Right now in my life, I’ve found that the advantages of living in a small community far out weigh the disadvantages.  One of the things a small community might not have is an abundance of choices when it comes to places to eat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of good things at the restaurants you do have. Here are 10 of my favorite things to eat in Childress.

10. Chicken Fried Rice from Thai Kitchen

9.  Chips & Salsa from Garibaldi’s
8.  Breakfast Burrito from United’s Deli
7.  Southern Fried Catfish from Dawson’s Family Restaurant 
6.  A Hamburger from JT’s
5.  Chicken Fajitas from El Sombrero 
4.  Sesame Chicken from China Buffet (The Deuce)
3.  Chili and Cheese Burritos from El Sombrero
2.  Vicki’s Potato Salad from The Bakery 
1.   California Club Sandwich from United’s Deli
What are some of your favorite items on the menu of your favorite restaurants?  

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Article by Trey Morgan

I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast. Read 1182 articles by
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  1. Kyle Parker says:

    I *love* this little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant here in Del City called Casa Juanito. Some people don’t share my enthusiasm for it, but I think they have the best chicken enchiladas around!

  2. Tim Archer says:

    I agree with your #1. That’s one of my favorite lunch deals here in Abilene. Don’t know that it’s my favorite meal, but as far as inexpensive, quick meals go, it’s tough to beat.

    Grace and peace,

  3. Stoogelover says:

    Captain Tran of the South Vietnamese army came to Long Beach after the war and opened a very small restaurant on Atlantic Ave. He offered a wonderful selection of meals for $3.95. Each meal included hot tea (which was great if you put enough Splenda in it) a delicious salad, and won ton soup along with the entree. We loved it so much we often had elder’s meetings there. I spent many hours working on sermons at Trans as it was great food and a quiet atmosphere. We ate there so much he no longer took our orders. When we walked in, he smiled, nodded and in about five minutes brought our food. I was saddened when he retired and closed the place.

    Otherwise, finding good southern bbq pork out here has been a challenge. We eat out so much (always sharing a meal, so it’s actually cheaper for us to eat out than to cook at home most days) I pretty much tire of all of it.

  4. Dpcbb says:

    I’m gonna have to come to the Big C to try some of those places.

    I thought the list would read:


  5. e3 says:

    In no particular order (because I'm a foodie and cannot rank):

    – Torta w/ el pastor from Los Compadres, Stateline Rd. Southaven MS

    – The #72 combo from Pho Vietnam, Poplar at Cleveland Memphis TN (pork, shrimp, eggroll)

    – Hamburger w/ blue cheese from Memphis St. Cafe in Hernando MS

    – BBQ sandwich (tie) from Paynes BBQ, Lamar Ave Memphis TN or from A & R BBQ on Highway 64 Bartlett TN

    – Any kind of milkshake from the velvet cream (or "the dip") on highway 51 in Hernando MS

    – The monster brownies from City Bakery on Goodman Rd in Olive Branch MS

    – Crawfish and Oyster Po boy from Pearls on South Main in Memphis TN

    – Corn w/ mayo and sal de chile from Las Tortugas on Germantown Rd in Germantown TN

    – Sushi from Kyoto on McIngvale Rd in Hernando MS

    – The hot and swwet Chicken and Hot and sour Soup from A Tan on Poplar at Highland in Memphis TN

    Wow, this is making me so hungry and I just ate.

  6. TREY MORGAN says:

    e3 – I wanna be your friend. :)

  7. cwinwc says:

    1. Arroz con Pollo from La Bamba's Mexican Restaurant

    2. Pollo Rosa Maria from Carrabbas Italian Restaurant

    3. Tri-tip from the Wood Ranch Restaurant in Agoura Hills, CA. A Pepperdine Bible Lecture must!!

    4. Any cheesecake from the ChesseCake Factory Restaurant

    5. Most steaks from Longhorn's

    6. Rocky Moutain Chicken from Longhorns

    7. Pulled pork BBQ from "Slow N' Low" BBQ restaurant. Former cooks at Charlie & Jakes BBQ Greg.

  8. e3 says:

    trey, if you are ever in memphis, even if it’s just a long layover, let me know and we’ll hit 2-3 of these.

    cwinwc, i’ve always wanted to try a tri-tip, i hear it has wonderful flavor.

    getting hungrier.

  9. Tommy says:

    I can’t list 10 favorite things to eat in my town. Not enough places to eat.

  10. fraizerbaz says:

    I live in a small community, but work in the Phoenix metro area.

    My wallet can’t afford to go out to eat all the time (and neither can my waistline).

    These in moderation:

    1 Chicken Chimichanga de Macayo from Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen

    2 Chicken Chile Poblano from Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant

    3 Poco Pollo Fundido from Arriba’s Mexican Grill

    4 Chicken Marsala from Olive Garden

    5 Roasted Potato and Grilled Chicken Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen

    6 Chicken Picatta from Rigatony’s

    7 Cheeseburger and Fries from In-N-Out Burger

    8 Hot Wings from Native New Yorker Restaurant

    9 Any kind of pie from Marie Calendar’s

    10 Any kind of cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory

  11. Deb ;) says:

    1.Chicken Avocado an a croissant from Childress Bakery.

    2.Sweet and Sour Chicken from Thai Kitchen.

    3.Chicken Fajitas from United Deli

    4.California Club fron United Delit

    5.Beef Avocado Rellano from El Sombrero.

    6. Quarter Pounder with cheese from McDonald’s

    7. Catfish Basket from JT’s.

    8. Banana Split Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

  12. Zach Detwiler says:

    10. Pizza Hut – Tuscan Meaty Pasta
    9. Subway – Sweet Onion Chicken sub
    8. CRMC Cafeteria – Breakfast Burritos
    7. Sonic – Sonic Cheeseburger
    6. JT’s – Hamburger
    5. El Sombero – Chicken soft Tacos
    4. McDonalds’s – Grilled Chicken Wrap
    3. Bakery – Potato salad
    2. Thai Kitchen – Child’s Mongolian Beef
    1. Amy Detwiler’s kitchen – Anything my wife cooks is incredible.

  13. TREY MORGAN says:

    Glad a few Childress people showed up to comment on Childress food. I think the entire town has left for spring break. :)

  14. jamie riley says:

    1.Chicken Fajitas from TUMBLEWEED.
    2.Chicken Crispers from Chili’s.
    3.Cheeseburger from Hickies.
    4.Pulled Chicken from Mill Stone BBQ.
    5.Bean Dip/Fajitas from Toro Loco.
    6.Reese’s Blizzard from Dairy Queen.
    7.Hawaiian Pizza w/Sweet Kraut from Dicks Pizza

  15. Dawn Jenkins says:

    I don’t live in Chidress, but I have a few C-town favorites myself!
    JT’s Catfish
    Salad Wagon at KBOBS
    Pancakes from the Kettle

    Trey – I would appreciate you lifting my husband, Ronnie, and I up for a job we are BELIEVING God is going to give Ronnie in Wellington. It comes open next January and it is a LONG TIME dream of ours to be back in Childress. Thanks!

  16. Jenn says:

    We don’t even have ten restaraunts!!

    We have Sonic, a pizza place, and a Mexican restaraunt. The mexican restaraunt is my favorite… :0)

  17. The Ards says:

    There are THAT many resturants in Childress? I was through there last week and all I saw was a DQ! Glad to know there is more! :)

  18. a cowgirl at heart says:

    Wow, no wonder you have to run so much! LOL, just kidding! My favorite thing to eat in Childress would be pretty much the entire menu from Thai Kitchen! Oh, and the salad bar and soup at K-Bob’s!

  19. Katherine says:

    Ok, so one of the things I discovered in China is this: First, the Chinese food is AMAZING-nothing like our American-Chinese food, which is great except for this fact…they don’t have sesame chicken!!! That is my favorite Chinese dish here, but people just gave me blank stares when I asked for it in China!! 😉 Isn’t that crazy?! Despite that, I had some of the most amazing food I have ever had, and cannot wait to go back!!

    The first thing that I had in America…Tex-Mex, baby!!! :)

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