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We deal with couples all the time who say, “I don’t feel that spark with my spouse anymore.” Here’s 8 reasons why …

1. YOU START A SPARK WITH SOMEONE ELSE. When you start a relationship with someone else, you lose your spark with your spouse. Sadly, about 80% of the time when someone says, “I’m not feeling the spark anymore in my marriage,” it’s because they’ve started a spark with someone emotionally or physically that’s not their spouse. That’s wrong, stop it. Pursue your spouse, not someone else.

2. YOU HAVE QUIT PURSUING YOUR SPOUSE. If you’ll work as hard to keep your spouse, as you did to win your spouse, you will never lose your spark.

3. YOU’VE GOTTEN TOO COMFORTABLE IN YOUR MARRIAGE. Comfortable is for old house shoes and recliners, not marriages. You focus more on your kids, job or hobbies than you do your spouse.

4. YOU’RE UNWILLING TO DEAL WITH PROBLEMS. Ignoring problems or sweeping them under a rug, instead of dealing with them, is a terrible thing to do. Deal with them.

5. YOU’VE STOPPED DATING AND DOING FUN THINGS TOGETHER. A healthy friendship is at the core of a great marriage. Build a great friendship and you build a great marriage.

6. YOU HAVEN’T BEEN HONEST. A lack of trust or unfaithfulness in your relationship can cause the loss of the spark in your marriage. Guard the trust in your marriage with everything. Once lost, it’s SO hard to rebuild.

7. YOU NO LONGER MAKE SEX A PRIORITY. Make your bedroom your sanctuary … a place to reconnect and rejuvenate.

8. YOU MAKE EVERYTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR MARRIAGE. Marriage should not be moved to the back burner for anything. Marriage should always come before school, careers, kids, hobbies, jobs, etc. We’re not saying to neglect these things, just keep them all in the right priority.

Do you agree or disagree with these points?

Can you add any to this list that we missed?

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