• “This” might possibly be the WORST Christmas present in the world. Unless, of course, you’re buying it for your mother-in-law, that person who drives you nuts or that person at church who does nothing but complain.

  • “This” was the funniest communion story I’ve ever read. I have no idea how I would have handled that situation at church.
  • Give the finger to someone special this Christmas? Who comes up with “this” stuff?
  • If you are a parent of boys, then you have probably used some ofthese phrases. That post really hit home with the Morgan’s.
  • “This” article about preachers and elders was great. Is it the preacher or the elders that set the tone in your church?
  • In 2009 the Childress church is going to be using “this” book to help us read through the Bible. I can’t wait to dig in and start our survey of the entire Bible together as a church. Each week, for the whole year, our Bible class lessons and the sermons will all tie in to the things we read. God’s plan has been a great story from the beginning, now we’ve just got to see where we fit in to that story.
  • “This” is an auction for a good cause. I’m currently the highest bidder. Think you can out bid me? Just try :)

Check out this hilarious video. This is a “must watch” for all husbands and a reminder to be careful what you buy your wife for Christmas…

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. sherryfisher says:

    I believe I have said every single one of those things to my boys…AND most of them to my daughter!! Funny stuff!! Thanks Trey~~

  2. cwinwc says:

    You can’t go wrong with Terry Rush. At our church we like to believe that the vision for the church is fostered by our Preacher and protected by the Elders.

    Don has gone to Preaching School to preach, to be engaged in the Word, and to foster a vision for our church. I’m a middle school math teacher while my other fellow elders are a doctor and roofing materials salesman.

    We have full times jobs and families. We did not choose to go into ministry as our “first choice” if you will and we were not trained as such. We do have a love for the Word and a desire to allow God’s Holy Spirit to transform our lives daily. Hopefully having that kind of passion will bring others into desiring the same.

    So we work with our Preacher to cast a vision for our church and to protect and shepherd the flock.

    As for “tone,” I would agree with Terry. In our Fellowship, the Elders do set the tone of the church. In my opinion, if you have a group of elders that are uptight, controlling, will avoid conflict and confrontation at all costs, the tone of the church will reflect such. Members of such a church will have a hard time being “transparent” which leads to spiritual formation.

    At the same time the elders can set the tone in the departments of “don’t take yourself too seriously” and “its O.K. to laugh, have fun, and enjoy life as a Christian.” It is perhaps these times that will help foster the joy we need when life isn’t so fun.

    Sorry about posting a post for a comment.

  3. TREY MORGAN says:

    cwinwc – Excellent comment. Please don’t apologize for that! :)

  4. cwinwc says:

    Thanks Brother. BTW – That video was hilarious. I made it a point last Christmas to give my wife a “cord-less” Christmas. Our “cord-less” Christmas was a couple of nights at the local Ron Jon’s Resort on Cocoa Beach. It’s one of the best presents I’ve given her and me. :)
    I like to avoid that doghouse at all costs.

  5. Ryan B says:

    Haha. Thank you for all of these. I especially enjoyed the communion story. Priceless.

    WV: conedipt

    I’ll have a conedipt in chocolate.

  6. Stoogelover says:

    So you’re suggesting I return the Toad Purse before Christmas and maybe get her the best vacuum money can buy?

    Good post!!

  7. Larissa says:

    The video was hillllarious.

  8. Anonymous says:

    hey trey its alexus funny i read your blog almost everyday

  9. Gabrielle Eden says:

    That video is absolutely awesome! Just an ad? That is creative advertising as I’ve never seen. Thanks for that! i had a good laugh.

  10. freetolive says:

    Trey, thanks for linking to me. Merry Christmas!

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  • it's still early. :)
  • no worries. Luke is a very popular gospel during the Christmas season. 😜 #BabyJesusStory
  • Mitch Moreland has a combined 1.6 WAR since the start of 2011 at a premium position (DH/1B). That position needs to produce.
  • definitely don't disagree with that. We will miss his glove. But he had such a quiet bat for someone at first base.
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