12 Signs of a Dying Church …

If the church’s idea of community outreach is telling people the times of their services. If the church believes “doing church” is only something that takes place inside the walls of the building on Sundays and Wednesdays … instead of outside the walls in the community during the week. If the church’s sermons are issue […]

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Change and The Church (Things That Worked) – Part 2

This is a follow up post to the last blog I wrote about making how churches and change. I wrote about how churches need to be constantly looking for areas to grow and sometimes it requires stoping things you’ve been doing for years, and trying new things. You can find that post here … “The […]

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The 8 Last Words of a Dying Church

I visited with a couple the other day that was absolutely scared to death of anything changing in their church. They knew their church was declining, drying up and dying, but they wanted nothing to do with trying anything new and expected everything to be left exactly the same as it always had been the […]

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17 Signs Your Church Might Be Dying

You may have already read these, but according to Barna, 3500-4000 churches close their doors every year… AND recently the Christian Chronicle just published a report saying that in the past nine years that church attendance has dropped by more than 100,000. Just a few days ago I visited with a man that was very concerned […]

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It’s Monday … and I need a little humor.  Those who grew up going to church know all the special “church lingo” that goes along with going to church. But can you imagine what it’d be like for a seeker or new Christian to attend a worship service and hear a lot of terms and […]

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10 Myths About Attending Church With Me

I just want to give a quick shout out to my Childress friends. If you’ve ever considered going to church, but haven’t had the courage, how about making this Sunday the day you become brave enough. Just in case you don’t know what to expect or if you’ve heard some untrue things about coming to […]

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10 Traits of a Healthy Church

A nice or new building doesn’t make a church a healthy church. Big numbers of people don’t make a church a healthy church. Big budgets don’t make a church a healthy church. So what does make a healthy church?  What does a healthy church look like? Here are what I believe are 10 traits of […]

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How God Sees Us!

We must have looked like a motley crew, to those sitting around us. The five of us were sitting close together on a Wednesday night for bible study at church.  I sat there and thought to myself, “Wow, look at how God has sat us all together right here tonight.” To someone sitting around they […]

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A View from the Pew

Last week I asked a person from my congregation to be a ghost writer on my blog. I assured them I would not tell who they were. When they asked what I wanted them to write about I told them that I’d love to know from someone who sits in the pew, “What do you […]

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So, Where is Your Church?

How many times have you been asked, “Where is your church?” I know I hear that question all the time. Just yesterday when someone found out I was a minister, they said, “So where is your church?” But church isn’t about a location. So many of us associate the church with a place and not […]

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I Love my Church Family

Last night the church did our WATS program. WATS stands for “We Are The Sermon.” It’s going out in the community and serving others, and being the sermon, instead of sitting in a pew and listening to a sermon. A huge group of people showed up with gloves, mowers, weed-eaters, rakes, hoes, etc. We spent […]

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Crazy things I’ve seen … in Church!

The other day we had so much fun talking about things we remember about “church when we were kids.” I thought it’d be fun to share some stories about crazy things we’ve seen in church. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things …. some funny, some sad and some down right jaw-dropping. Here are just […]

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What if Jesus Showed up at Your Church?

Someone asked the question in a bible class recently that made for a lot of interesting discussion. The question was, “What if Jesus showed up for our church services tonight … what would he do or say?”  Here were a few things people answered…. “He’d lead us in powerful worship.” “He would preach.” “He’d tell […]

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What I Remember about Church, When I was a Kid

I was born on a Sunday morning and the following Sunday, my mom took me to church. As hard as I try, I can’t ever remember not going to church. That’s probably because I always have. I was raised in a family that never missed. And I do mean never. If the doors were open and the lights […]

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Last week I wrote a short post called, “Are Christians too Anti-homosexual, Political and Judgmental?” …because according to the world, we are! I was overwhelmed by the opinions that were given in the comment section on that post. To sum up the majority of opinions, I’d say we all agree that the church, and Christianity […]

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I’ve lost plenty of sleep over David Kinnaman’s book, “unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity … and Why it matters.” The book deals with a new generation of young people who see Christianity and the church as only anti-homosexual, sheltered, too political and judgmental. Where has this new generation got these ideas? […]

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I’m not a big fan of referees. Yes, I have a couple of friends that are (or have been) referees, but I’m still not a fan. They’re kind of a necessary-evil at ballgames, because you have to have them to keep things running smoothly. It’s a hard job to be a referee, but think for […]

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I liked Perry Noble’s post yesterday on his blog and agree totally that “church should never be boring…” Here’s what he said… I know some people do not agree with me…but I FIRMLY believe that church should not be a boring place…because… The Bible is NOT boring–the teachings of God’s Word are more relevant and […]

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"Hide it Under a Bush, HELL NO!"

From the way I heard it, the sweet little curly headed girl couldn’t have been more than 8 years old. She hadn’t grown up going to bible class or church, but now that her parents were going to church, she was loving it. One of her favorite parts of her new bible class was the […]

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Stupid churches are alive and well: Check out this video about the Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, NC. You won’t believe what they’re doing … SHEESH….

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As you can probably tell by my last post, I’m not real fond of people who claim Christianity but don’t live it in their lives during the week. I’m bothered by people that can worship God on Sunday morning and then be rude to their waitress at lunch an hour later. Christianity is about a […]

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If you’ve been avoiding church because you think the church is full of hypocrites, you are 100% right. A hypocrite is someone that doesn’t consistently live out what he believes, and yes, every church is full of them. I’m going to have to admit that I’m a hypocrite too, because I don’t always live out […]

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Some of the excuses I hear when it comes to, why-I-couldn’t-come-to-worship-this-week are pretty lame. I wish people would just be honest and say, “I didn’t want to come,” instead of coming up with a crazy excuse. I was sent the following this week that I thought was pretty funny. To make it possible for everyone […]

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If you’ve grown up in the churches of Christ you’ve probably heard, “Oh, aren’t you the ones that …” and you can fill in the blank with a lot of things.  Most of the things I used to hear when people filled in the blanks were on the negative side and not always very nice.  So […]

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I get really frustrated with people in churches who feel that it’s their job to constantly police what others are doing around them. They feel like it’s their calling to make sure that others are doing things correctly and straighten them out if they are not. Thankfully, I’m finding fewer and fewer of these people […]

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AP News Headlines read: CHURCH MAKES LAYOFFS AND TRIES NEW DIRECTION The Crystal Cathedral church in California has put millions of dollars into their church building. It has over 10,000 windows, 52 bells in the bell tower, massive 90 foot tall doors that electronically open behind the pulpit, a 17 foot 18-karat-gold cross, and an […]

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I’m not the person who makes the rules or guidelines for churches in this world … but here are a few I’d make if I could. Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Honor the past – but don’t live in it. Live in the present, but keep your eyes on the future. Live church. […]

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Have you noticed that Sunday mornings are one of the most pressure packed mornings of the week? Why is getting the entire family ready for church services so tough? We get our families around fine for school, but Sunday mornings are almost pure madness. People running everywhere, everyone fighting for bathroom time, everyone running behind […]

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Wow, what a church building. I was reading about a church building online this morning. It has 10,000 windows, 52 bells in the bell tower, massive 90 foot tall doors that electronically open behind the pulpit, a 17 foot 18-karat-gold cross, and an outdoor movie screen for “drive-in” worshippers. This only scratches the surface of […]

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And the award for stupid church sign of the year goes to… Havens Corners Church in Blacklick, Ohio is getting a little flack for their sign out front. Borrowing from Katy Perry’s hit song “I Kissed A Girl,” the sign reads: “I KISSED A GIRL AND I LIKED IT THEN I WENT TO HELL” Dave […]

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I love the church in Childress, and I’m so blessed to be a part of it. It is often times easier to say negative things about churches than positive things, so I also love hearing people brag about their churches. Let me start today with 3 things I love about the church I worship with, […]

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I’ll be honest with you, I absolutely love church. In fact I’ll go as far as saying, it’s down right fun. Yes, church is fun. I know there are some who might think the words “fun” and “church” don’t belong together, but I think they do. I especially love the Wednesday night bible studies. I […]

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I don’t want go to church anymore. I’m done with just going to church, instead I want to be the church. I want to be the church that I read about in the bible, and that church was not just something that was done on Sunday, but it was something that was lived seven days […]

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I’m finding more and more Christians all the time that believe … to be a good Christian and to go to heaven you must be an AA Christian. “AA” stands for attendance and abstinence. To go to heaven you must have faithful “attendance” in church (which includes singing, giving, communion, etc) and “abstain” from bad […]

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The comedian Gallagher (yes, the watermelon smashing guy), recently reflecting on his childhood church experience said this, “Church was a weekly reminder that there was something worse than school.” That made me laugh out loud. While Gallagher’s church experience as a child might not have been all that great, let me tell you about another […]

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