:

    While visiting here in the USA, I have been blown away at how much a Coke cost at the 7/11. No longer available in cans – nope, gotta buy the big bottle at $1.69. Are you kidding me? Drink 2 a day and you have spent $4 +/-(pay uncle sam 10%). That is $120 a month and = $1440 a year – enough to pay for a week in Honduras with the Childress Team in 2011. So, no Cokes for Honduras is a great trade off! See you in Honduras!

  7. Katherine says:

    I am a step ahead…gave them up a few days ago, so I am definitely in on the challenge!!

    Yes, anything with aspartame (diet drinks, foods, gum, etc) is super bad for you…worse than sugar…stay away!!! 😉

  8. Brenda says:

    I started this 8 days ago and I have not had one since! Now, I don’t even want one! It does make you feel better and I’ve shed a few pounds in the process. Our bodies thirst for water so I don’t think I will deprive it of that refreshing nourishment! Besides….its free:) what more can you ask for right? LOL!
    I wish you great luck on your journey. Its worth it!

  9. I have been “off the juice” for seven weeks and I have MORE energy now, than when I drank 3 Diet Pepsi’s a day. No lie. My husband also stopped drinking soda and says the same thing. I STILL crave a Pepsi every once in a while which to me, proves how bad they must really be for us.

  10. James H says:

    You know what…I’m gonna do that with you. Who knows, after a month we may not even crave a coke any more. I’m not quite ready to give up coffee though!

  11. Ricco says:

    Can remember when preachers said the same stuff about beer. :)

  12. Christi says:

    Well….I’m with you on the diet Coke. I add vanilla to mine ~ Don’t try it, it’s really hard to stop! But, kudos to you! Keep us posted on the battle. I’m quite sure you can conquer!

  13. Lee says:

    I’m in. Been needing to do this for awhile. I’m also going to plug this in my blog if you don’t mind. (

  14. I switched from regular sodas to diet sodas, but I actually gained more weight drinking the diet stuff than the regular. The diet drinks taste sweet and fool the body.

    A few years ago, I gave up sodas altogether, and I dropped 10 pounds in 1-2 months. And that weight has stayed off. I also save a lot of money not buying sodas. It also helps me sleep better, without all that caffeine in my system.

    For those of you who want to “kick the habit,” you can do it. I grew up on sodas from the time I was a small child, and drank them almost exclusively for decades. If I can do it, anyone can. The trick is finding a replacement drink. If you’re used to drinking a lot of caffeinated sodas, I recommend that you don’t stop drinking cold turkey, but to gradually decrease your intake, so you don’t get caffeine headaches.

    I started making my own sweet tea at home. I started out with a certain amount of sugar, and over time, I gradually reduced the amount of sugar I was putting in it. It helps to brew the tea weak – the stronger the tea it is, the more bitter it is and the more sugar you’ll need.

    I’ve gotten to the point where I drink tea with only a tiny amount of sugar. My daughter, who likes playing “tea party,” occasionally wants to try some of my tea. The last time, she scrunched up her face and said, “Daddy, that’s bitter!”

    Sodas no longer even appeal to me – similar to what Brad said, it tastes “too chemically.”

  15. Lisa Hassell says:

    WOW! I’ve been telling myself for YEARS that I need to stop drinking soda but this BLOWS MY MIND!!! I seriously don’t have poor eating habits, in fact, my family tells me I don’t eat enough to keep a bird alive, and I love veggies. However, I CANNOT get weight off. Now I know why! Pepsi is my vice. I consume 3-4 a day! Minimum!!!! Seeing this article encourages me to try and make a change. My will power is so weak when it comes to Pepsi but it’s crazy to think how much pure sugar I’m drinking while trying to convince myself that I should be able to lose weight.
    Well, wish me luck! I am definitely going to make an attempt!!!!


    • Trey Morgan says:

      Alright Lisa … we can do this together. I’m going to be watching the Sonic for all the awesome Childress folks who are committing to getting off. Stay strong. :)

      • Lisa Hassell says:

        Trey….”stay” is the opperative word here. Did I mention that I’m “weak”? I will work on ‘getting’ strong. How’s that? I will stay away from Sonic as well. :-)

  16. jasonS says:

    I have soda every once in a while. When I started trying to get healthy a few years ago I took them out completely, but now I have one once a week or less (or more depending on what we’re doing that week). it really does make a difference and you lose a taste for it. Good challenge!

  17. James Jones says:

    I have to confess, I was drinking a Coke Zero as I read this post.

    Good challenge….more room for coffee!

  18. Randall King says:

    Better for your teeth, too. I read where one dentist referred to Cokes as “liquid chainsaw”. :)

  19. Darren says:

    I’ve pushed myself to the same challenge lately. It has been 55 days since I had a soda. I notice I feel better, and it is easier to lose weight. I had my wife to hold me accountable. She pushed and pushed until it was easier to not choose a soda. It’s hard. By day 7, I was going crazy. I needed a soda. I had caffinee headaches. I had bad moods and thought I only need one can of Coke. During this period, I focused my attention on a closer relationship with God. My wife would not let me bend. Now, I can say it’s totally worth the challenge. I’ve grown a lot towards God and to my family. I am healthier than I have in a long time. You know what… that craving for soda has gone. Best of Luck… Water and tea are good friends to have at resturants.

    • Trey Morgan says:

      Darren … Well done, my friend. Accountability is the key.

      • Darren says:

        How’s it going with zero soft drinks? Are you making it? Or has the lure been too strong? I’m still at this. I’m going on my fourth month of zero soft drinks. My wife has gotten on board. She’s had 0 soft drinks for this month.

        • Trey Morgan says:

          Darren … thanks for asking … I haven’t a sip of once since we made our deal. I think a few others have stuck with it too. Glad to hear about your wife. Tell her to stay strong. :)

  20. JamesBrett says:

    i’m sorry, trey. i just can’t do it. i love coke light (that’s what diet coke is called in tanzania) too much. and i can only get it sometimes, so i’m going to consume it when i can — it’s a special treat.

    but i do commend you and everyone else who are going to call it quits.

    • Wendy says:

      google just why diet soda drinks are bad for you.. you are probably healthier drinking the sugar-laden one…

      • JamesBrett says:

        wendy, most everything i read (that was backed by science) suggested diet sodas are indeed not as bad as sugar sodas. they are not healthy, in that they don’t provide you with vitamins and minerals and the like. and the links from aspartame to cancer apparently have no backing in the scientific community. i did (in the interest of fairness) find one article in which research from the 80’s is now showing some link between kidney function and artificial sweeteners (in women).

        i didn’t spend hours on this research and certainly would not call it thorough. it was, however, enough research to see that the majority of the claims against diet sodas are by people without qualifications to say so, and/or somehow based on the idea that if you’re drinking soda of any sort, you’re likely not drinking enough healthy beverages — meaning that people are suggesting diet sodas are bad simply because they are not good.

        [oh, and there were several articles that said the sweet taste of diet sodas made people more likely to crave sweet desserts and the like, therefore causing them to gain weight. those kinds of arguments, while possibly true, really bother me. because that would mean dating is unhealthy (because of a potential breakup, which might lead to ice cream and overeating), as would be thanksgiving, christmas, and watching college football.]

        do you have links to actual scientific studies (other than this kidney one)? i would be interested in reading about the evils of diet coke if the articles are factual and intelligent.

        • Trey Morgan says:

          Come on, James. :)

          I’ve looked for info on the diet stuff too. Haven’t found that it’s bad for you, but I do know it’s “empty calories,” meaning there is nothing of value in them for you.

          • JamesBrett says:

            trey, i suppose i don’t take kindly to people seeking to take away my dessert of a diet coke. and one of the highlights of our 2011 furlough, right or wrong, will be getting to drink diet dr. pepper again.

            but, really, i do commend you on giving up sodas. and i think it sounds like a great way to set money aside for a mission trip.

  21. Greg England says:

    Just purchased six cases of diet cream soda (on sale)! Considering cream soda and dr. pepper (diet form, of course) are ordained of God, how can it be considered unhealthy?

    I’ve known for years soda is not healthy … but I have this massive investment as of Saturday. Your blog has just caused a major complication in my life. Thanks a lot! :)

  22. dina says:

    I’m in so ya’ll childress folk who see me going into taylors or in the drive at sonic better give me a hard time for getting a coke. I guess those 99 cent coupons for sonic I have in my purse will go to someone else.

  23. Gallagher says:

    I went all 2009 without a soft drink to see if I could do it. (Silly Gallagher). Well I did it and never missed a Coke. When I did drink a Coke again it made me sick.

    I am now doubling my coffee intake!

  24. brian says:

    I have been cutting back since I was at camp.
    trying to limit myself to one soda/coke a week.
    pretty good so far.
    I drink lots of water, juice has too much sugar as well, and I drink unsweet tea occasionally at restaurants

  25. Helen Powell says:

    I’m in. I want to save my money for Honduras next year.The kids are giving up cokes to i just haven’t told them yet.

  26. Maggie Beth says:

    Came off Cokes at beginning of 2010 ~ The WITHDRAWAL was insane!! I was crazy, angry lady for a few days!! But it passed — and I lost 10 pounds almost immediately!! I do have a craving for one every once in awhile (and sometimes I give in ~ BLUSH) — but CAFFINE and SUGARS/CARBS are just as addictive as a drug!

    I had already decided to give up Coke when I read (AND THIS IS TRUE! A BUDDY AND I TESTED IT!!) Coke EATS!! the built up battery acid off the battery cables in your car!! If it EATS! acid — well….maybe I should not put in my body– besides, what is that SECRET!! recipe!? (SMILE) GREAT POST!!

  27. Gary says:

    I think convienience can be an issue for some people. Just grab a coke and go. Lately, I’ve been brewing up a quart of tea at a time and mixing another quart of sugar free lemonade and pouring it back into the 16 oz. water bottles. I’ve got to where I like this concoction better than tea or lemonade by themselves. I can still grab a bottle and go.

  28. Julie says:

    I’m in. Day four of no soda. I miss it. I crave it. I feel like I’m tired and more down w/out it, but I know that will change and I know it’ll help w/ weight loss. Thank you for suggesting this.

  29. Royce Ogle says:

    I stopped drinking carbonated drinks of every kind in May of 2001 and have not missed them. None of them are good for you.

    Show me a fat person and 99% of the time I an show you a person who drinks lots of diet Coke or some other diet drink. They in fact enhance the appetite. Nobody looses weight by drinking diet cola, most have the opposite results.


  30. Jennie Lee says:

    I accept the challenge.

  31. Jessica says:

    Gave up pop 18 yrs ago – it’s a waste of money, calories and your health! Our kids are addicted to it and worship it as an idol (as someone put it above). I believe satan invented pop – why do we put such nasty stuff into our bodies and our children’s bodies?! Treat your body as a temple to God – I don’t think he’d drink that nasty stuff!

  32. Barry Wiseman says:

    I think everyone should give up coke. It’s addicting, costs our society millions, and…. oh…. Coke. Okay, give that up, too! It’s addicting, costs our society hundreds, and…. excuse me while I take a sip of my Diet DP…. like I was saying….

    Trey, if you were drinking Dr. Pepper from the start, you wouldn’t be making such rash statements! LOL I still waiting for the Diet Dublin Dr Pepper to hit the stores. 😀

    Don’t know if I can give up my 23 flavors (or is Diet DP only 22 flavors?). Like everyone else… I need to. I need to give up coffee, Burger King, McDonald’s, Blue Bell, Tostitos and Leal’s hot sauce (especially at 10:30 pm) and a boatload of other things. Lord, I believe. Help my gastric relief.

  33. Glenna Garcia says:

    Good way to save money for next years trip to Honduras. I am in.

  34. Jo Baird says:

    I’ve drank very few carbonated drinks in the past 12 years so I am not an addict. I didn’t know you could become as bad as some of you have stated. The manufacturers are going to hate you. But hang in there. Once in awhile I think I’d like one with certain foods ie hamburgers, mexican food, etc. My drink of choice is water and once in awhile a small serving of milk…with cookies. Please don’t tell me they are bad for me.

  35. Char says:

    I gave up diet coke eight months ago. If I can give it up, anyone can give it up. I used to drink one or two Route 44 size drinks from Sonic… almost every single day. From a health perspective, I knew I needed to give it up, but I just “couldn’t”… until I heard myself one day getting frustrated with my kids and muttering, “I NEED my Diet Coke…” I realized how often I actually said that, and that I truly believed it… I “needed” diet coke to get through the day? Really?? Talk about an idol in my life! I quit cold turkey. I haven’t lost weight, but my health and energy levels are A LOT better.

    Now if I can just make the same commitment to giving up sugar! Maybe I’ll give it up while you all are giving up sodas.

  36. Casey says:

    I am in….again! I had no cokes for 3 years!!! The entire timeI was pregnant; I drank only water & sprite. Got tired of Sprite real fast but thank goodness for flavored water!!! My streak broke when my dad got me a coke for My-T-Burger one day… I was doomed…. hahha.

  37. James H says:

    Yesterday I was about ready to kill someone for a Coke. Today is better. The headache has faded to just a dull pain and I feel a lot less irritable. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll be over the withdrawal and never look back.

  38. Laci says:

    Hi Trey –

    When I was in college I gave up Dr. Pepper. It was very difficult (lots of headaches), but so worth it now. I have maybe once or twice a year I will have one now and I truly enjoy it, but I know my health is so much better.

    This website lays out some of the things I heard about that got me to stop drinking it.

    I hope everyone on this site that is committing to your challenge is successful.

  39. Katherine says:

    This is going to be a challenge as I enter back into the land of Dr. Pepper and SONIC!!!

  40. Anonymous says:

    […] Give Up Those Soft Drinks Filed under Random on August 24, 2010 […]

  41. Janet Plaster says:

    I gave up sodas a couple of years ago…just a day-by-day commitment. I still miss them when I have pizza or Mexican food, but other than that, I’m glad I gave them up. I can’t believe how many people live on them. However, I still have my vices….Hastings’ hot chocolate! (I know it’s got sugar in it!)

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