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1. DO SOME FUN THINGS TOGETHER. Don’t just do the work together or raise kids together … do the fun together too! 

2. TAKE AN INTEREST IN THE THINGS YOUR SPOUSE IS INTERESTED IN. If it isn’t necessarily your ‘cup of tea’, so what! Try a sip! You may just like it. If you husband loves baseball … take an interest in it. If you wife likes gardening … take an interest in it. 

3. START DOING PRE-MARRIAGE THINGS … AGAIN. Remember all the things you did, before you were married, to show your spouse you were interested in them? You flirted with him, sent her flowers, held hands, went on dates, dressed up for him, sent her little notes, etc. Don’t stop doing those things. Work as hard to keep your spouse, as you did to win them in the first place. 

4. GIVE THEM LOTS OF PRAISE. Make them feel good about themselves. Would you want to spend time with someone who only makes you feel worthless and insecure? Certainly not. So, affirm your spouse’s best qualities. Celebrate their wins. 

5. EXTEND GRACE AND FORGIVENESS. Even the best of friends have a bad day, say and hurtful things or disappoint us in some way. Offer the grace in those moments that you’d want in return. If you want a friendship that lasts, a marriage that endures, you must forgive both big and small. 

6. PUT YOUR SPOUSE, AND THEIR NEEDS, BEFORE YOURSELF. Don’t let your spouse just be one of your friends. Don’t just let your spouse be a best friend. Make them your most important friend. Your relationship with your spouse should come before any other relationship in your life, short of your relationship with the Lord.

Do you agree with these? What else would you add?

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