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1. SPEND MORE TIME TOGETHER. Make a commitment to spend more time together and make a weekly date night with your spouse a priority. This may take you sitting down together with your spouse and planning out your schedule.

2. BRAG ON YOUR SPOUSE DAILY. Any old lame critic can pick out someone’s faults; instead focus on pointing out your spouse’s strengths.

3. BE MORE SEXUAL. Touch, flirt, hug and have sex together. Make your marriage sizzle, and as one author put it, “A married couple’s sex-life is a great measuring stick of how their relationship is doing.”

4. PRAY TOGETHER. Men, this is where you MUST step up and be a man. Take the lead on this and do it. Your wife will love you for it.

5. DON’T GET HISTORICAL. Fight fair. Don’t bring up past hurts and things you’ve already forgiven your spouse of.

6. DO REGULAR CHECK INS: It’s respectful to check with your spouse and let them know where you are, what you are doing and when you might be home.

7. HAVE ONE MEAL A DAY TOGETHER: Turn off the electronics and just visit with your spouse and your children.


9. FORGIVE: The key to being successful in real estate is location, location, location. The key to being successful in marriage is forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness. Marriage is made up of two imperfect faulty people. We make mistakes … so learn to forgive.

10. DO REGULAR CHECK UPS: As your spouse occasionally, “How are you/we doing?,” or “Is there anything you need from me that I’m missing?” Or, “How can I better meet your needs?” I promise this will go a long way in helping improve your marriage.

Can you think of any others?

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