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There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a marriage. Yet many of those marriage problems could have been avoided by simple marriage maintenance. We maintain our houses, our cars, and our health, but we often neglect the most important earthly relationship we have … our marriage.

If you buy a car and neglect it for years, it turns into junk. The same applies to your marriage.

Most married couples don’t put any money into their marriage until there are problems. After problems arise, they frantically start trying to invest time and money into their relationship with hopes to make it good again.

DON’T wait until things are bad to start focusing on your marriage. If you will choose to invest in your marriage when things are good, there will be less bad times. Make investments like …

  • Going on weekly dates.
  • Going to a marriage retreat, conference or seminar together.
  • Going for walks together.
  • Taking a trip together.
  • Touching … a lot.
  • Flirting.
  • Reading a marriage book together.
  • Spending 20 minutes in conversation every day.

God didn’t create marriage so we could have a roommate; He created marriage so we could have a soulmate. Marriage is so much more than paying bills and raising kids together … marriage is about being soulmates, not roommates.

A lack of regular investing in your marriage is one of the biggest mistakes made in marriages today. Don’t wait until there are problems to start giving your marriage the attention it deserves.

Make investments in your marriage everyday. It’s worth it.

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