We’re doing a WATS (We Are The Sermon) service this Sunday. Instead of having a Sunday evening service and sermon we’re going to take the sermon to the community. We’ll be going out Sunday afternoon working in the community and showing the sermon to others. I think it’s going to be awesome watching the church in Childress working, cleaning and serving the community this Sunday evening.

Anticipating the WATS Sunday got me to thinking last night. What would it be like if Jesus came to Childress for a visit? I can imagine our conversation going like this:

TREY: Jesus, this is so cool. I’m so excited that you’re here in Childress for the weekend.

JESUS: I’m actually here all the time, but I’m really glad to be here in person, Trey.

TREY: I can’t wait to introduce you to everyone at church this Sunday. Hey, do you want to speak?

JESUS: I’d love to if I was going to be at church on Sunday. I really think I’m going to be too busy to go.

TREY: What? Too busy to go to church, Jesus?


TREY: But Jesus, don’t you know what the Bible says about “going to church?” You can’t skip church … um … that’s a little embarrassing. And, what would everyone think?

JESUS: Trey, have you not read the gospels? I don’t really care about what everyone might think. You should know that by now.

TREY: Since you’re not going to church with me, what are you going to be doing?

JESUS: You know those people “across the tracks” and the people who don’t go to church anywhere on Sunday? I’m going to go spend some time with them. I’m going to serve them and then tell them about my Father.

TREY: Instead of going to church? But Lord, don’t you know that we’re supposed to sing, pray, take the Lord’s Supper and tell people about God this Sunday morning. Isn’t Sunday morning supposed to be the most important hours of my week?

JESUS: Actually Trey, the most important hours of the week are after you spend time at church. It’s what you go do then. It’s who you share it with. And as for telling people about God, that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to go show and tell those people about God this Sunday. Somebody needs to go and tell those people that God loves them. And Trey, you’re beginning to sound a little like the people called Pharisees that you read about in the Bible.

TREY: Okay, but one more thing Jesus. Is there anything you want me to tell the people at church this Sunday? You know, a message from Jesus?

JESUS: Tell them two things. First, tell them to get out and go tell others about me. Tell them that no one is just going to show up at church on Sunday, just because the lights are on and the building is unlocked. You’re going to have to go and invite them, pick them up and maybe even feed them lunch. Remember that my Father desires mercy more than He does sacrifice.

TREY: I think I’m beginning to understand, Jesus. But you said two things. What’s the second?

JESUS: Oh yea, remind them this Sunday again just how much I love them.

“Just think what bridges we could build if we truly followed the example of the New Testament Church. We would go beyond being seeker sensitive, to a new frontier of being community-admired. We would be known, not just by the corner we inhabit, but by the city with which we interact. And people would be drawn to God, not because of the weekly show in our churches, but by the irrefutable lifestyles we incarnate.”

~ Robert Lewis, “The Church of Irresistible Influence”

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Anonymous says:

    interesting trey!

    please read the email I send to you! :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brandon Voss

  3. Anonymous says:

    Trey, I believe your message should resonate with all of us – to get us out in the community where we can help, then teach those not committed yet to Jesus. One little point – so small, and yet bothersome to me – when you say we are “going to church.” Isn’t there some phrase or word that is a little closer to the truth that we can use, maybe “be with the church”, or “be with the Lord’s body” at this special time on Sunday morning? IMHO Jeanne M.

  4. TREY MORGAN says:

    Jeanne … I understand what you’re saying exactly. I’m glad you noticed. It was a little tongue and cheek. :)

  5. The Preacher's Household: says:

    I think you are right – as troubling as not meeting at the building on Sunday night might be to some. God has blessed me through Josh’s bb team this summer to be with many non church goers. I have made friends with a semi goth teen boy who smokes, a mother of 3 illegitimate kids, a biker, a mother and kids of a man in prison, and the list goes on of people outside of my confront zone. Many of these people will be at Kobi’s tea party tomorrow that we will have at the church. We are showing Princess Gigi which is about God making a little girl special because He loves her. Kobi is insisting on showing the movie and unknowingly, she will plant seeds. She also prays for her friends and lets them know she is doing it.
    Anyway, Jesus shows up to work and speak in very unlikely places.

  6. Kathy says:

    YAY! God’s church at Childress Texas is leaving the building, going into the biways and highways. How wonderful for all of you in Childress! May the LORD’s harvest be plentiful as a result.

    In His love, grace and mercy


  7. Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer says:

    trey,i’m loving this message and idea. and i’m hoping to talk with mike more about it and maybe see if we can talk with the congregation here about doing something similar. its a really neat congregation and really open, only about 4 years old, a church plant from another here in town with plans to plant again as soon as the physical number hits 180ish. . . great missionmindedness. thanks for your all your insights!

  8. laymond says:

    I agree I don’t think Christ’s church should be confined to a building, Jesus’ dwelling place is not made by hands. God speed

  9. TSÂ‛AQ says:

    But what if they all went to the t’ball game or to the Mall for Jesus and after three months of being the REAL Jesus they had to let you go because there was no more collection and no more attendance? Who would you tell then and who would the “them” be to tell? It could only be those who are involved in the less important matters of worshiping God.

    And Jesus said, “Shut up and listen to Judas. Sell that perfume and help the poor. I am not going to be here all that long any way!”

  10. Anonymous says:

    tsa’aq – Hi Masked Man, I hope you are who I think…
    I was told your argument about 10 years ago when I was talking to my preacher about giving. We had several family members and close friends on the mission field and by the time we had contributed to them we were about out of money. I understand the need to give locally and show up locally. I think there can be some flexibility there – God gave us all different parts to play in the body… ours at the time was funding missionaries and just helping locally a little. 1 Corinthians 16:1 and following was addressed to a special need giving not paying the light bills.


  11. Di says:

    Two sermons in one day is one too many! :-)


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