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  1. Quality sex comes from quantity sex. Meaning … practice makes perfect. Keep going!
  2. Allowing your children to sleep in your bed with you every night doesn’t promote healthy sexual intimacy in marriage.
  3. Oral sex does not mean, “talking about it.”
  4. Sex was created for pleasure; it’s okay to enjoy it.
  5. You’ll never “have time” for sex in our busy world, it’s essential that you “make time.” Intimacy must be a priority.
  6. Putting a lock on your bedroom door is one of the best things you can do for your marriage.
  7. Husbands, desire to get to know your wife in every area … not just sexually. Get to know her emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well.
  8. Sex should never be routine. Change up things like location, times, positions, etc.
  9. Wives, your husband is visually stimulated, so be visually generous with your husband. He thinks you looks amazing, whether you think you do or not.
  10. Sex is more than just physical pleasure, it’s allowing your bodies and emotions to talk and connect.
  11. Sex can suffer during the years of small children. Work hard to connect even during this time.
  12. An orgasm isn’t the only goal of good sex. It may be the best part, but don’t miss what leads up to it. Take your time.
  13. Porn is an intimacy and marriage killer. Pursue your spouse not unrealistic things.
  14. Husbands, if you’ll treat your wife like a queen, “getting lucky” won’t require any luck at all.
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