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People send us marriage posts and articles all the time. We love reading what other people are thinking on marriage. This past week someone sent us one that was really REALLY confusing. The post itself was fantastic. The author wrote about what wives need from their husbands, and we agreed with every point they made. What we struggled with in the article was not the post, but the title. The title was so off base that we struggled with the very well written article. So what was the title? Ready?
“Husbands: 8 Things Your WIfe Needs But Won’t Tell You.”
Yes, that’s it. And let us make this clear why this is so bad. Ladies, if you need something from your husband … TELL HIM.
Before you interrupt and say, “I did,” hold on, we’re not through.  TELL HIM TWICE … THREE TIMES … FOUR TIMES! But by all means, tell him and continue to tell him.
God did not wire-up men to be mind readers. 99% of the men in this world are NOT intuitive. They don’t connect dots, no matter how close you put them. Men are horrible picking up dropped hints and they’ll never just figure out what you need or want.
If you want them to know what you need … or what you want them to do, TELL THEM. And just so you know, once is probably not going to be enough. Tell them twice, three times and more.
You may be thinking, “Okay I’ll tell him, but once should be enough.” We’re sorry, it’s not. If you love him, your marriage and want to improve your marriage … tell him … a lot.
Men and women are very different. While women are very intuitive, men are not.
Tell your husband what you need and what you want … A LOT
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