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1. GO SEE THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Grab a thermos of hot chocolate and go for a tour of the Christmas lights in the park.

2. HANG MISTLETOE … AND USE IT: Yes you can kiss anywhere, but don’t miss out on the chance to use the mistletoe.

3. DRESS UP AND GO ON A CHRISTMAS DATE: Once a year we love to go-all-out on a Christmas date. We make sure it includes dressing up, a Christmas themed event or concert, and a night in a hotel if possible.

4. PURCHASE A MARRIAGE BOOK AND READ IT TOGETHER: There are so many great books on marriage that would bless your marriage. Pick one out and read it together. Don’t think your hubby would read one with you? Grab the book “Sheet Music” – he will love it.

5. WATCH A ROMANTIC OR CLASSIC CHRISTMAS MOVIE TOGETHER: Cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie together.

6. WRITE YOUR SPOUSE A CHRISTMAS LOVE LETTER: For the 12-days of Christmas, write your spouse a love note every day for the twelve days leading up to Christmas.

7. PRAY FOR YOUR SPOUSE: Every spouse loves to hear, “I prayed for you today.” The only thing better is asking God to bless your marriage by praying together.

8. BUY AND WEAR SOME SANTA-THEMED LINGERIE: Don’t get so busy during the Christmas season that you don’t have time for intimacy. A surprise of Santa-themed lingerie will probably make his Christmas extra special.

9. DO SOMETHING TOGETHER TO SERVE OTHERS: Deliver blankets or socks to the homeless, drop off a bag of groceries to a needy family, or bake goodies and deliver them to your local police department.

10. PURCHASE YOUR SPOUSE A “SPECIAL” GIFT: For example, add some massage oil, or maybe a special homemade spicy coupon book, to your spouse’s Christmas stocking.



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