Cheating on your marriage can happen in many different ways…

  • PHYSICALLY CHEATING is where you’re involved with someone physically that is not your spouse. Some people call it an affair or sleeping around … it’s cheating. This is wrong. It’s adultery and don’t EVER do this. There is NO excuse for this … ever.
  • EMOTIONAL CHEATING is where you’ve made an unhealthy friendship with someone of the opposite sex. You’ve become attached to them in a way that you should be with your spouse. You constantly text, talk or want to spend time together. You hide this relationship, and the details of it, from your spouse because deep down you know it is wrong. Don’t do this, it is wrong. Cheating isn’t always kissing, touching or flirting. If you have to delete text messages so your partner won’t see them, you’re already there. Emotional affairs are as dangerous and as wrong as physical ones.
  • MENTAL AFFAIRS take place with pornography, softcore porn, and sometimes through romance novels etc. Porn gives a very unrealistic view of the female/male body and causes unfair comparisons. Porn also gives you an unrealistic view of sex. You will never find love, respect, intimacy and commitment in pornograpy. Porn isΒ not OK behavior. It is an insult, it is disloyal and it is cheating. Consider how it makes your partner feel. It makes your partner feel ugly, hurt, deceived, lied to or inadequate, and it needs to stop. It will erode your relationship.

SO, don’t have an affair of any kind. Don’t try to justify it … it’s wrong.

Simply be faithful to the one you promised that you would and pursue them … not others.