We’re Giving Away Another House … Augment Project #2

A year and a half ago we completed our first Augment Project (see it here). It was an old condemned house that we purchased very cheap and rebuilt for a lady in Childress who needed one. It was an awesome project that the whole community of Childress helped with. In March of last year, we […]

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Augment, Tulsa, Japan Relief and Power Hour

We’ll we’ve officially kicked off our 2nd Augment Project in Childress. The extreme home makeover will become a big three-bedroom home for a family with two small children and twins on the way. We’re excited about this project and can’t wait to get this little family in their new house. I’ll post some more pictures […]

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We Gave Away a House

Giving away houses … that’s amazing. I have been honored to be a part of Childress’ very own Extreme Home Makeover. In just over four months the community of Childress has taken a house that was to be demolished and totally renovated it. There were so many different people who worked on this project.  I’m […]

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Augment Project (Extreme Home Makeover) Coming to Completion

After 4 months of work we’re winding down our Augment Project (Extreme Home Makeover). If you haven’t been keeping up with the project, you can read more about it here, here and here. This Sunday we’ll have a ribbon cutting, an open house and turn the keys over to Vicki (the lady chosen to receive […]

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Update: The Augment Project (Extreme Home Makeover)

I’m leaving for Honduras tomorrow, but before I go I wanted to give you an update on our Extreme Home Makeover project that we’re calling the “Augment Project.” We’ve made great progress on the house so far. When we started we were hoping to be done by spring, but everyone has kicked in and we’re […]

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What I’m Thinking…

Augment: Our “Extreme Home Makeover” here in Childress is coming along nicely. Read about it here and here. This week we’re hoping the new electricity, plumbing & heat/air will all be done. The house is totally gutted and we’re ready to do something other than demolition. Soon we’ll be starting windows, roof and floors. Everyday […]

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It Was “Extreme”

We had our huge work party last night to clean up and clean out our “Extreme Makeover” home. Somewhere around 150 people showed up to work on the Augment Project. I thought it was amazing to see so many people from so many different backgrounds working together. I love doing ministry for others and last […]

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Augment Project Update (Extreme Home Makeover)

This Sunday night (September 26th) we’ll have a BIG crew working on the Augment Project (303 H N.W.) We’ll be starting at 5:30, and we’re asking the community to show up. We’ve had the old garage torn down this week and the trees trimmed up. Both the garage and the trees are lying in a […]

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It’s an Extreme Home Makeover (The Augment Project)

About a year ago my friend John Henderson said to me, “Let’s build a house in Childress.” We’d just been talking about the houses that we build in Honduras when the conversation changed to, “Why can’t we do one in Childress?” John was much more confident than I was about pulling this off.  In fact, […]

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  • good list. Don't forget Nickelback, OJ, ISIS and beer-throwing Blue Jay fans.
  • He was pretty tough to listen to as well.
  • As crazy as it might sound, Chris Collinsworth just might be worse to listen to than the song Christmas Shoes.
  • Please remember that some Christmas music is incredibly offensive to people with grandmothers who actually were run over by reindeer.
  • Unfortunately, not a great night for "bobcats." :)

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