12 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Maybe I give out more information about myself than I should, but I think if you’re going to read my blog, you need to know a little about the person who writes it. The following is a questionnaire that someone asked me to fill out. And while I usually hate this stuff … I actually had fun filling this one out.

1. My Favorite Movie: (Uh…there are a few…)

  • Comedy: Dumb & Dumber (hands down best ever)
  • Action: Troy (300 & Gladiator ranks up there very close)
  • Drama: Castaway
  • Series: Star Wars
  • Fun Movie: Nacho Libre’ (If it’s on, I’m watching it)
  • Chick Flick: Sahara (It has Matthew McConaughey in it)

2. My Favorite Restaurant:

  • Mexican Food – Tacos Garcia (Mexican food so authentic that you can’t drink the water)
  • Of All Time – Fogo De Chao (Possibly the most “manly” restaurant ever created)
  • Italian – Cici’s Pizza (good pizza + cheap = great combination!)
  • Fast Food: Taco Villa (It’s like a Taco Bell, but with flavor)
  • Local – Dawson’s – Because my friend Charlie works there.

3. Bands/People/Shows I Have Seen Live In Concert:

  • Jack Johnson (My favorite singer by far)
  • Huey Lewis and The News (He was awesome in the 80’s)
  • Kenny Rogers (Yea … take my man-card now!!!)
  • The Nutcracker Ballet (If Lea’s wearing her little black dress…I’d follow her anywhere … even to a ballet)
  • Mel Tillis (DON’T EVEN ASK)

4. Preachers That Are Currently Mentoring Me through their Blogs/Sermons/Tweets/Etc:

5. The Coolest Places I’ve Ever Been:

  • Alaska
  • Honduras
  • Bristol Motor Speedway
  • Mexico City
  • Las Vegas
  • Yosemite National Park
  • On a date with Lea

6. Some Blogs You Should Read:

7. Some Things I Want To Do One Day:

  • See James Taylor in concert.
  • Sit in the dugout with the Texas Rangers, hob-nobbing with Josh Hamilton.
  • See my sons marry good Christian girls.

8. Things I LOVE To Do Now:

  • See my children laugh.
  • Play Wiffleball in the backyard with my boys & their friends.
  • Sit by a warm fire on a cold winter day with a good cup of coffee.
  • Run
  • Have quiet time with Lea in the mornings.
  • Beat my boys in Wii golf (won’t last long, I think they’re practicing while I sleep)
  • My job/ministry. I love what I do.
  • Date Night

9. Some Things I Want To See Before I Die:

  • I want to see ANYONE who wants to do mission work have the financial support to do it, without having to beg for it.
  • I want to see the church be as merciful and forgiving as God is.
  • I want to see Christians stop griping about what they don’t like and start focusing on what needs to be done.

10. Some People I Would Love To Hang Out with for a Day:

  • Lance Armstrong (So we can swap cancer stories)
  • George W. Bush
  • Baarak Obama
  • Joel Osteen (I want to tell him, “It’s okay NOT to smile sometimes”)
  • Cody Chisum (Childress High School football coach & all around great guy)

11. Some Things That Keep Me In Awe:

  • That God loves me in spite of my faults! (Romans 5:8)
  • That God forgives me in spite of my stupid mistakes! (Luke 15:11-23)
  • That God is patient with me when I act like a fool! (Luke 15:25-31)
12. Something you may not know about me…
  • I told you a long time ago … I first met Lea when she was 15. I was 4 years older than her, and she asked me if I could help her out by pretending to be her boyfriend. There was another boy chasing her that she didn’t like, and she thought if she pretended to go out with a bigger and older guy, he’d leave her alone. I told her I’d be a nice guy and pretend as long as she needed me to. Now, after 4 years of dating, twenty-two years of marriage and four children later, it just hit me that I may need to go ask Lea, “We’re not still pretending, are we?”

SO, tell me some things about you … I’d love to know.

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Trey Morgan tagged this post with: , Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Angie Cox says:

    Hmmm….mine’s easy. The dumbest, most illogical, unsafest (is that a word?), craziest thing I could have ever done: chased a guy who by most “normal” people standards was wrong for me on so many levels. Turns out it was the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

    So I want to know (maybe in a blog post sometime) what your experience/day with Bush and Obama would be like? Seems like such an odd combination given that most of this part of the country is so polarized about these two.

    • Trey Morgan says:

      As for chasing that man …. I think you look pretty smart now.

      As for lunch with Mr. Bush, I think it’d be amazing just getting to know him for who he is, not what the media tells me he is. I can imagine him being a kind, quite man whom I’d feel very comfortable around. And I’d love to visit with Mr. Obama. Any President deserves my honor and respect. It comes with the position. I’d love to ask him questions about the Health Care Reform, social justice and what he really thinks about politics. I can see him being a very down to earth man. Much like President Bush, I imagine he’s be portrayed differently than he really is.

  2. Patrick says:

    Since only knowing you through your blog and now finding out about you through these 12 things; makes me what to get to know you more and hang out! There is nothing better than an authentic down to earth Christian brother! You make me laugh and sometimes cry. Cry? Yup, like a girl sometimes and I’m not afraid to admit that! Usually crying with laughter, though other times things you blog bring emotions which touch the heart and one can not ignor in their life. I’m thankful for that! I enjoy the “chick-flicks” immensely and the Nutcracker too; and not only for the little black dress, but because of how she hold’s on to me and feels in my arms! I would much rather spend time with my wife shopping at Victoria Secrets picking out what she wants me to like on her rather than argue with my brothers at Home Depot about who has the better tools! I love to eat so where ever anyone wants to go is always fine with me. I couldn’t argee with you more on #’s 9 and 11 (notice the number here and why we need to get these right.) And lastly, that blog, “Show Up Naked with Food”, I can’t wait to dive into. Sometime I’ll have to share my suprise Anniversary & Birthday dinners for my Bride! Yes guy’s, you may be thinking “take away his man card” but believe me when I tell you, “learn to embrace the feminine side and she will give you everything your heart desires!”

  3. jasonS says:

    Wow, great list here, Trey. I didn’t know you have been up my direction–where in Alaska did you go?

    Thanks man!

    • Trey Morgan says:

      Jason, I spent 8 days in Juneau in the summer of 2008. It was the most amazing 8 days my eyes have ever seen. I couldn’t believe that a world such as this existed. Absolutely beautiful country. I’d fish for salmon during the day and preach in the evening. Not a bad way to spend 8 days. :)

  4. Scott McCown says:

    Thanks for being so open with your readers. That is why we love you. I love how you fell for Lea’s “pretending.” Are you sure there was a guy chasing her.

    I think I’ll take the bait and post a similar blog in the next few days.

  5. Su says:

    If I’d stopped after your movie choices, I might have stopped reading altogether… but I kept going and changed my mind pretty quickly. :) And since you want to tell Joel Osteen to lay off on the shiny-teeth bit, I think you may need a permanent place at the top of my blogroll!

  6. Todd Steele says:

    It’s great learning about someone I “follow” in the on-line world, but the real gold of the post for me personally was your passing along the links for the marriage blogs. those will do wonders for my men’s group (and possibly their wives). Thanks for sharing Trey.

    Hernando, MS

    • Trey Morgan says:

      I agree, Todd. Personally if I’m going to read your blog I want to know who you are and what you’re like. There are lots of totally-anonymous blogs out there that I just cannot connect to.

      • Todd Steele says:

        In reply to your final question:

        -I work in an architecture firm and I’m currently studying to take the 7, yes seven, tests I have to pass to become an architect. (http://www.archimania.com/)

        -I LOVE authentic Mexican/Latin/Caribbean food. Specifically stuff you don’t find at the dime a dozen slop-n-stop Mexican restaurants, like tortas, and corn tortilla tacos, and Peruvian papusas, and Jamaican meat patties, and curried goat.

        -The absolute best hamburger I’ve ever eaten is at a local Hernando MS restaurant called Memphis St. Cafe. They don’t press the meat while it’s cooking on the griddle and it falls apart in your mouth. (I think I just ruined my keyboard slobbering on it.)

        -I lead/facilitate two small groups: one for couples and one for men. It’s tough, but I love it.

        -I would rather work in the nursery than with grade school kids or teenagers. If I worked in those areas, it wouldn’t be pretty.

        -I married an interior designer and we now have two kids, a boy and a girl. The poor things have no chance of not being OCD.

        – I am a fan of the Chicago Cubs, the University of Tennessee (by birth) and Mississippi State (by marriage) football teams, and Memphis Tiger basketball (alma mater).

        – I love to ride road bikes for exercise, but I’m a fair weather rider, which means the bike is currently in storage. The longest I’ve ridden is 150 miles over two days. I’ve done it two years in a row for the regional Multiple Sclerosis society.

        – I also love the movie Sahara, to the point that my wife makes a lot of fun of me for it.

        Todd S
        Hernando MS

        • Trey Morgan says:

          Todd … loved learning about who you are and laughed out loud at the comment of your kids being OCD.

          As for your last comment, I get teased too about the movie Sahara. My wife says I like it because I have a man-crush on Matthew McConaughey in it.

  7. Denese Mills says:

    Ricky did the same thing to me that Lea did to you. I was just trying to help him out but fell head over heels for him instead. I was not 15 but 24 instead and had not planned to go out with him “even if he were the last man in town”!!!

  8. Jojo Agot says:

    Star Wars! I guess it’s okay to admit that my alarm clock ring tone is R2D2!

  9. Greg England says:

    I’ve been pretty open on my blog about who I am, so I have nothing to add that you’d not already know. But if you ever have that conversation with Joel, tell him you have a friend in CA who gives a hearty AMEN to see him without that smile.

    I’m reading Bush’s book, “Decision Points” and it’s very interesting. I think he is an honest, smart, decent man of faith who will one day be looked upon as a great president. Wish I could say the same about the man presently occupying the White House. If given an opportunity to meet with him, I’d pass.

  10. Miriam says:

    I love (really love ) looking at pictures of handmade soap.
    PS I’d be very concerned if I saw Joel Osteen preaching without smiling.

  11. Dean Balser says:

    I love 9 and 11 Trey. # 12 takes the cake. Love your emails

  12. Philip Camp says:

    #12 sounds like a great opening scene to a Chick Flick. You should write your whole story down and send it to possible producers. Just think about the possibilities… not sure about Lea, but I think Jim Carey could play you to T. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that you are anything like his character in Dumb and Dumber :). Or perhaps your church could start producing faith based movies as in “Facing the Giants,” and “Fireproof.” Then, you could just play yourselves. I’d pay big money to see that!

  13. Trey –

    Thanks so much for the mention on your post!! Love reading this kind of thing from writer-blogger-people!!

    OK – here’s one about me: I graduated from an all women’s college. No joke! They take a handful of guys every two years at Stephens College in Columbia Mo. to fill out their theatre department. So, I am a distinguished “Man of Stephen’s College”. My wife laughs at me, because I dated one girl the whole time I was there. Go figure!


  14. Katherine says:

    First…I am pretty sure that Cici’s does not fall under the Italian category…

    I loved Alaska & thankful I met you there!!

    I love the story of you & Lea pretending…too funny!!

    I would LOVE to hang out with Josh Hamilton!!!! Did you know he will be at LCU in February?! Can’t believe I will miss it…

    You need to come to China so you can add that to your list!!

    Amen on the mission work vs. begging…I could not agree more!! Definitely very humbling…

    Something about me: I have never kissed a guy…but that will change in about a month 😉

    You rock, Trey!!

    • Trey Morgan says:

      I have no clue how I missed your comment, Kat. Maybe because you were hating on Cici’s. :)

      I got to hear Josh Hamilton speak at a get-together in Amarillo last December. It was great. And I’m very glad I took my boys. It was well worth the $25 per person cost.

      As for you never kissing a guy, I’m going to shoot straight with you … just to make you feel better … I haven’t either. 😉

  15. John Dobbs says:

    Great post except for two mistakes!

    *Putting my name in such grand company!

    *Mentioning Cici’s and “like” in the same sentence. lol

    Love ya brother!

    • Trey Morgan says:

      My day was officially “made” yesterday when THE John Dobbs commented on it. :)

      Thanks for being a mentor in my life.

      PS – Let’s do lunch in Tulsa … Cici’s maybe?

  16. Katherine says:

    Hey, THE Katherine Gould commented & even said you rocked, and got no response. Is it because I said Cici’s does not fall under Italian or did I share too much?! 😉

    Ha…it’s true, it is a big deal when THE John Dobbs comments, but still…

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