9 Things Running has Taught Me

I’m a runner. I love pounding the road with friends while the rest of the world sleeps. It all started 16 years ago when my weight ballooned to 260 lbs and one of my greatest friends in this life, Robert Blevins, introduced me to running. Sixteen years later, I’m still running strong … and about 60 lbs lighter.

This weekend a big group of Childress runners are heading to Oklahoma City for the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon. I’m going to run Sunday’s race in Robert’s memory. Everyone needs a Robert in their life.

All this got me to thinking about the different lessons that running has taught me. Here are 9 things …

  1. Running has taught me that hard work brings rewards.
  2. Running is a lot like life, occasionally you’ll eat a bug whether you want to or not.
  3. Running has taught me that I run not to live a long life, but to live well while I’m alive.
  4. Running has taught me that when I go running it’s NEVER good to dress like this guy.
  5. While running, I’ve learned how to blow snot out of my nose without even slowing down my pace.
  6. Running has taught me that watching my figure keeps Lea watching my figure.
  7. Running has taught me that I can go anywhere by simply putting one foot in front of the other.
  8. Running has taught me (the hard way) to always watch out for cars.
  9. Running, much like life, is much easier when someone is cheering you on.

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Erika Cox says:

    I still haven’t mastered the blowing snot aspect. 😛

  2. Bo says:

    Running taught me that no matter how bad a runner feels, some other runner feels worse.

  3. Keesha says:

    Thank you Trey! He will be with you on Sunday!

  4. LaQuita says:

    It took me years to get the running bug but every time I am out on a run, I remember Robert running like there was no tomorrow. When I think I can’t run any further I remember the dedication and determination Robert had and I go a little further. With all the obstacles he had in his life, he ran and ran some more. I am so thankful I love to run and bike now and all of his children love to run. Even though the kids and I didnt know it all those years ago we would all be running someday, thanks to Robert he is our inspiration to run. Thank you Trey for being his friend and writting such an amazing blog. Good Luck on your run.

    • Trey Morgan says:

      Quita … I think it’s great that you all have “running” as a family activity. Robert left lots of memories, legacies and lessons … running was just one of many.

  5. Julie says:

    I’m sorry, but are you following this post up with one about potlucks? Church potlucks, cause I’ve been waiting! :-)
    Congrats on running the marathon this Sunday. I know your friend and God will be you and your friends. Have fun!

    • Trey Morgan says:

      Serious? I finished the “potluck” post and thought … “No one cares a lick about pot-luck posts.” Maybe I still need to post it.

      • Julie says:

        YES! And FAST! Our potluck is next Wednesday! I’m new to this church stuff, I need all the help I can get!

  6. Jesse says:

    Last year I was at 270 and decided it was time to drop it, got down to 210 and have been holding but man it’s been awhile since I ran. This is inspiring me to start again, thank ypou Trey.

  7. Amy O'Connor says:

    I’m trying to get myself into running. I’m trying to get myself into walking first though!

    The picture of the guy in the running outfit totally cracked me up. Not because of his awesome outfit, but because it reminds me of one of my (student) band directors who was also a runner. He would often come to band class to direct us all during marching practice wearing his shorty-shorts while atop a high platform. That was a lot of leg. I usually watched the other guy!

    Prayers for you all this weekend!

    • Trey Morgan says:

      Amy … I started walking for a couple of months before I ever started running. I know how you feel.

      Love the story of the shorty-shorts guy.

  8. JamesBrett says:

    always enjoy the posts on running, trey.

    running has taught me that sometimes (almost always) the best motivation is just to register for a race far in advance, ready or not. there’s nothing like a date on a calendar or a bunch of money having already been paid to get me out the door.

    i figure the same is true at least sometimes in life. make a commitment and honor it. don’t wait ’til you’re “ready.”

  9. Greg England says:

    My father-in-law was a champion snot blower! And “this guy” in number four wouldn’t even turn a head in California.

  10. Duke Taber says:

    This is hilarious! “Running is a lot like life, occasionally you’ll eat a bug whether you want to or not” Almost made my morning cup of mud go through my nose!

    Keep up the good work and love on the saints in your church!


    Pastor Duke

  11. Janet says:

    Running has helped me appreciate God’s true blessings all around us! Most of the times I run (ok…when I’m not 8 mos pregnant) out in the country and it takes my breath away to see sunsets, sunrises, snow kissed fields, deer, the occasional snake…ha and His other abundant blessings. Other times I sneak up on special moments like kids playing with their parents, people picking up trash thats not theirs, couples walking and other human wonders. I miss it so much!! Can’t wait to be pounding the pavement again!!

  12. lee ann says:

    Running taught me Sunday that we are like the mail man…. Rain… or Shine WE DO IT!!!! and we do it well!!!! Great job Trey.
    every year for 3 years ive done it. lol….!!!! :)

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