I’ve got four boys so I’ve never experienced what it’s like to have a little girl. I see them and think they are so precious and sweet. I’ve often pointed out little girls to Lea and said, “I want one of those.” Her response is always the same, “You’ll have a granddaughter someday.”

My weakness for little girls is often evident by the amount of cookies and goodies I buy from them when they sell something for a school project. I just can’t tell a little girl, “no.” They’re just too cute.

Last night I sat in the Childress High School gymnasium with my buddy Bill as we watched our boys play basketball. Things were fine until one of those cute little girls came walking up to me, batted her little eyes and said, “Trey, can I paint your fingernails?” The man deep within me wanted to say, “Are you kidding me? No, I’m a man,” but she was just so cute. I looked around to see who was watching and said, “Sure sweetie, I’d love for you too.”

She had finished the first hand with clear fingernail polish when my buddy Bill cut his eyes around at me and noticed what she was doing. “Not a word to ANYONE,” I told him, “Understand?” He agreed as she finished up my second hand.

She then grabbed my right hand and blew on my fingernails and told me to blow on my left hand. There I was sitting in the gym, blowing my fingernails dry. She finished and thanked me. As she was leaving she said, “You’ll like this color later.” I wasn’t sure what that meant.

Two seconds later my phone rang. It was in my pant’s pocket. Bill asked as it continued to ring, “Aren’t you going to answer that?” I explained to him, “Dude, she just did my nails. It’ll mess them up!”

Last night as I climbed into my soft bed in my dark room, I noticed something. My fingernails were glowing. Yep, glowing. Every one of them. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. That must have been what she meant by, “You’ll like this color later.”

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Amy says:

    Now that is seriously one of the funniest things I have ever heard!! I LOVE IT!! And you know I have several little girls around here if you ever need to “borrow” one! I like to share! Thanks for the laugh! See ya Sunday! Lord willing!

  2. Tim Archer says:

    At least now you know why God didn’t entrust you with a little girl; just think what would have happened!

    Have a great weekend!

    Grace and peace,

  3. Anonymous says:

    Any time you want to play with the girls i’ll loan out katie. She is always wanting to paint her nails and others. Just call and you and Lea can have the girls to play with. dina

  4. Dcmba says:

    You were lucky to get all boys! You’d me a mess and way in debt with 4 girls.

    We don’t have kids yet, but we have three dogs that think they are kids (1 boy, 2 girls). When Harley jumps on the couch and lays down, he usually is told to get down. But when Hershey jumps up there, curls up next to me, rests her head on my leg, and looks at me with those big brown eyes… she knows there is no way she will have to get down.

    I do my best to keep it all fair between them, but those girls sure make it tough.

  5. Anonymous says:

    yeah, we are suckers.
    it is only a matter of time until I have makeup on and painted fingernails. she is only 2 two but…just a matter of time…


  6. Mike J. says:

    I have two little girls of my own and they definitely know how to steal your heart. Great story.

  7. Larissa says:

    That is hillarious!!! What a champ you are!

  8. Greg says:

    I LOVE Trey Morgan stories!! This is so funny … goes well with the hair spray in the pink can! “Not a word to ANYONE…” and you put it on your blog?? You are very secure in your manliness. (Psst … I would have let her paint mine, too. Now I want to find the glow-in-the-dark polish!)

  9. Th says:

    My brother has two boys and he says he’d have another child tomorrow if he could be guaranteed it would be a girl.

    Our cousins all have girls and the girls know that Mike is defenseless around them!

  10. Tim Archer says:

    BTW, where are the photos of your nails?

  11. Dee Andrews says:

    That is a really cute story, Trey! I enjoyed that.

    You WILL have granddaughters one of these days and they are tops, too. I have six of them across the country, with three living here and I love it.

    Much love,


  12. Anonymous says:

    What a sweet story. You should be commended for being man enough to let her do that. As a grandmother I was delighted when I finally had granddaughters to have tea parties and play dolls and school with. But some of my most memorable days are when I played farm, spy, cards, and other boy games. Wait until you see Dixie’s baby girl, her nails are always painted, she always has a big bow and a sweet smile. I always wondered is this what it means when people talk about getting in touch with your feminine side? gmj

  13. Anonymous says:

    Trey – that’s so awesome! I love that story! I want a little girl myself. Thanks for the daily blog, I really enjoy it. – Sharon Blackburn

  14. Patrick Mead says:

    Right there with you, man. My little girl is now 24 and she STILL has me wrapped around her little finger. We got her some special fingernail polish in Grand Cayman and she painted it on her husband’s toes when he was asleep.

    It was clear until he went out into the sun… when it turned cherry red.

  15. sherry fisher says:

    Would have loved to see your nails Trey!!

    I have two boys fairly close in age (18 and 15)…and then a little girl that is 10. It is a completely different world with her around!! The boys were really fairly easy to raise comparatively. I keep looking at her…and think, I cannot WAIT to see that at 15!! Attitude…moods…drama….OH MY! But I thank God for her and the boys every day. They are the basis of my insanity…but they are the center of my joy too!

  16. AncientWanderer says:


    ((I edited this thing 3 times. I really don’t know what to say.))

    To the guys who read trey’s blog.


  17. jel says:

    That was cool , that U let her do that, she will remember it for a long time :)

    thanks for sharing it!

    have a great weekend

  18. Cornelius Crew says:

    That’s great! It reminds me of a time that one of Dena’s friends caught Darrell painting my fingernails. He never did live that down and he was just doing the painting!

  19. Shane Coffman says:

    What a good sport! ; )

  20. nb says:

    Awww, how sweet!

    (I love my boys! Boys are great… but sometimes I miss the girly things too.)

  21. Anonymous says:

    Trey, I really think that Lea is the one who missed out on not having the little girl!! Example: Shalane will be 24 in a few weeks and Jason and I still call her and say “Hey, call Dad and ask him to….” “Why do y’all always get me to ask Dad?!?” All she had to do is say “Daaadddy” and it’s done!

  22. Donna says:

    How sweet! I think all the Gordon fans paint their nails…. {just kidding…}

  23. Lightening says:

    You would have to be one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Trey (even if we’ve only ever met online)!!!

  24. Robert Lukenbill says:

    Trey I honestly don’t know what to say…..

    I laughed and then thought, “man that was weird” I hope my daughter doesn’t do that to me when she gets older.

  25. Matt says:

    Trey not to rub it in or anything but little girls are great you are right to want one, I am a pro at nails and now i m working on Hair braiding is such an art. my favorite thing to do is tell the girls we are painting more than just the nails and we’ll paint the whole toe they think its fun. Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am

  26. Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer says:

    giggle giggle. . . you might not have as hard of a time saying NO to girls as you think, since just three or four posts ago you were sending some cutie home because you didn’t have “those kinds of boys.” you are such a trooper and lea’s right, you’ll have a granddaughter some day and maybe you can teach her a few tricks of the trade, like introducing her to glow in the dark nail polish!

  27. Zach says:

    Dude – your coolness just dropped 20 points.. I think I need to re think this gym membership now..I don’t think I can run with someone that has pretty finger nails then me..:)

  28. Jenny Close says:

    Dear Trey,
    Did you see the picture I posted on the family site? James was sick in bed and Mallee had decorated his bald head with every hair ornmanent she owned. There’s another one where she had given his dry head some much needed moisture by plastering it with about a pound of lotion. Oh, the joys of little girls!
    Love, Jenny

  29. HisPrincess says:

    If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone! Our little girl is now 15 and she has painted her Dad’s nails many times, even her little brother is powerless to refuse her and has had his hair tied in bows and curled! Dad has succumbed to the same treatment!
    Good on you for being such a good sport!

  30. Emma says:

    THAT is the most HILARIOUS story I have ever heard. Thanks for the chuckle….You made that little girls day and mine too.

    And I know now what to get you for Christmas! lol

  31. Evan Williams says:

    the little girl in the picture looks like maddie lathem.

  32. Philip Murphy says:

    You just lost 3 man points.

  33. Cressie says:

    Madison is always doing Matt’s hair and putting on makeup. I think it is so sweet. Little girls have their dads wrapped around their fingers.

  34. Victoria Garcia :) says:

    Wow. That made me laugh so hard. I could so see my sister doing that to someone. You so rock. I can see why Connor is so funny! He said he had a thirty foot purple raddlesnake with a mustache. It was funny:) But yeah i find your blog VERY hilarious and read it when i need a laugh. I also like your Cooper in the bathtub story…I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  35. Maggie Beth says:

    I am certain you know this – but it can not be repeated enough.

    Girls build their opinion of themselves and GOD from the men in their lives.

    By allowing this little girl to paint your nails you showed her acceptance – you showed her that her interests interest you.

    She is too young to appreciate that what she asked "was not manly" – she only knew she had something amazing she wanted to share WITH YOU! And you allowed her that.

    You were given a very important moment – and you made the right choice.

    Had you refused her you would have confused her. She would have believed she was doing something 'wrong' or 'bad'. And you would have missed the 'coolness' of the glowing nails.

    "No man is as tall as when he bends to help a child."

    You are an extremely tall man.

  36. TREY MORGAN says:

    Maggie Beth – Powerful words that ooze with the importance of the ministry of fatherhood. You're blog is amazing. Thank you for stopping by.

    Thank you for your words.

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