• Leading small group bible studies. I’m so much more in my comfort zone when I’m standing in front of a group preaching.

  • Quiet people. They always make me wonder what they are thinking.

  • When I’m watching television with Lea and a Victoria’s Secret commercial comes on.

  • Close talkers. I’ve actually created the amazing “lean back, leg out” technique to keep people at a distance who feel the need to talk two inches from my face. Ask me sometime and I’ll show you how it works. :)

  • Singing songs at church that don’t make sense.

  • Men who don’t follow the urinal buffer zones rules in public restrooms. You can practice “here” if you’re not sure of the rule.

  • People who like to discuss things about their bowel movements.

  • When people tell an “off colored” joke and I choose to not laugh.
  • When I’m being introduced at a place where I’m speaking.
  • God’s totally irrational love (Romans 5:8).

What are things that make you uncomfortable?

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. David says:

    The fact that there even is a "urinal" game, ought to tell us something.

  2. Brittainy says:

    You pretty much covered all bases, Trey. :)

    Some of mine are:

    1) Random people getting within my 3 feet of personal space.

    2) When people get irrational over non-important things or things that are out of their control.

    3) Being put on the spot in a group. I do not like people using the phrase, "Is that okay with you?" before discussing it in private with me first. So not cool.

    4) Touchy-feely acquaintances. There is no need to hug me and not let go. I do not need a shoulder rub or a hand on my back … again, see #1 for personal space. :)

    5) When people say G.D. It not only offends me but it makes me very uncomforatble. I literally catch myself looking above for the lighting to strike down. Find a different phrasing to express how you feel. Like fudgesticks or pickle fries or peanut-poppers. I'm just saying.

    Have a fabulous day, Trey … may it be filled with non of the above 10 discomforts for you! :)

  3. Brie says:

    Bowl movements? Like from the shelf to the table?

    Hmmm. Things that make me uncomfortable.

    1. When people cuss in public, loudly, and in front of my son. I can only sing loud enough to drown that stuff out if I know it's coming, and I'd like to protect his innocence for a while longer.

    2. Now that I'm a TA, I occassionally have students come in that actually really tried on a paper or assignment and it's still just awful. I hate having to tell them that they're going to have to re-do the thing if they want to get a decent grade, although I use what little tact I have. Now, the kids who didn't try…I don't mind telling them.

    3. The terrible feeling you get when sitting in class when there is dead silence, you don't know the answer to the question, and you KNOW that the professor is about to call on you. Queasy.

  4. Preston Belt, Beautiful Downtown Lockney, Texas says:

    1. Teaching class and no one comments or ask questions.

    2. Loving the unlovable. I am working on this!

  5. Kyle says:

    1. I hate the feeling I get when our receptionist comes in and says "so-and-so is here, they would like to talk to you about a problem."

    2. I also don't like hearing "you need to go break that couple up from making out again." (Mind you, I work with senior citizens. It's like telling grandma to stop kissing on that man.)

    3. My least favorite is when I've hurt or wronged someone and I finally realize it. I try to make it a policy to go and talk to that person to apologize, but I still hate that gut-wrenching feeling when I know that I caused someone pain unecessarily.

  6. Karin says:

    Well, I guess you wouldn't make a good nurse, or any other staff, in a long-term care center!! LOL Everyone there discusses their bm or lack thereof. 'When I was young I wanted a BMW; now I just want a BM." Close talkers every day – because residents are vision impaired or can't hear well. Quiet people – locked in their own mind – abound! What's a urinal and it has rules? Housekeeping has to wash stuff off the walls, the floor, etc. etc. And you can forget about owning your personal 3 feet space like one of your comments said – spatial perception is no longer what it used to be. And I LOVE working there! At my age nothing much makes me uncomfortable any more – except my lack of understanding of why God loves me!

  7. Stoogelover says:

    I relate to the introduction when I was a guest speaker, which wasn't often. I did speak at Pepperdine Bible Lectures five times (I think) and it was always a bit uncomfortable to be introduced … especially by someone who had never met me and knew absolutely nothing about me other than what had been given him by the lectureship director.

  8. Donna G says:

    -ED commercials
    -Feminine Hygiene Commercials
    -People yelling (unless it is cheering at a sporting event)
    -People who give me the feeling that they do not like me.
    -Having someone else leave the tip and worrying that they will under-tip..

  9. Nelson's Mama says:

    When someone says "we need to talk"…you know it's not going anywhere good.

  10. Melanie says:

    I didn't know there was urinal etiquette … now i do.
    What makes me uncomfortable.
    1. People having really intense conversations about politics
    2. Speaking about sex when I give a marriage talk – even when i'm speaking to all women
    3.Wondering what inappropriate comments my two sons might blurt out – they act like they have no home training sometimes:)

  11. TREY MORGAN says:

    Wow, you guys have come up with some great ones.

    Brie – I caught the "Bowl" and "Bowel" thing pretty quick. :)

  12. Lightening says:

    Trey Morgan uncomfortable? Surely not!!!! :)

    What makes me uncomfortable?

    1. People having an argument in front of me, particularly couples. Particularly my parents (but not ONLY my parents).

    2. Standing in the Principals (Headmasters)office at school even though I was there as a Parent Rep and not any other reason.

    I'm sure there are MANY others but these are what comes to mind first.

    Have a Great Day Trey! Sorry I haven't commented in a while but I'm still reading. :)

  13. JDH says:

    Sorry to say you wouldn't like me very much. I'm definitely one of the quiet ones.

  14. The Waldrons says:

    I experienced one tonight…being offered to hold a newborn. By the way I thank God that my wife is a natural. She held newborn Beckham Solis like a natural.

  15. Jim Martin says:

    Trey– Great list! Thanks for a good post.

  16. Brie says:

    Ha, ha, caught the bowel thing quick. ::grins::

    Can I add one more? I just LOVED it when I walked into the mess hall at camp and the ladies in the kitchen said, "Oh good! The youth minister's wife is here! Brie, could you go tell that girl to get her head out of that guy's lap?" She was sleeping, and apparently his leg was a good cushion.

    So. Not. In. My. Pay. Grade. (Which, just so we're clear, was FREE.)

  17. Bobby says:

    Great list, Trey. I am one of those "quiet people" who would probably make you uncomfortable. An introvert. :-)

    I am much more comfortable communicating by e-mail or talking with people one-on-one than trying to make "small talk" in a group setting. What am I thinking in those situations? Usually, I am just trying to think of something intelligent to say. I used to be scared to death to speak in public, but I have, by necessity, gotten much better at that over the years.

  18. NB says:

    *Public speaking,
    *Being in a vehicle that is traveling way too fast and I'm not driving,
    *Opening gifts in front of others,
    *Roller coasters,
    *Speaking, and realizing that the room has suddenly gone absolutely silent (not a good sign),
    *Hearing a doctor start a conversation with "Well, Hon,…" (never good news),
    *Getting to work and realizing that I'm wearing navy slacks/shoes/socks that looked black at my house,
    *Cooking for guests,
    *Having to tell someone they've been calling me by the wrong first name for almost a year.

  19. Crissi says:

    When my supervisor says, "before u leave, I need to talk to u". Oh, for crying out loud! Just talk now! Or I'll drivemyself nuts wondering just what the heck I did.

  20. Cecelia Tanner says:

    There are ALOT of things that make me uncomfortable.
    One thing that really does is when my mother calls me up and tears into me for things I've done in my life and decisions I've made. Mind you, I'm 40 years old, but she knows how to make me feel lower than an Ant on the ground.

  21. Mikes Sumondong says:

    i am uncomfortable with silent people as well. i'm talkative you know!

  22. Anonymous says:

    -Public speaking
    -Finding myself in a group of people I don't know, who all seem to know each other really well
    -Formal situations, dinners, meetings, etc.
    -Hosting a party
    -Being thrown into doing something where I have no clue what I'm doing.
    -Being in the restroom while someone else talks on their phone.
    -Watching my milk allergic son as he stands over the serving table where wedding cake is being cut.

    –Oh! and watching my son do a jig on the basketball court cause our minister told him…"do it again". :)

  23. TREY MORGAN says:

    But you've got to admit … that was one awesome jig :)

  24. Maggie Beth says:

    I have tons of these – I will use my fav 4:

    (1) Able-bodied People who L A Y across the handle of the buggy in grocery stores / Wal-Mart and walk as if they are being led to the gallows – STAND UP! and WALK! OR MOVE!!

    (2) People who say, "As you know…" when they are speaking to me. I find this horrible arrogant. If I "know" what you are you telling me – why are you wasting my time telling me – and why are you using THAT tone?

    (3) People who come into my PURPLE CIRCLE! The PURPLE CIRCLE is a space about the size of hul-a-hoop. I have rarely had to describe my PURPLE CIRCLE – but the few times I have, it has helped to make an awkward situation a little more comfortable.

    (4) People who think that it is cute or funny to deliberately hug, touch, rub or 'corner' me after I have described the PURPLE CIRCLE.

    "Stay out of my PURPLE CIRCLE" is the same as "No means No!"

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