Welcome to the “7 Day Spouse Challenge” that we introduced today on our Facebook marriage page.  This challenge is for couples who would like to grow in their marriage and make HUGE positive changes in just 7 days. We honestly feel like if BOTH spouses are willing to participate completely for the next 7 days, it will GREATLY bless your marriage.

Every day you will have a new homework challenge that you are supposed to do. If you need to flip-flop some days, that is fine, as long as you do them all.

ARE YOU READY? Here you go …

DAY 1 (Tuesday) PRAISE YOUR SPOUSE – Give your spouse a letter/note titled “5 Things I Love About You”. This shouldn’t be hard, because if you can’t come up with 5 things you aren’t looking hard enough.

DAY 2 (Wednesday) LITTLE SURPRISE DAY – Buy a “little something” for your spouse and give it to them today. Don’t spend a bunch of money. It’s not about the amount you spend. Instead, this is about the thought you put behind it. It could be something as simple as your spouse’s favorite candy bar from the store, a bag of chocolate kisses or a gift certificate for a pedicure, etc., but buy something that you’ve put some thought into.

DAY 3 (Thursday) SERVE YOUR SPOUSE – Ask your spouse to give you three ways in which you can serve them today and you pick at least one of those and do for them … cheerfully. For example, wives, if you suggest cook supper tonight, give me a back-rub, and help the kids with their homework, he will choose 1 of those things from your list to do. OR if a husband suggests watch the TV show of my choice, go to bed early with me, and fix my favorite meal for supper, the wife will choose one of those things. If you’re REALLY up for the challenge, do 2 things or all 3!

DAY 4 (Friday) DATE NIGHT – Whether it’s a stay-at-home date or a night out on the town, do something together. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, just the two of you spending time together.

DAY 5 (Saturday) BE SEDUCTIVE – Just like date night last night, make plans for some “us” time tonight. Get the kids to bed early and have plenty of time for one another. Spice it up with something fun like a bath together, some lingerie, candles, etc. Husbands, remember that romance starts EARLY in the day. Sometimes it takes your wife all day to get “in the mood”. You might want to use some of the suggestions from Days 1-3 to help with this.

DAY 6 (Sunday) COUPON DAY – Make your spouse 2-3 coupons (or more) with index cards of something your spouse likes to do. When creating a romantic coupon book, focus on pleasing your partner. Don’t offer a massage coupon if what they really want is a clean car. Offer to wash their car instead. You can also offer a day off from chores, a hot bath, a shopping spree, a movie marathon, a night of cuddling or a weekend getaway. Whether they’re naughty or nice, everyone would love a few little coupons. You might make them for chores they don’t like to do or for something fun that you can do together.

DAY 7 (Monday) REDO DAY – Each of you pick your favorite day from this past week and have a “redo” that day. If your spouse loved “Gift Day” then give them another surprise. If their favorite day was “Be Seductive” then happily redo that day. If it was “Date Night” then you plan another date night. You get the idea how “redo” day works. Just make sure you let your spouse choose, and you gladly take on the challenge of “redo” day.


Each day on this page (Trey & Lea’s “Stronger Marriage” Workshops) we will be asking for updates on how you’re doing and maybe even a picture from your date night. 

Start right now by “sharing” this post on your Facebook page and tagging your spouse once more so they’ll have the challenge and others can see what you are committing to do. Also, when you share, it will help get more and more marriages involved. Let’s blow up Facebook with this challenge and bless a lot of marriages out there.

May you have an awesome marriage week this week.

~ Trey & Lea

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