Our families as we know them continually change as time passes. Here are some changes that will soon take place in the Morgan family that really make me nervous…

  • My 18-year-old son Taylor, will soon graduate from high school and leave home.
  • I’ve never had a child leave home. How will Taylor handle it? More importantly how will Taylor’s parents survive? Will he survive without his mother picking up after him and doing his laundry?
  • We’ll soon have another teenager in our home when Connor turns 13? Can I handle another teenage son or should I pray that God calls me to go sacrifice one of the three on the Mountains of Moriah like Abraham did with Isaac (kidding)? (Genesis 22)
  • As mine and Lea’s parents continue to get older and need more help, how can we help them more without moving closer to them?

Amidst all these changes, I’m thankful there are some things in my family that I can count on never changing. The fact that some things don’t change make me feel much better. Things I can count on never changing in the Morgan family are…

  • Our family will continue to put God first.
  • We will continue to minister & serve wherever God takes us.
  • I’ll continue to love Lea with all my heart.
  • Lea will continue to purchase shoes :)
  • I will be proud of my boys and continue to love them even when they make mistakes.
  • We’ll continue to trust God to take care of our family.

I realize that change is everywhere. Children who were starting kindergarten yesterday are graduating from high school in a couple of weeks. Kids going off to college yesterday are now settling into the routine of a family. And those we love are slowly passing on to another world through death. You can’t count on anything to stay the same. More than anything I must remember that what doesn’t change is God. He’s still in control, and His love and His mercy remain the same. It’s only an unchanging God that remains. So now I remind myself that God will never fail. Now I feel better.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning…” Lamentations 3:22

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey bro! Hang in there man.. It will all be great.. Oh I remember the long dreaded.. “I’m leaving home”… it takes a while to adjust..on both ends…


  2. That Girl says:

    At least you don’t have girls! :)

    I remember complaining to my nephew that his hands were turning into big boy hands instead of baby hands. We looked at his hands for a long time and he tried to comfort me and say that he didn’t have big boy hands but we both knew he was getting to be a big boy. Now that he’s almost 15, those big boy hands are becoming man hands. Change is always in the air.

  3. roadtripray says:


    I hate to break it to you (and your wife), but what makes you think Taylor’s mom won’t be doing his laundry? That’s why Wal-mart sells those huge laundry bags during back-to-school season!

    My family is going through lots of changes, too. I’ll be pastoring a church (actually two) for the first time beginning in June. I just had a consoling conversation with the seven year-old yesterday to let him know that we are going to have to leave the congregation we’re at now. It’s funny because in consoling him and explaining how sometimes God calls us to go serve where His people need us the most, I found comfort.

    It sounds like you and Lea are excellent parents, so I don’t think you have to worry quite so much. Of course because you ARE wonderful parents you WILL worry. Rather paradoxical, huh?


  4. jel says:

    not having any of my own I won’t know how I would feel, mystep kids didn’t live with us.

    but my brother cryed like a baby, the day his son, left home. that was the first and only time i seen him cry,

    not much on changes myself,
    mom will be 80 this year ,

  5. Stoogelover says:

    Those changes bring the potential for wonderful chapters in your life that you could not have imagined!

  6. Tucker says:

    Your sign is wrong, change is on the main highway, not an exit. Yes it is tough to watch them change, but, I love watching my kids grow and change. That metamorphosis is awesome. I want my kids to fail at a young age and be responsible around it, so that at an older age, they make the right choices. Change is inevitable, acceptance is optional. Your kids are going to do just fine!
    Look at their parents! They turned out ok :)

  7. a cowgirl at heart says:

    I always think change means that life isn’t getting boring. Right now, I’d like a little change in my life…things are a little boring. But change is coming with summer break! So, I know your change is going to be a blessing and you will, as usual, take it gracefully!

  8. Helen Keller says:

    change is scary. but it has to happen. there are changes coming my way that i am not ready for but i have got to remember God is in control… your blog helped me with that today! thanks… but if your going to leave a note on a car make it nice! ha

  9. Anonymous says:


    Don’t know how you and Lea will deal with these changes, but when our kids all left we had some sweet friends that went with us to pray, play, and “listen” to us without making us feel guilty about being sad. M.M.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I really loved this post…I was talking to one of the fav clients today about change and how you can never take anything for granted because it might not be there tomorrow or that person might have changed or not be there tomorrow…I feel very blessed with the life that I have been given and have chosen to live…I know that there is more that I could do to make myself better and live better…but I will keep tryin everyday…but change is scary and is great in the same way…If change didn’t happen …I would not have gotten married…had children of my own…or even moved to Childress…So I am thankful and full of worry when it comes to “Change”…thanks for the post…thank goodness that some things never change….steph

  11. Matthew says:

    We are asking the same questions, but wondering if we can handle two small children, one three and one eleven months. I guess we are always asking these questions though.

  12. Terry says:

    It seems that life changes every day when we have children, doesn’t it? Of course, you are preparing for one of the bigger changes in life.

  13. mmlace says:

    Wonderful post, Trey! I love how we can always count on God to be a constant in our crazy lives.

  14. Brooke says:

    Just from teaching teenagers I would much rather have 3 teenage boys in my house than 3 teenage girls, so that could be a plus. Change is hard, but in the end many times it is right. Prepare yourself, you never know where your boys will end up, Emily & I both interviewed 12 hours from home in the same week and moved within 2 weeks of each other–not really a change my parents were looking for at all! I am so proud of Taylor, I still can’t believe he is old enough to graudate!

  15. jamie riley says:

    Trey – this post is awesome! The reminder that God is the same….he doesn’t change is so comforting. To know that our hearts are safe resting in him is so freeing.

    Because of him we can tell our anxious hearts to “be still,” God has it all under control and he love us, and means us no harm.

    We have great days ahead bro, just because he will be in them, but you already know that…thanks for a great reminder today.

    BTW – what’s up with Tony Romo singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at Wigley?
    Dude, that’s just wrong! Maybe even enough to warrant you joining me in being a Pittsburgh Steeler fan.
    OK – sorry about that! :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ah change, it’s a season in and of itself. If it weren’t for change it’s possible that we would grow comfortable and not move forward.

    My eldest was eager to grow up. As soon as he crawled he started pulling up and cruising the furniture. Walking quickly became running! Meanwhile, I was mourning the fact that my cute little baby crawled for only a moment.

    He hasn’t changed. He’s in the military, (was sworn in before he even finished high school) will soon marry and I will have a new daughter. He travels at light speed!

    Stephanie is right when she said “you can never take anything for granted because it might not be there tomorrow.” This is something I know about. On a “normal” day I laughed and joked as I said goodbye to my son and his friend. Long story short: the friend crashed his car and never made it home. My son made it home after a detour to the emergency room. Shaken, bruised, concussion, stitches but no internal injuries and no broken bones!

    In less than 3o minutes lives were changed! No drugs, no alcohol! Good kids out for a ride! Sadness? Yes! Blessings even though something horrible happened? Yes.

    I can’t begin to tell you how something like this changes you. But I can say that change, even in the darkest moments can turn out to be positive.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prayed for my children but I can tell you this….God answers prayers!!!

    That is one thing that will never change!

  17. willow says:

    You and Lea have raised your children to love the Lord, they will do great. You and Lea will have God to ease your hearts and minds, so ya’ll will be great too.

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