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1. ROMANCE LEADING UP TO SEX SHOULD START BEFORE BEDTIME. Husbands, if you’re waiting until bedtime to start sowing the seeds of romance, you’re way too late. To get her in the mood, start earlier in the day by romancing her with a sweet text message, surprising her with her favorite candy, leaving her a little note before she leaves for work, etc. Start the romance early in the day.

2. PURSUE HER IN PLACES OTHER THAN JUST THE BEDROOM. Your wife needs to be pursued to feel intimacy. She wants to know you still want her as much as you did when you first married. Regular date nights, holding hands, etc., are great ways for her to feel pursued.

3. DON’T MAKE IT ALL ABOUT YOU. Even if it’s your need, make sure your wife enjoys your intimate times as well. It’s not all about you and what you like, meet her needs as well.

4. HYGIENE IS IMPORTANT. Strive to look good and smell good for your spouse at night. Take a shower before you go to bed. Brush your teeth and shave. No one wants to snuggle up next to a goat.

5. INTIMACY IS MORE THAN JUST SEX. Your wife needs you to be intimate in more ways than just sexually. Marriage is more than just sex. Intimacy is opening up your soul and heart to your wife and sharing your thoughts, hopes and dreams. Intimacy is being “naked” and open in every area of your life with your spouse.


1. IT’S MORE FUN WHEN YOU ENJOY IT TOO. Your husband doesn’t just want to be “serviced” because you think it’s a duty. He wants you to be a willing participant. Your husband wants you to want him sexually as well.

2. BE CONFIDENT. Confidence is sexy. Be willing to try new things and communicate things you like and dislike. Surprise him by wearing some new lingerie. Be spontaneous. Flirt … your husband loves it when you flirt with him.

3. DON’T OBSESS ABOUT THE WAY YOU LOOK. Women tend to stress about their body … even when they’re being intimate. Believe it or not, your husband thinks you look amazing. Stop focusing on your flaws. Your husband finds you sexy.

4. BE WILLING TO INITIATE. Your husband doesn’t know when you’re in the mood, so let him know if you are. When you’re willing to initiate, it makes him feel desired.

5. SEX IS MUCH MORE THAN JUST PHYSICAL. Sex improves intimacy and connection for your husband. Sex tells your husband that you’re still in love. Sex is more than just a physical connection. It’s the way your husband connects with you emotionally.

❤️ BOTH: Always remember when it comes to married sex … being with the same person over and over doesn’t mean stale or boring … it means you’ve learned how to rock each other’s world.

So, do these lists fit you guys?

Would you add anything?

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